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The prime purpose of this work is to present evidence concerning a glaring deception concerning the return of the Christ. The Bible clearly presents evidence that the God of the Bible, and the beings associated with God, travel in flying vehicles strikingly similar to those witnessed in our skies, which are known in this modern age as UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects. We believe that the enemy of God, now on this planet, is rapidly convincing its inhabitants that these UFOs are either his own vehicles, thus making them appear evil, or are controlled by an aggressive alien force. This deception, as predicted in scripture, will result in the rejection of the “Second Coming” of the Christ by the world.
          It is also our purpose to identify the true deception that will result in world dominance by a corporate empire, controlled and inspired by the forces of Satan, which will bring the entire world to the brink of destruction. As the churches of this world are described as participating in that deception and control, we have presented the doctrines of the church and exposed glaring contradictions in comparison to true biblical doctrine. Ancient megalithic structures, evidence of ancient technology, modern phenomena, anomalous artifacts, and the wonders of the human creation are also brought into the equation. 
          Our research has revealed much more than a vague possibility that God and UFOs are connected. It is important to state at this point that, where we make definitive statements it is from evidence, were we speculate, and that is always stated, it is from careful consideration and applied logic. We are always open to correction where the solid evidence warrants. 
          We have organized the main points into brief statements, with links to the pages that contain the conclusions of our research by category here:

          Though the name implies a limited content, the Bible UFO Connection website contains a wealth of information on over a thousand pages including:

The over 1000 biblical verses presented in this work contain references, not only to flying vehicles in the Bible, but high technology, close encounters, and the beings connected with those vehicles, which are also described in scripture.

The unknown history of the Christian church and the Bible it claims to follow, compared to the first church established at the ascension of Jesus.

Research showing direct contradictions between the doctrines and practices of the Christian church and the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. 

The amazing, and completely ignored, destiny of mankind as clearly defined in the words of Jesus and scripture.

A complete section on “Lost Books” of the Bible, with amazing research, and links to hundreds of the books online.

The largest database on the internet on UFO sightings throughout history, UFOs and the media, UFO crashes, official UFO investigations, and UFO quotations, plus a unique view of the UFO cover-up.

Human phenomenon in the Bible and the world, and an interesting look at the incredible human body.

The most complete collection of evidence of the paranormal and the occult arts in scripture.

The largest available resource on giants in Bible and world’s legends, and cryptozoology in scripture.

The most extensive collection of ancient artwork depicting flying vehicles and anomalous beings from around the world.

Hundreds of graphics ancient construction including: ancient monoliths and megaliths, pyramids, and obelisks, along with research on the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Research is presented on the evidence of ancient technology, aerial and terrestrial phenomena, and the world’s gods.

Thousands of links to websites related to this work, as well as, useful and interesting information.

The UFO Connection
Satan and The Great Deception
Big Business and The Great Deception
The Mark of the Beast
The God Of The Old Testament
Mankind’s Relationship to God
The Nature Of Women

The Church
The Tithe
The Law
The Holy Days
The Flood
The Holy Spirit And The Trinity
The Lost Books of The Bible

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