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This guide is intended to help you understand what’s here and how to navigate your way through it.  

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          The search engine will provide you with the ability to locate almost everything on this site using keywords.  You can find the search engine at the bottom of each page.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us and let us know.  We will either include it or help you find it.

The Reference Links

          There are hundreds of verses on this site and every effort has been made to correctly identify the true meanings of all prime words.  Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is the source of all translations herein and there are links to this work.  There are also links to a number of other works to allow whatever clarification you may need.  Also available are links to many Bible translations.  This section can be found by clicking the Links button on the top left of any page and going to the Bible Reference button.  

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For a brief overview of how this research began, and what it has revealed go here:
The Work

Is Satan Using UFOs To Deceive Mankind?
Are UFOs Evil?

The Site

The Introduction

          This will give an insight into why this site was developed and a view of the concepts The Bible UFO Connection covers.  It, of course, reflects editorial positions and it should be up to the reader as to what this site truly represents. 

The Introduction can be found HERE

 The Subjects
         The site was originally put together listing the verses in the books they appeared.  They were then placed in related categories and are found in this section. 
Here is a breakdown of those subjects:

 What are they flying?
Clouds  /  Thrones  /   Chariots   /  Dwellings
Lights and Fire   Dark Objects   Spinning Objects
Other Vehicles   Nahum’s Freeway  
How do they fly? 
In Flight  /  Ascending  /  Descending  /  Hovering
Who are they?
Jesus – Yhovah  /  Angels  /  Giants  / Spirits  /  Satan  /  Devils 
Close Encounters  / 
The Jesus Encounters /   The Fleet  /  Others 

Evidence of advanced technology.
Lights and Beings  /  Ancient Artificial Lights
 Glory  /  Sound   /  Weapons   
/  Devices

Technology or Miracles?
Planetary Technology  /  Human Bioengineering  /  Close Encounter Dangers
Living Creatures  /  Biosphere Modification  /  Water  /  Resurrection  /  Disease
Healing  /  
Physical Transmutation  /  Mental Manipulation  /   Food


 The Connections
          This is where the anomalies we witness on this planet today and throughout history are presented to show that, indeed, what we find in Bible text is evidenced in our modern world.  
The Connections Introduction
The Connections Pages

Quick Links

UFOs in History

45,000 BC – 9 BC60 AD – 927 AD1015 – 14921517 -1749
1751 – 18471860 – 18811882 – 18961897 – 1899
1902 – 19091910 – 19191920 – 19411942 – 1946
19471948 – 194919501951
1956 – 1957195819591960
1965196619671968 – 1975
1976 – 1999

UFO Crashes
The UFO Conundrum – The Theories and the Theorists
UFOs And The Media
How to Debunk Just About Anything

UFO Investigations
Government Projects

The Logic Behind theUFO Cover-up
A UFO Disclosure Project Update

UFO Quotations 
U.S. Presidents  /  U.S. Congress  /  U.S. Military
U.S. Government Officials  /  Astronauts and Cosmonauts
Scientific Testimony
  /  International Quotes
Public Witnesses
  /  Anonymous Statements
Terrestrial Anomalies
Cattle Mutilations  /  Crop Circles /  Embedded Anomalies 
Aerial Anomalies
Angel Hair /  Ball Lightning

Ancient Technology
Ancient Astronomy   /  Ancient Geodesy

Ancient Writings
The World Gods   /  The Enoch Connection

Human Connections
The Human Body   /  Human Phenomenon  /  Giants

Ancient Cultural Evidence
Ancient Artwork  /  Ancient Glyphs

Ancient Construction
Ancient Monoliths and Megaliths

Pyramids of Mexico  /  Pyramids of Guatemala  
Pyramids of Japan  /  Pyramids of the World

The Obelisks in Egypt  /  The Obelisks in Italy
The Obelisks of the World
The Short List
The Seven Wonders of the World


The Doctrines of Men

          The Bible UFO Connection is obviously at odds with the orthodox teachings of the pulpit. This section will show the reality that the mainstream church condemning or ignoring the factual UFO phenomenon clearly represented in biblical text is not anomalous to church practice.  While claiming that this, of course, does not exist in the Bible, the church also manipulates or ignores biblical scripture relating to church structure and practice, biblical commandments, and core biblical principles.   It will show that doctrine conforms to the concepts of men, not the concepts of the Bible.  In forming the beliefs about UFOs, it was not necessary to consult scripture. It is ignored anyway.  The beliefs about UFOs were formed only in the very closed minds of a few religious leaders, as are most core beliefs.  The church’s practice and the biblical text are compared here:
 Here is a current breakdown of the Bible Anomalies section:
The Reality of God

  Jesus, The Christ

The Incredible Gospel of Jesus

The True Nature of Mankind

Humanity Incorporated

The Church

The Bible of the Church

Doctrines and Practices of the Church
An Introduction
Church Symbols
The Tithe
The Tax Exempt Status of the Church
The Revelation

The Law
SalvationThe Holy Spirit
The Holy Days
Women in the Bible TimeCreation
The Flood
Evil UFOs
The Beings of the Bible
The Nature Of Satan
Demons, Devils and Evil Spirits
Biblical Paranormal Evidence
The Occult Arts
The Biblical Bestiary: CryptozoologyThe Bible – The Lost Books
Anomalies In The Lost Books
Anomalies In The Apocryphal Books
Anomalies In The Lost Books By Category

 The Conclusions
          A commentary on the conclusions reached by the authors on the evidence presented in biblical text.  Again, this is editorial comment and it is up to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.  
The Conclusions page can be found HERE

The Links
 Here is a breakdown of the Links section:

UFOs in the Ancient World

 UFOs in Our World 

The Paranormal and Unexplained

Worldwide and Space Anomalies

Social and Planetary Service 

Useful and Interesting Sites

Bible Reference 

The Opposition

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