The Vehicles

The Vehicles

What Are They Flying?

          The Lord Yhovah of the Old Testament, who became the Lord Jesus of the New Testament, is described as flying in thick clouds, swift clouds, bright clouds, dark clouds, white clouds, low clouds, great clouds, and fiery clouds. And that’s only the clouds. There are also the platforms, vessels, whirling chariots of fire, sky thrones, fiery horses, cherubims, thick darkness, great fire, whirlwinds, fiery wheels, pavilions, dark waters, storms, sky dwellings, rolls, and sanctuaries. Whether or not one believes these objects are actually flying vehicles that the God of the Bible lives in, appears with, travels in, and is considered the seat of his power, is a matter of opinion. The fact that they do not appear without him or his ambassadors and that, in most major appearances, he and other beings are clearly described as directly associated with these flying objects, is undeniable.

The Vehicles 



The Pillars

Dark Objects

Chariots – Dwellings

Lights and Fire

Spinning Objects

Other Vehicles 

Nahum’s Freeway

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