UFOs And The Media

UFOs And The Media

From the LA Times, February 26, 1942

Media Articles From Around The World

A Strange Story-Remarkable Discovery
Missouri Democrat, October 19, 1865

Early Airship Rumors Flew in Vincennes Sky
Vincennes Morning Commercial, April 16, 1897

A Strange Phenomenon
Denison Daily News, January 25, 1878 

A Wonderful Metal – Used in the Newly Discovered Air Ship 
Oroville Daily Register, December 3, 1896 

Air Ship at Forbestown 
Oroville Daily Register, December 3, 1896 

An Aerial Flying Dutchman
Niagara Falls Gazette, October 27, 1910

Chilly Throng Watches Shells Bursting In Sky
LA Times 1942

Army Says Alarm Real
LA Times, 1942

Mystery Raid! Two Waves Over As Anti-Aircraft Guns Roar
Long Beach Independent EXTRA! February 25, 1942 

1942 Battle Of LA 
Top Secret Army Document,  March 5, 1942 

The Battle of Los Angeles
The Army Air Force Version, 1942

NEWSWEEK, December 25, 1944

Foo-Fighter Latest Menace To Yankees 
Charlotte Observer, January 1, 1945 

TIME Magazine, January 15, 1945 

Pilot Reports Seeing Mystery Aircraft Over Coast Range 
Sacramento Bee, June 26, 1947 

RAAF Captures Flying Saucer in Roswell Region
Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947

Army Tells What Discs Are Not
St. Louis Post-Dispatch July 8, 1947

General Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer
Associated Press, July 9, 1947

Metal Found in ‘Disc’ Probe Reported
Idaho Daily Statesmen, August 3, 1947 

Plane Crash Linked to Flying Disc Inquiry 
The San Francisco Chronicle, August 3, 1947 

Disc Mystery Still Unsolved 
The San Diego Union, August 4, 1947

“Flying Disc” Arnold Unhurt As Plane Crashes in Oregon 
Idaho Daily Statesmen, August 5, 1947 

Huge ‘Saucer’ Armada Jolts Farmington
Farmington Daily Times, March 18, 1950

How Scientists Tracked a Flying Saucer
True Magazine, 1950

Everyone’s Seeing Saucers In France
Reuters, June 17, 1952

Flying Saucer Sighted At Pueblo
Herald Democrat, June 18, 1952

Flying Saucer Talk Startles Chamber Membership Meeting 
Pueblo Chieftain, July 23, 1952 

Flying Saucer Is Reported By Monroe Flier
Morning World, July 23, 1952.

Investigation On In Secret After Chase Over Capital
The Washington Post, July 28, 1952 

Canada Hunts for Saucers
Fate Magazine, 1954

Story of Space-Ship, 12 Little Men Probed Today
Kentucky New Era, August 22, 1955

LOOK Magazine Article 
By John Fuller, 1955

UFO’s for Real?
Newsweek, October 10, 1966

The TRUE Magazine Report On Flying Saucers
What Air Force Secrecy?
by Lloyd Mallan
I Know The Secret Of The Flying Saucers
By Major Donald E. Keyhoe
Down, Down, Down With Censorship
By Major Donald E. Keyhoe
Follow the Bouncing Ball
By Major Donald E. Keyhoe
Radar Tracks Blips and Blobs
By Major Donald E. Keyhoe
“Someone’s Watching Over Us”
By Major Donald E. Keyhoe
 The Exeter Puzzle
From John G. Fuller’s “Incident at Exeter” 
  We Flew Above Flying Saucers
By William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry
“Who Was That 6-Inch-High Animated 
Tin Can I Saw You With Last Night?”
by John A. Keel
A Collection of Miscellaneous Articles

Belgium’s Military to Track UFOs 
OMNI Magazine1991 

Stan Friedman on UFOs & Roswell
GatorBytes Magazine 1995

UFOs And The Governments Of The USA And UK
 Lobster, December 1996 

Did Aliens Really Land?
Time Magazine, June 23, 1997 

UFOs Behind the Great Wall
FATE Magazine, September 1997

UFO Experts See Official Cover-Up Unraveling
Atlantis Rising, Issue Number 10, Winter 97

UFO Cover-Up Fading 
McClendon News Service, March 30, 1998 

Little ‘Glamour’ In UFO Research 
The Edmonton Journal, July 12, 1998

UFOs, The Official Secrets Act
Far Shores, May 20, 1999

Chinese Say They’ve Seen Mysterious Objects 
The Associated Press – December 23, 1999

Pioneering Astronaut Sees UFO Cover-up
Space.com, July 30, 2000

When UFOs Land 
Popular Mechanics, May 2001 

UFOs, Aliens, and Secrets
ABC News, May 10, 2001 

How Winston Churchill Chased Flying Saucers
The London Observer, October 21, 2001

National Media Sidestep UFOs
People Magazine, May 9, 2002

Passing UFOs Make Beeline For Scotland
Guardian Unlimited Observer, June 23, 2002 

CIA Said To Rue Its Long-term UFO Cover-Up
Space.com, June 27, 2002

Alien Armada! 50 Years Ago
The Washington Post – July 21, 2002

Is FOX News Watch Suppressing UFO Disclosure Efforts? 
YOWUSA.COM, June 30, 2003

F-16s Pursue Unknown Craft Over Region 
The Washington Post, July 27, 2002

Observers Question UFO Experience 
The Mississippi Press, October 10, 2003 

Six Unexplained Encounters 
Popular Mechanics

Union Catalog Of UFO Articles
Hundreds of UFO Articles Listed
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