The Works of Zechariah Sitchin Fact or Fiction?

The Bible UFO Connection receives numerous requests for our thoughts on the work of Zechariah Sitchin and our work is often associated with his.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In order to better understand Sitchin’s work, we have done research into his background and standing in the archeological field he claims to possess such a unique understanding and perspective in.  He has come up lacking in either credentials, expertise or respect in the field he claims such knowledge.  Our concern relates to his particularly grandiose claim that the Bible is nothing more than an ancient plagiarism of Sumerian text, which he also asserts nullifies virtually all other ancient writings in the known world.
           Zechariah Sitchin’s claim that the Bible is nothing more than a copy of Sumerian writings is, in part, premised on the assumption that, “The Nefilim are a humanoid technology superior race from another galaxy who have used their own genes to create the human race together with the genes of Homo Erectus.” This  concept, created by Zechariah Sitchin and advanced by many others, is purely theoretical. The assertion by Sitchin that the Nefilim were alien beings based on the interpretation of a word found in the Bible is fraudulent. In his words: “Nefilim, the name by which those extraordinary beings, the sons of the gods were known, means literally, “Those who have come down to Earth from the heavens.” There are no theological or scholarly references to validate this definition. The proper definition of the word is, actually, very simple and to the point: From the Hebrew, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: giants, Nephilim, nphiyl pronounced nef-eel’ or nphil {nef-eel’}; properly, a feller, i.e. a bully or tyrant: 
        But, fraudulent use of ancient language by Mr. Sitchin is not restricted to the Hebrew, as he is well known by his peers to mix and match Akkadian and Sumerian word-syllables to suit his theories. Even though he possesses no credentials in the interpretation of ancient Sumerian clay tablets he uses as the basis for his theories, and while claiming to be self-taught in its rendering, he makes the incredible claim that he alone can read these works properly. He totally disregards the abilities of all others in this field to understand the true meanings of the text and stands alone in his beliefs. Astronomers, scientific archaeologists, and ancient linguistic scholars familiar with his work consider him as inexperienced and uneducated. 
        He refuses to reveal his evidence dismissing, without comment, allegations of fraudulent representations and considers all critics of his work simply uninformed about the unique understanding he alone possesses about the true ancestry of mankind. Though presenting highly controversial claims, none of his books contain a reference section or footnotes. He refuses to validate his theories by simply ignoring justifiable requests for credible documentation. His work demonstrates no recognizable knowledge of anthropology, archeology, theology or astronomy. There is clear evidence of plagiarism, mixing of languages, ignorance of basic fundamentals of Sumerian and Akkadian grammar,  misquotes, fictions, speculations, and mistranslations of many ancient works in his books and writings. He has no credibility with any of the experts in Sumerian translations whom he refuses to debate and shows no respect for.
        Sitchin entered the field of Sumerian text translation with a degree in economic history and a short career as a journalist and nothing more. With these credentials alone, he claims he has proven that all of the world’s ancient cultural narrations are simple copies of the one work he claims to be the basis for all human history. And, as the sole correct interpreter, he has set himself up literally as the only source for the truth in all human history. This fact alone should raise red flags in abundance, yet, few seem to care to check his education or ability to even make these claims, instead, simply accepting his every word as fact. 
        In truth Sitchin’s work is benefactor of a time-tested truism. Any lie told often enough will eventually be accepted as a truth. Sitchin’s fictions have been “grand fathered in” by the sheer extent and the years of exposure his work has received and the many other authors who have copied his false assumptions. One simply needs to do research outside his own writings to see that there is no credibility gap. There is, in fact, no credibility at all. 
        For all those who question why this work does not include the works of Sitchin nor use them as a reference source, this should now be clear.  For those who would like to do their own research, we have included some resources.


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