The Technology

Advanced Technology

Are These Flying Vehicles Or Images?

          Glowing lights, flashing lights, light beams, and guiding lights are the most frequently associated technological aspect of the flying objects of the Bible. Broadcast voices, sounds, and extreme vibrations are ever present in close proximity to these craft. The term “glory” emerges as the combination of all these effects and is can be directly connected to the grandeur of the vehicle’s appearance. Devices on board can alter weather patterns, cause earthquakes, dry up seas, and level cities.   Consuming and transporting beams of light are clearly described as is an arsenal of what can only be called high-tech weapons. Mechanical devices adorning the vehicles are described as living things, but their movements point to synchronized movement, metal construction, and attached lights unknown to primitive society, but easy to recognize in this modern age.  Human bioengineering, mental manipulation, creating and healing diseases, and bringing the dead back to life that are described that mirror, as well as, exceed modern science.  We do not claim that all miraculous events are caused by technological means, but many can be seen directly associated with many things we see in our modern world and the realm of science fiction.






Lights and Devices

Lights and Beings

Planetary Technology

Human Bioengineering

Biosphere Modification

Physical Transmutation

Mental Manipulation

Living Creatures






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