The True Nature of the Gods of the Bible

The Bible UFO Connection is a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters, futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological character of the race of supreme beings known as the Elohiym.

         The Bible UFO Connection is the result of research undertaken to find links in three, seemingly unconnected fields, theology, archeology, and ufology.  In general terms, flying gods, ancient advanced technology, and the unexplained objects flying in our skies.  It is the intent of this site to present truth that is hidden from the public either by ignorance or intention.  It is up to the reader to judge if these long hidden connections and truths are random deletions or whether they may indeed be the key to the world’s greatest deception.  
        This work is the result of over three decades of the research and experience of Patrick Cooke and the associates of the Oracle Research Institute, based in Berkeley, California. Patrick Cooke is a published author, an autonomous theologian and eschatologist, and is recognized as a nontraditional biblical scholar. This work is not associated with any established religious organization or belief. The concepts and paradigms presented are intended for information purposes only. All scriptural references are from the Authorized King James Bible, unless otherwise noted, and all interpretations of the original meanings of individual words are from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. 
        The work began, formally, in 1997, and was first published in 2001. The website now contains over 3000 pages and has recorded over 11 million page views in its first 8 years online. It is visited by over 200 countries worldwide, currently receives over 2.5 million page views a year, and consistently ranks in the top 30 of UFO-related websites. There are two sister websites connected to this work, and several books and videos associated with it are published by Oracle Research Publishing. All websites, videos, and books are linked below. 
        The broad scope of this work encompasses several sections to bolster the evidence proving the existence of UFOs, ancient advanced technology, paranormal and human phenomena in the Bible and the modern world, and ancient anomalous artwork and structures. The databases on UFOs in history, the media, investigations, crash reports and quotations, giants, the lost books, cryptozoology in scripture, and the galleries of anomalous artwork and ancient structures are the most extensive available on the internet. The scriptural content of this work covers over ten percent of all verses in the King James Bible, with exhaustive attention to the original meanings of all major words directly associated with any concepts presented.

This site will make the connections by demonstrating the following points.

The Church Is Hiding It

        The beings of the Bible, called God, possess and use an advanced technology that allows them to fly in vehicles, described by the biblical witnesses as strikingly similar to UFOs.  This technology extends far beyond flight.  The church has chosen to ignore the biblical evidence that supports this, in spite of hundreds of biblical verses proving it.  This practice of ignoring biblical text extends beyond the technical aspects of God into areas of specific biblical commands and core concepts.  Not only the obvious exclusion of this reality, but also the characterization of demonic association by the more zealous, gives rise to the evidence of a conspiracy of ignorance either in place, or in the making. 
        For those in the religious community who automatically condemn this site as evil for even questioning the integrity of the church, it stands on a very clear mandate in the Bible.  1Thessalonians 5:21 and Romans 12:2 clearly authorizes, and directs all men, and women, to prove all things.  To blindly condemn the information here, without proving it wrong, is a violation of that directive. 

The Experts Are Hiding It

The archeological field is in possession of direct evidence of advanced technology and beings in the remnants of ancient cultures.  They don’t declare it as evil, just unknown.  The fact that these objects could not possibly have been made by the culture they represent goes unmentioned.  This reality is mirrored in many of the world’s ancient writings.  The field of anthropology is silent on the written evidence veiling it myth and legend.  Our history is incomplete without a clear understanding that our ancestors were in direct contact with a race of advanced beings.  Our remnants of the past are mislabeled and improperly associated to satisfy certain antiquated theories of our past.  And, there is no other branch in the recognized orthodox scientific community that even admits there is anything strange going on in our skies.  Does this not also have the feel of a conspiracy of ignorance? We cannot prove that they are withholding information intentionally, but that does not change the fact that they are withholding it.

The Government is Hiding It

The presence of an advanced race of beings in our biosphere is undeniable.  The almost comical approach by the government is alarming and any intelligent person can see that their standard “official” explanations are insulting.  Even more insulting, believers, persuaded by an unending flow of solid proof of an unearthly presence, are labeled as everything from mildly paranoid to mentally incompetent.  This scenario is typical of a mass urban sighting.  A large, glowing, and spinning object in the sky knocks out power for miles.  It is seen by hundreds of civilians, chased for miles by police officers, and tracked by military and civilian air controllers. It is pursued by military jets, buzzes commercial planes, and suddenly takes of into deep space at speeds even military pilots can’t calculate or match.  The civilians testify, the police officers and their radio recordings witness the chase.  Radar documentation and control tower transmissions verify the aerial activity.  Even video recordings have captured the action.  And, to all this, the official explanation is always predictable.  Take your pick; swamp gas, out of control weather balloons, meteors or the favorite, the planet Venus.  No matter how much proof exists, or how loud the public clamors for investigation, they pump out their cookie-cutter press releases and retire to their bunkers.  This is clearly deception. 

           This site is intended to enlighten the reader and expand the range of possibilities.  One of those possibilities is that there is a conspiracy of silence permeating the whole of society.  What could ever be more important to the human race than the fact that beings, not from this planet, are freely flying in our skies and leaving cryptic messages in our farm fields? With massive amounts of evidence in all these areas, it is an anomaly that the study of these connections is not an international priority.  It is undeniable that it soon will be the top subject in the world’s focus. 

The church says the UFOs are deceiving us.  
The experts say the UFO phenomenon is deceptive.
The government says everyone is deceived.   

Who is deceiving whom?

This work is not affiliated with any other religious or church sponsored endeavor. 
This work is not affiliated with any secular organization.  
It is our intention to present factual information for edification only.
Specifically we are not associated wit the Raelian Movement or 
other like-minded organizations and do not support their concepts.

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