UFO Quotations

UFO Quotations 
There are 237 quotations about UFOs from government, military, 
and public witnesses from around the world in this section

       No greater weight, beyond physical evidence, can be given to a questionable issue than the testimony of high-placed and directly-connected persons.  The wealth of this testimony from credible witnesses throughout the world about the presence of UFOs in our skies is ample evidence to prove their existence.

United States Presidents 
United States Presidents openly speak of their encounters and lament over the obstruction of their personal inquiries.
We have quotes from 9 United States Presidents about UFOs

The United States Legislature
Elected representatives of the people of the United States publicly declare their knowledge of the UFO phenomenon, secret government investigations, and their 
frustrations in attempts to gain information.
We have quotes from 10 United States Senators and Congressman about UFOs

Astronauts and Cosmonauts
The frontline witnesses in an unobstructed environment relate their close encounters and 
experiences with an undeniable presence of unearthly vehicles.
We have quotes from 10 Astronauts and cosmonauts about UFOs

Scientific Witnesses
Many scientists in related fields throughout history bear witness to events involving 
aerial technology beyond the scientific realm.
We have quotes from 48 Scientists and Science organizations about UFOs

The United States Military
Military officials, officers, and enlisted personnel give testimony of their in-service experience 
with contacts at military installations, during aerial operations, and in the combat theater.
We have quotes from 45 U. S. Military Witnesses about UFOs

International Military Witnesses
Eyewitness testimony and evidence from military personnel and officials 
from governments around the world.
We have quotes from 24 International Military Witnesses about UFOs  
United States Government Officials
Officials close to the effort present personal experiences on the government’s approach 
and reactions to the UFO phenomenon.

We have quotes from 14 
U. S. Government Witnesses about UFOs
World Leaders and Officials
World leaders and officials from countries around the world declare the reality of 
unworldly activity in the global skies.
We have quotes from 20 World Leaders and Officials about UFOs  
Public Testimony
Personalities in the public realm testify to their knowledge and encounters with 
UFOs and their occupants.
We have quotes from 33 Public Figures about UFOs  

Anonymous Testimony
Quotations not attributed to a named individual about UFO phenomena and the 
government’s actions to prevent the evidence from reaching the public 
We have quotes from 24 Anonymous Sources about UFOs  

U.S. Presidents
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