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Corn for Cars: Corn Ethanol Makes Global Warming Worse
Solar Power for New Moroccan Rail Line
UN Expert Seeks to Halt Biofuel Output 
The World’s First Hybrid Train Officially Enters Commercial Service
Water Shortage Pushes China Toward Aerobic Rice Production
Navajos Spurn Uranium Mining
Claiming Antarctica: Oil, Water and Environmental Risks
Higher Emissions from Coal and Gas Power Stations Threaten Pollution Targets 
Ethanol Crops Could Threaten Water Supply
New Study Shows Genetically Engineered Corn Could Pollute Aquatic Ecosystems
Ban the Bulb, Says Greenpeace
Palm Oil Action Urgently Needed to Protect Rainforests\
Ramana Highlights Ill-Effects of Nuclear Technology
Nuclear Power Contaminated Ground
Three Gorges Dam Could Be Environmental Disaster
Biofuel Threatens China, India Water Supply
How Recycling can be a Weapon Against Global Warming
Are Hybrids Dangerous to the Blind?
Univ. of California/BP Research Project on Genetically Engineered Biofuels–A Hazardous Proposal
Vidarbha Farmers’ Suicides Inspire Highway Blockade Across India 
Indonesia to Plant 79 Million Trees in a Day
Norway to Build World’s First Osmotic Power Plant
Dangers of Coal Power Hover Over Us
WWF Says Asia-Pacific Coal Rush Worsens Global Warming
Cheap Coal, Dirty Air
New Chickpea Helps Turkish Farmers Adapt to Global Warming
Food Prices are Rocketing
Radiation Absorbing Mineral Found in the Arctic
Gas Prices, Global Warming Renewing US Interest in High-Speed Rail
Fluorescent Lights Giving Pupils Headaches
Italians Set to Boycott Pasta as the Price of Wheat Reaches Record Highs
Wheat Inflation: Serious Dough
Biofuel Could Eat Brazil’s Savannas snd Deforest the Amazon
Emergency Planning a Disaster in Waiting? 
Will it Shake Jakarta’s Nuclear Dream? 

Pesticides, Disease Sting Honeybees
What Was Behind the Honey Bee Wipeout?
Colony Collapse Disorder Breakthrough
Israeli Virus Linked to Devastating Bee Disease 
Virus May be Cause of Honeybees’ Deaths 

Bio / Genetic Engineering
Massive Rise in Europe GM CropsEU Allows Imports of Four GMO Crop Products 
Nanotechnology Risks Unknown: Insufficient Attention Paid to Potential Dangers
Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods
A Genetic Disaster
Genetically Modified Plants Vacuum Up Toxins
Genetically Engineered Corn May Harm Stream Ecosystems
Potato at Heart of New Debate on GM CropsPart-Human Embryos a Step Closer as Watchdog Gives Go-Ahead for Hybrid ‘Chimeras’
NASA Clean Rooms Breed Hardy Bacteria
Scientists a Step Nearer to Creating Artificial Life
Salmon Spawn Baby Trout in Experiment 
‘All-in’ DNA Database Plan Hinges on Human Rights Case

Child Labor
Child Labor in Pakistan
India: Gap to Investigate Reports of Child Labour
Worries About Child Labour
Efforts Intensified to Combat Child Labour
The Children Tricked into Industrial Slavery
Four Years of Fighting Child Labor in Uganda
Rescuing Child Labourers from Homes and Hotels
China’s Child Slavery Goes to Air
Uganda: Child Labour Frustrating Education in Yumbe
Child Labor Ban in India Goes Unheeded
Law Against Child Labour has Failed to Deter Employers
Small Hands In Mining
No Respite for Children Despite Ban on Child Labour
Indian Kids Continue to Work One Year After India Imposed Ban on Child Labor
Child Labour-Free State a Distant Dream
Letter from India: A Dismal Side of India, Where Child Labor Perists
Child Abuse by Fashion Industry Must Stop
Child Labour on in Gujarat Cotton fields
Child labor use rises in China
Young Girls Head to Silk Mills to Help Support Families
India: Cotton Farms Continue With Utilization Of Child Labor
1.5 Million Child Workers Exploited in Cambodia: Rights Group
Hard Times Keep Kids Working, Says Labor Department
Kyrgyz Child Labor in Coal Mines
DOL Releases Child Labor Report
Government to Close 8 Firms for Child Labor
Step Up Fight Against Child Labour in Cocoa Industry
40 Farmers Send Back 176 Child Labourers
Child Labor Should Cause Outrage in India
Uganda: Child Labour, School Drop Outs Up in Mbarara District
Child-Slavery Lawsuit Refiled Against Sheikh in Federal Court
Turkmen President Bans Child Labor
Panama, Costa Rica Fight Child Labor

Children Particularly at Risk from Global Warming 
1 in 10 Schools are ‘Dropout Factories’ 
For Our Small Fry the Hazards are So Much Greater
Giant Waste Dump Poisoning Nairobi Children, Environment 
Torture, Starvation and Death: How American Boot Camps Abuse Boys
Young Girls Targeted in Sex Slavery Crackdown
Iraqi Children Have No Childhood
Study Links Attention Problems to Early TV Viewing
Now Police are Told They Can Use Taser Guns on Children
More Children Being Treated for Bipolar Disorder 
Lack of Play Hurting Children’s Mental Health, Experts Warn
Sudan: Children Still Enduring Grave Human Rights Violations
The Reality of Disposable Kids
Kenya: Children Hooked to Miraa

Landless People Intensity Deforestation in Kailali
Deforestation Caused Environmental Hazard
Uganda: Foreigners Blamed for Deforestation
Amazon Forest Going Down the Pan
Brazil Plans to Search for Oil in Remote Amazon, Raising Environmental Concerns
Environment-Asia: Deforestation Symptomatic of Corrupt Regimes
Alarming Rise In Flash Floods And Deforestation in Himachal
Greenpeace Aims To Expose Indonesian Forest Destruction
Amazon at Risk from Development Plans
Greenpeace Activists Trapped By Loggers in the Amazon
The Amazon Burns Once Again
New York City is One of the Biggest Destroyers of the Amazon Rainforest
Illegal Logging Still Rampant in South Aceh
Forest Loss ‘Leads to Longer, More Severe Floods’
Fires Rage in Amazon Rainforest Park
China Growth Seen Raising Threat to Tigers, Forests
Peru’s Deforestation Rate Surged in 2005
Elephants, Villagers Both Losers in Sumatra Deforestation
Chronic Fuel Shortages in Zimbabwe Raises Travel Woes and Deforestation
Logging Chews into Canada’s Last Spotted Owl Habitat 
Desperate for Fuel Wood, Congolese Eye Virunga National Park 
Signs of Uncontacted Indians Seen as Forest is Cleared Around Them

Depleted Uranium
Depleted Uranium and Depleted Democracy
Contamination From Depleted Uranium Found In Urine 20 Years Later
Depleted Uranium
URENCO’s Rush to Keep Dumping Uranium Waste
Easy Ways to Stop the Military Radioactive Contamination of Hawaii
Stop the Depleted Uranium Poisoning of America
Hawaiian Islands are Contaminated with Ballistic Uranium
Depleted Uranium Found on Oahu and Big Island
Military Uranium Risk to Hawaii Debated
Government Finds No Traces of Missing Uranium
Soldiers fired 714 depleted uranium rounds in Hawaii

Malawi: Torn Between the Lure And Danger of Uranium
Saskatchewan Uranium: Where Does it End Up?
DU Wasteland: Signs of Truth?
Why the Ban on Mandatory RFID Implants Should be Federal
VeriChip Defends Microchips Despite Reported Cancer Link
DU Wasteland: Signs of Truth?

More Housing Gloom as Mortgage Lending Hits Lowest Level for Seven Years
Wall Street Czars Depopulating the World
Instability Could Stunt Sub-Saharan Africa Growth – IMF
Global Warming Contributing To Homeowners Insurance Costs
Private Equity Funds Risk Destabilizing Poor Countries: UNCTAD
India’s Agrarian Suicides
Environmental Degradation Damaging Economy
Inflation: 12,000% – Collapse of Zim is Near 
Private Equity Invests in Fostering Children
The Age of Disaster Capitalism
Natural Disasters Take a Heavy Economic and Emotional Toll on American
New Mortgage Foreclosures Set Record

Endangered Species
California Wildfires Destroy Animal Habitats 
Orangutans vs. CO2 Offsets
Nearly One-Third of Primates in Peril — IUCN
Primates In Danger of Extinction
Endangered Species Die at Zoo
Primates in Peril: 25 Species Facing Threat of Extinction
Extinctions Linked to Hotter Temperatures 
Taxpayer Dollars Fund Illegal Animal Tests
Georgia Lawmakers May Lift Species Protections During Drought
45 Bird Species in Malaysia Face Extinction
Climate Change Drives Endangered Seabird into UK Waters
Eider Duck Deaths Puzzle Researchers
Loggerhead Sea Turtles Threatened by Small-Scale Fishing Operations
US Drought Spells Bad News for Endangered Species
Two More Hawaiian Birds on Brink of Extinction
Endangered Species Lists Grows
Nova Scotia Names Five New Species at Risk
Killer Whales Store Pollution Found in Coastal Waters
Scientists Ask: Where Have All the Dolphins Gone?
Frozen Tigers Found in Vietnam City Flat
Environmental Group Says Tibetans Responding to Calls to Abandon Tiger, Leopard Skins
Last Refuge of the Orang-Utan
Soldiers Overrun Gorilla Refuge
Myanmar Wildlife Pays the Price for Chinese Demand 
.S. Court Lifts Sonar Stay for Now
Hunger Taking Horrific Toll on Zim Animals
$2.7M Awarded to Protect Endangered Plants, Animals
Elephant Population In Sumatra Down 35%
Gray Whales Still not Recovered from 19th Century Whaling
Global Warming May Be Keeping Gray Whale Numbers Down
Study: Two-thirds of Polar Bears Threatened
One in Four Mammals Under Threat
The Appalling Fate of the Polar Bear, Symbol of the Arctic
Logging Chews into Canada’s Last Spotted Owl Habitat 
Polar Bear Population Seen Declining 
Found in a Fridge: One of the World’s Most Endangered Species
Iceland Officially Cancels Whaling Operations for the Next Year|
Endangered Species List is Mostly Bad News
Mussels Disappear from Streams and Dinner Plates
Voracious Ocean-Going Birds Endangered Species
Stark Warning of Extinction List: ‘Life on Earth is disappearing’
Fire Ants Killing Baby Song Birds At High Rates
Gorillas Top the 2007 Red List of Threatened Species Released by IUCN
Red List of Endangered Species – Wildlife Disappearing as Never Before
Charismatic Bears on Thin Ice
English Countryside ‘Headed For Extinction’
Natives Under Attack from ‘Deadly’ Humans

Elephants Enter Human Habitat
Biodiversity Takes a Hit
Environmental Failures ‘Put Humanity at Risk’
Environmental Noise Harmful
UK Cities Mapped for Noise
So Loud It Hurts
Modified Forests Could Severely Impact Natural Land
Earth Hurtling Towards Dangerous Environmental Tipping Point
Natural Decline ‘Hurting Lives’
Development Projects Threaten Bulgarian’s Largest National Park
Nearly 40,000 Horses in NSW Affected by Equine Flu
Floods Trash, Reshape Upper Mississippi River Refuge
Bluetongue Spreads from Cattle to Sheep
Three Gorges Dam Seen as Environmental Catastrophe
Yemen: Land Degradation Threatening Farmers, Says Senior Official
Farmers are Offered Cash for Tails as Bamboo Bloom Brings Plague of Rats
Chernobyl: Coming to a Highway Near You
Environmental Problems Loom in Myanmar
Electronic Arts Sells Its Soul to Oil and Energy Giant BP
Bluetongue Cases Almost Doubled 
Earth Getting Wetter and Stickier 
The Killing Dust
Save Appalachia: Stop Mountaintop Removal
Conservationists Lose Battle to Stop Tasmanian Pulp Mill 
Oil Rigs Approach Pristine Lake in Alaska Petroleum Reserve 
Adirondacks See Rise in Mouse Population
China’s Boom may be Environmental Nightmare
Iran Deploys Scientists to Environmental “Crisis Zone” In Ahwazi Arab Homeland
Sudden Oak Death Spreading in California
The True Face of Paradise
Texas Spiders’ Monstrous Webs Baffle Scientists 
Environmental Agency Calls for Sealing of Damaged Tower
Court Blasts Ferry’s Environmental Pass
Pearl River Delta Under Rising Water Threat
Myanmar Junta’s Environmental Practices Come Under Fire
Researchers Warn of Livestock Extinctions
Three Deadly Bird Viruses now in Australia, Scientists Say 
Contaminated Fodder Killed Camels
Public Wants Snowmobiles Out of Yellowstone
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in Danger of Ecological Collapse
Ex-Officials: CEOs Ignore Environmental Risks
Environmental Stress Probed In Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes
Common Deer Virus Found in Southern Ohio Cattle Populations
Park Visitors Steal Squirrels’ Winter Food
Eroding Shoreline Threatens to Topple Alaska Fuel Tanks 
Shoreline Erosion
Fresh Cull at UK Farm Amid Foot and Mouth Fears
Insect-Borne Disease Killing Deer in Virginia 
Train Vibrations Threaten Tomb of Xerxes I
Hawaii’s Superferry Resuming Service
England Sees New Case of Foot-Mouth Disease
Outbreak at Second Farm Confirmed
Hundreds of Animals Culled After Tractor Spreads Foot-And-Mouth
The Changing Environment
Researchers Track Lake Erie Algae Blooms
New James Bay Dams to Destroy Pristine Quebec River
Chad: SG Ban Highlights Country’s Ignored Environmental Crisis
Sierra Leone: Alpha Timbo Linked to Environmental Tragedy At Devil Hole
Sea Lamprey Barrier to Great Lakes Breaking Down
Argentina Orders Shell Refinery Closed
The End of the World

Global Warming
Global Warming Causing African Floods, Experts Say
Tropical Storm Noel Strengthens, Threatens Haiti
World’s Addiction to Coal Growing, Despite Worries About Global Warming
It’s Still King Coal in China
Greenland Finds Growing Evidence of Global Warming Benefits
UN Report Says “Humanity At Risk” if Climate Problems Not Tackled
Global Environment Report Presents A Less Grim Picture
Major Threats to World Remain Unresolved: UN
Man’s ‘Very Survival at Risk’
Alpinist Makes Himalayan Glacier Appeal
City Sea Level Rising 1.2 MM Yearly
Global Warming Could Kill Half of All Species
Global warming puts primates at greater risk
Number of Atolls in PNG’s North Could Disappear Due to Rising Sea 
Rising Sea Level Threatens Inundating Mumbai, Karachi
Mother Nature and Global Warning
Climes, They are a Changin’
NASA’s Sea-Viewing Satellite Detects Climate Change
Climate Change Will Hurt Nm Water Supply 
Coast Guard Plans to Set Up Arctic Base 
Global Emissions and Warnings
Scientists Denounce Global Warming Report ‘Edits’
Climate Change Seen Hurting Poor Regions 
Global Warming Alert for Bahrain
Thailand Capital Faces Submersion by Rising Water Level
A Climatic Armageddon?
White House: Global Warming Is Good For You
Global warming to cause mass extinction: report
Report: White House ‘Eviscerated’ Global-Warming Health Testimony
Southern California Blazes Add to Global Warming
Global Warming Melts Arctic Cat’s Earnings?
At the Poles, Melting Occurring at Alarming Rate
Greenland’s Ice Sheet Liquefies as Temperatures Rise
White House Edits CDC Climate Testimony
Geologists: Collier Glacier is Shrinking 
Climate Threat to Biodiversity 
Extinctions Linked to Hotter Temperatures 
The Meltdown of Greenland’s Way of Life
Greenhouse Gas Threatens Coral Reefs
We’ve Reached the Tipping Point on Global Warming Debate
Global Warming Puts Hunters on Thin Ice 
The Sea Change in Global Warming
Hole in Ozone is Shrinking
Thailand’s Capital Faces Future Submersion by Rising Seas, Sinking Land
Rising Sea Levels Scare Tigers Away from Sundarbans
Sea Level Rise may Spell Doom for Goa
Melting Glaciers Raise Fears of Water Woes in High Himalayas
Photos Show Rapid Changes on Hood
Himalayan Meltdown
Oceans are ‘Soaking Up Less CO2’ 
Rising Seas Threaten 21 Mega-Cities 
Bangkok has that Sinking Feeling
Climate Change Blamed for Fading Foliage 
Living on the Edge with Global Warming
Glacier Melting Threatens Treks Atop Kiwi Peak
Global Warming Contributing To Homeowners Insurance Costs
Global Warming? Compelling Changes Grip the Arctic
Climate Change a Global Emergency, Experts Warn
Global Warming: Will Rising Seas Drown Lowcountry Life as We Know It?
Ice Caps Melting Fast: Say Goodbye to the Big Apple?
Burning Earth: Linking Wildfires to Global Warming
Global Warming May Aggravate Argentine Energy Woes
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Hit Danger Mark: Scientist 
Glacial Acceleration: A Sea of Troubles
Heat May Kill Hundreds of New Yorkers 
Global Warming Report Gives Grim Outlook for State
Global Warming Puts Winter Fashion Out In the Cold
Pumping Particles Into the Atmosphere: A Global Warming Doomsday Device?
Global Warming: Bad News for Gnus

Gore Speaks Truth; It’s Time to Listen
Global Warming Could Threaten US Oil Output
Rising Temperatures Said Endanger Arctic
‘Warm Wind’ Hits Arctic Climate 
Bleak “Report Card” Finds Warming Arctic
Head of UN Climate Panel Says Sea Levels Could Keep Rising for Millennia
Great Glaciers of the West
Hidden Costs of Climate Change: Major, Nationwide, Uncounted
UK Explorer to Measure Effect of Global Warming on Arctic Ice
Greenland is Melting at Record Speed
Climate Change will Impact US Economy
Global Warming and People of Color
Kyoto Approach on Climate is “Bad Policy”: Bush
Sydney Harbour Icon at Risk from Climate Change
Melting of Ice Cap ‘Accelerating’
Desertification in Konya Plain Becomes Critical
Climate Change Could Affect World Food Supply
\Nobel Peace Prize Ups Pressure for Climate Action
Greenland Ice Cap Melting Faster than Expected
Global Warming Strikes ‘SimCity’
Award Underlines Danger of Climate Change
Global Warming Will Change Your Lifestyle
Dead Sea Down 15 Cm in September
Climate Change: Arctic Sea Ice Heading for Rapid Disintegration
Ongoing Climatic Changes Can Lead to More Wildfires in Great Basin
Study Finds Global Warming Affecting Bird Migration
Global Warming an Inconvenient Truth in SimCity
The Rising Threat from Global Warming Affects Us All, Warns Sir Emyr
Will Global Warming Take Away Monsoon And Food?
Europe’s New Metop Satellite Sees Antarctic Ozone ‘Hole’
Small Island, High Mountain States Plead for Climate Action 
Dragonflies, Open Water Reveal Rapid Arctic Change
Doctors Warn of Climate Havoc Resulting in Global Disease
Climate Change Will Affect Security, Scientist Warns
Melting Ice Cap Triggering Earthquakes
Record 22C/72F Temperatures in Arctic Heatwave 
WWF Says Asia-Pacific Coal Rush Worsens Global Warming
Times Atlas Shows Effect Of Global Warming
Spreading Deserts Threaten World Food Supply
Studies Say Global Warming Will Destroy Napa Vineyards
How Global Warming is Changing Our Maps
Global Warming Disrupts Inuit Hunting Life
India, China to Check Melting of Glaciers
Global Warming and the Gulf Stream – Disruptions Ahead?
Attenborough Highlights the Dangers of Global Warming
A Look at the Effect of Rising Sea Levels in Washington
NASA: Climate Change to Bring Fewer but Stronger Storms
Chinese Industrial Expansion Threatened by Global Warming
Rising Sea Threatens China’s South
Desertification is Creeping Up On World Agriculture: UN Agency
Greenland’s Ice Sheet Still Flows to the Sea – As Water
Global Warming Will Bring More ‘Felixes’
Climate Fears as Lake Shrinks
Tropics Getting Even More Rain, and Global Warming may be to Blame
Glacier National Park Rapidly Losing Its Glaciers
World’s Dams Are ‘Contributing To Global Warming’
Global Warming Blamed for Record Tropical Nights
BBC Switches Off Climate Special 
Global Warming Could Mean More Heart Problems, Doctors Warn
Warmer Seas Will Stress Coral
Listening to the Glaciers Groan
Melting of Glaciers
New Chickpea Helps Turkish Farmers Adapt to Global Warming
Connecting the Dots: Extreme Weather and Global Warming
Vienna Climate Talks Stall on Emission Cut Range Agreement
Climate Change Refugees
Sinking. Tuvalu and the Pacific Islands in an Age of Global Warming
Beauty Spot to be Abandoned to the Sea
Global Warming Threatens Winter Tourist Landmarks
World Likely to Pass Warming Limits
Global Warming May Be Keeping Gray Whale Numbers Down
Greenland Ice Change Means Trouble
The Chinese Dust Bowl|
Brazil is the World’s Fourth-Largest Producer of the Greenhouse Gases
The Sky That’s Disappearing
National Parks Hit by Global Warming
Arctic Defrosting
Shockwaves from Melting Icecaps are Triggering Earthquakes 
Climate Change Redraws World Maps
Madrid Conference Seeks Ways to Stop Desertification
US Public Lands Endangered by Global Warming
APEC Nations Wrestle with Climate Change 
Global Warming may Pose Threat to Heart Take Climate Change Seriously, Pope Urges
Loss of Arctic Ice Leaves Experts Stunned
The Human Face of Climate Change 
Satellites Show Shrinking Ice
Vital Signs: Record Resource Consumption Depletes a Warming World 
Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Thinner by Half in Six Years 
Northwest Passage Opens: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches New Low
Rising Sea Level, a New Concern
America Underwater: What Global Warming Looks Like
Global warming to trigger volcanic eruptions, scientists warn
World Agriculture Faces Serious Decline from Global Warming
Climate Change and Desertification Two Sides of Same Coin
Tuvalu About to Disappear into the Ocean
Connecting Wild Weather, Climate Change and Political Action
UN Meeting Warns of Climate Change in Mediterranean Region
Australia Should Help The Drowning Nations
US Coast Runs Short on Sand Even as Beaches Erode
Charismatic Bears on Thin Ice
Melting Glacier Poses Climbing Danger on New Zealand’s Highest Mountain Peak
Global Warming Impact Like “Nuclear War”
Smog Poses Greater Health Risk Because of Global Warming
Africa: Continent Faces ‘Worst Effects From Global Warming’
Sinking Tuvalu Pleads for Global Warming Action
Global Warming and Agriculture
‘Greenland Matters’ Maine Scientists Venture North to Study Effects of Global Warming
Rate of Melting Glaciers Has Double in Ten Years
Rising Seas Called Delta Risk
Fighting to Stay Above Water
US Resource Management Agencies Unprepared for Climate Change
The Earth Fights Back

Birth Defects Rise in China Coal Country
Ukraine Bans Imports of Canadian Poultry Over Bird Flu Fears
Doctors Group Calls for Universal Autism Screening 
650000 Would Die from Bird Flu, Says Government
Bird Flu Breaks out Again in Vietnam
Dengue Fever Outbreak Hits Parts of Asia
New CWD Cases Found
Hepatitis Called “Silent Epidemic” in Hawaii
Bird Flu May Be on `Silent’ March in Europe, UN Agency Warns
Bird Flu Can Pass from Mother to Fetus
South Africa Faces Third Deadly Epidemic: Avian Flu — Warns The Lancet
Government Takes Action on Bird Flu
Dying for a Diet Coke?
Undiagnosed Brain Injury: The Hidden Legacy of Iraq 
Women Exposed to Dioxin Pollution Tend to Have Baby Girls
Mercury Threat to Babies
Bayer Trasylol Trial Halted Due to High Risk of Death
MRSA Kills NYC Student, State Issues Advisory
Cervical Cancer Vaccine to be Given to All Girls Aged 12 and 13
Floods: Sironko Risks Cholera, Dysentery
Bird Flu Outbreaks Might Involve Duck Meat
Bird Flu Hits Vietnam Village Near Chinese Border
Human-Transmissible Bird Flu Found
Bird Flu Hits One More Vietnam’s Province
Bird Flu Finds Children’s Lungs Faster
UN Expert Says World Unprepared for Avian Flu Pandemic
Bird-flu May Become Endemic in Parts of Europe
Key Facts About MRSA Infections in the United States
AIDS Vaccine may Raise Infection Risk
Deaths from Superbug Soaring
Living in Cairo Is the Same as Smoking a Pack a Day
Kona Coast has Highest Cancer Rates in Hawaii
Merck’s Net Income Soars 63%
7 Children Suspected with Bird Flu in Indonesia’s Riau
Indonesia’s Bird Flu Toll Reaches 89
Projected Supply of Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Sharply Increases
Red River Brings Cancer, Chinese Villagers Say
US Senators Probe Nursing Homes Run by Private Equity
Six States Report MRSA Infections, At Least Three Youths Have Died
New Strain of Strep Emerges as Major U.S. Infection
How to Reduce High Rate of Breast Cancer Deaths for Black Women
PBDES in U.S. Infants Mirror Adult Population
Ministry Urges Localities to be on Alert for Bird Flu Outbreaks
Indonesian Girl Dies of Suspected Bird Flu
For Our Small Fry the Hazards are So Much Greater
Biologists Tagging, Checking Birds to Track Avian Flu in State
Prescription Medicines
Vaccination Program Comes with Problems
8 More Deaths Caused by Gardasil Bringing Total Number To 11
Schools Try to Allay Fears About Staph
Another Suspected Bird Flu Patient Dies in Riau 
An FDA-Created Health Crisis Circles the Globe
10 Men Contract Staph Infections in NY 
Italian Soldiers’ Cancer Cause Unclear
Bird Flu, Pig Disease Return to Mekong Delta as Weather Cools
Bird flu Returns to Ducks In Southern Vietnam
Boy Becomes Indonesia’s 88th Bird Flu Victim
Prepare Home for Bird Flu Emergency
How Hospitals Systematically Harm People
Bird Flu Virus Strain in Vietnam Mutates
Nigerian Government Pays 4.3 Million Dollars to Bird Flu Affected Farmers
China Bans Canadian Poultry Imports on Bird Flu Fears
Bird-Flu Virus Mutation Discovered by Japanese and Vietnamese Scientists
Preparations Under Way for Bird Flu Season
Shot may be Inadvertently Boosting Superbugs
Bird Flu Still Poses Potential Threat
HIV Treatment ‘Failing’ in Africa 
Toxic Mold Aflatoxin Found in Iowa and S.Dakota Corn 
A Chinese Medicine Compound has Satisfactory Anti-Cancer Effects on Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Staph Fatalities may Exceed AIDS Deaths 
Study Finds Drug-Resistant Bacteria are Mixing
In India, Chronic Diseases Grow with Consumption
Chinese Medicine may Help Fight Leukemia 
Nigeria: A Public Health Time Bomb
Thailand, Laos Enhance Efforts to Control Bird Flu
Korea to Implement Special Bird Flu Preventative Measures 
Concern for Bird Flu Increases Among Researchers
Wet summer causes ticks and flea outbreak
Scientists Say Bird Flu Virus has Mutated
Indonesian Teenager Hospitalized for Bird Flu
Bird Flu Cases in Vietnam, Indonesia
Bird Flu Tests on Bodies on Beach
Philippines Bans Poultry, Bird Imports from Canada
All Poultry Culled at Farm After Bird Flu Outbreak
Italian Soldiers’ Cancer Cause Unclear
Cholera Jumps Iraq Border to Iran
Bird Flu Virus Mutating into Human-Unfriendly Form 
Merck’s Gardasil Vaccine not Proven Safe for Little Girls
Horrific State of Hospitals Blamed for Lethal Bug Outbreak Which Killed 345 
Deadly Communicable Pneumonia Found in Oregon
Vaccine-Linked Polio Hits Nigeria 
Rights Watchdog Slams ‘Rampant’ Abuse in Jordan Jails 
Untouchability and Starvation Live together in Ugly India
Only Suffering Blooms in Tea Gardens
The High Street Sweatshops: Primark and M&S Factories in India ‘Pay 13 Pence an Hour’
Brain Damage Plagues Thousands of GIs
Canada Pimps Its Girls to Big Pharma
New Hope for Hepatitis C Sufferers
Depression More Harmful than Angina, Says Study
Psychiatrist Denounces Own Ghostwritten Article as ‘Crap’
Toxic Soy Sauce, Chemical Veggies — Food Scares Hit Vietnam
Air Pollution from California’s Ports: A Serious Health Issue
Morgellons – New Disease, or Man-Made Weapon of Terror?
Teen Suicide Rate: Highest Increase in 15 Years
Death Toll for H5N1 in Indonesia is Now 851
Flesh-Eating Disease was Just the Beginning
Killer mosquito virus arrives in Europe
Chickens Culled in Southern Russia After Bird Flu Outbreak
Pesticide Use May Raise Parkinson’s Disease
Bipolar Illness Soars as a Diagnosis for the Young
Iraq Cholera Cases Now 16,000
Serious Health Concerns  Over  Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) From Power Lines And Cell Phones
‘Baghdad Boils’ Show Up in North Texas, Nine Leishmaniasis Cases Found in Non-Travelers
VeriChip Kept Quiet on Cancer Link… Yet Were Pretty Vocal On Fake FDA Approvals
Cephalon Drug Is Tied to Several Deaths
‘Devil’ in Milk Risk to Health, Scientist Claims 
Peru Blood Banks Face HIV Crisis 
USDA Finds Largest Organic Dairy Perpetrating Fraud
Avandia Raises Heart Risk in Diabetes Patients
West Nile Virus Infects 28, Kills 3 Illinoisans so Far this Year
Cured Meat Linked to Elevated Risk of COPD
U.S. Life Expectancy Hits New High of Nearly 78 Years
CSPI Finds Promensil Ineffective
Frequent Drinking Raises Cancer Risk in Older Women
Aspartame – The World’s Best Ant Poison 
Aspartame – Killing Us Sweetly
Glaxo Diabetes Drug Raises Heart Risk; Takeda Lowers
Congo Confirms Deadly Ebola Outbreak 
Hormone Linked to Autistic Traits 
Drugs Banned, Many of World’s Poor Suffer in Pain 

Human Rights
Cherie: Prisoners Have More Rights Than Elderly
UN Chief: Violence Against Women Surges
Rape, Murder Rife in Dr Congo Conflict: Human Rights Watch
Uneasy Days for Monks in Burma
EU Blasts Human Rights Violations in Iran
Scotland ‘Could Be Prosecuted Over American Torture Flights’
Former Shell Executive Accuses Oil Firms of ‘hypocrisy’ Over Human Rights
Zimbabwe: World Docs Slam Human Rights Abuses
Human Rights Watch Says Corruption Pervasive in Nigeria
In Southern Darfur, Signs of Another Massacre 
UN Report on Target: Human Rights in Palestine Must be Addressed
Human Rights Watch Seeks China’s Intervention in Myanmar
Lewisburg Penitentiary Penalized for Exposing Inmates to Toxics 
Rights Body Reveals Army Torture in Karamoja
Human Rights Lawyer Compares Darfur with the 1994 Rwandan Genocide
Torture, Starvation and Death: How American Boot Camps Abuse Boys
US Says Sri Lanka Human Rights Violations `Remain Serious’
Human Rights Panel Says Colombian Military Killing More Civilians
US Rights Group Finds not One Case Solved
Will Brazil Ever Put and End to the Slavery and Genocide of Its Indians?
U.S. May Cut Off Aid to UN Rights Group
Israeli Air Strikes Killed Civilians Indiscriminately, Rights Group Says
43 Aid Workers Killed in Sri Lanka: Rights Group
Human Rights Watch Probes Israeli Attacks on Civilians During 2006 War
Rights Watchdog Slams ‘Rampant’ Abuse in Jordan Jails 
Tourism Trade Fuels Human Trafficking in Goa
Mass Graves Found in Congo: UN
Report Accuses Police of Rampant Rights Violations
Canada Votes Against Indigenous Rights
Sudan: Children Still Enduring Grave Human Rights Violations
‘All-in’ DNA Database Plan Hinges on Human Rights Case
Checkpoint Checking

Invasive Species
Giant Snails, Once a Delicacy, Overrun BrazilA New Baseline of Invasive Plants in Isabela
Pollution, Invasive Species Plague Great Lakes National ParksInvasive Algae Killing Costa Rican Coral Reef
Research on Invasive Tree 1n American Samoa
Leech Invasion Makes Japan Residents See Red 

NV Mines Accused of Bad Mercury Reports
Uranium Mine Pollution Near King Ranch
Mining Claims Near Wilderness Areas in State Seen as Threat
Legislators Outraged with Chile’s Main Copper Company Pollution
New Gold Rush: Surge in Mining Claims Threatens California’s National Parks and Wilderness

Small Hands In Mining
Federal Action Worsens Fayette Mine Acid Flow
Mining Operations’ Legacy a Mother Lode of Acid Drainage
Blowing the Top Off Mountaintop Mining
Mountaintop Mining Ravages Appalachia
Kyrgyz Child Labor in Coal Mines
China Pronounces 172 Miners Dead in Mining Disaster
Mining’s Tainted Legacy

Natural Disasters
20,575 Homes Still in Danger as Fires Continue to Burn 
Homeland Security Presidential Directive – Natural Disasters
FBI Team Gathers Evidence as Part of Arson Probe into California Wildfires
Wildfires Leave Trail of Destruction
Death Toll from Wildfires Up to 12 After Bodies Found
Latest Figures on Southern California Wildfires
California Wildfires Expose Pitfalls of Iraq War
California’s Wildfires Rage Into Fourth Day
California Wildfires Force Historic Evacuation
Natural Disasters Kill 1753 by September
Forest Fires Break Out in Lebanon 
Wildfires Burn More Aggressively
Wildfires Rage in Several Parts of Lebanon
Drought Leads To Concerns About Wildfires In Area
New Orleans Pumps Flawed, Whistleblower Discloses 
Southeastern Kentucky Wildfires Going From Bad to Worse
Desert Expansion Threatening China’s Most Prestigious Grottoes
Five Facts About Desertification
Wildfires Spew More Mercury than Smokestacks, Especially in Oregon
Stalled Health Tests Leave Storm Trailers in Limbo
Idaho Set Fire Records this Season
Ash Deposits from Greece’s Wildfires Pose as Serious Health Threat
Officials See No Quick End to the Drought and Wildfires in Eastern Kentucky
Firefighters Edgy as Season of Flames Nears
Greek Forest Fires Could be CO2 Threat
A Frightening Summer: MEPs to Discuss Forest Fires and Natural Disasters 
Wildfires: State of emergency in Siberia
Wildfires rage in Russia’s Baikal region
Wildfires Rage in Bone-Dry California
Wildfires Still a Threat in New Mexico
847 Houses Burnt Out in Greece’s Wildfires
Greece Assesses Wildfire Impact on Archaeological Sites
Scam Artists Target Victims of Disasters
Post-Katrina New Orleans: ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ 
A Tale of Natives Ravaged by Natural Disasters
Potential for Quakes Along Myanmar Coast
Two Large Wildfires Impacting Air Quality in Bay Area
Nearly 1300 Cattle Unaccounted for After Utah Wildfires
Heavy Lightning Sparks Wildfires
Natural Disasters Take a Heavy Economic and Emotional Toll on American
Problems Continue to Plague New Orleans
UN Desertification Plan Stalled Over Funding
Paraguay Declares National Emergency as Wildfires Spread
Two New Wildfires in Northwest Montana
Microquakes Continue West of Nazko Cone
Strong Earthquake Rocks Western Indonesia, Sending Residents Fleeing 
Quakes Hit Bengkulu 
Indonesian Volcano Erupts on North Sulawesi
Earthquakes Recorded Near Dormant Volcano
Earthquakes in Northern BC Related to Volcano?
Powerful Quake Hits West Sumatra 
Mount St. Helens Sluggishly Churns Out Molten Rock
SurfAid International Releases Situation Report No. 17 from Mentawai Earthquakes 
Mentawai Islands Hit by More Earthquakes
Melting Ice Cap Triggering Earthquakes
Next Killer Tsunami Is Long Overdue, Seismologist Warns
Manchester Hit by Six Earthquakes in the Last Month
Shockwaves from Melting Icecaps are Triggering Earthquakes 
Expert Warns of Tsunami Risk in Bay of Bengal 
Aftershocks Heading To West Coast Of Sumatra
Bangkok to be Declared an Earthquake Risk Zone
Indonesian Quake Toll at 23, More than 15,000 Buildings Damaged
Powerful Quakes Terrorize Indonesia, Experts Warn of ‘Big One’
Indonesians Huddle in Tents in Quake-Hit Sumatra 
Sumatra Quake Tops Magnitude 8 — What Does this Mean?
In Pictures: Sumatra Earthquakes
Earthquakes Worldwide in Recent Years
Families Wait in Fear in Ruined Sumatra 
Frightened Indonesians Suffer New Sumatra Quakes 
4 Strong Quakes Hit Indonesia After Wednesday Temblor
7.8 Earthquake Strikes Indonesia Hours After 8.4 Quake
Earthquake Victims Suffer from Lack of Clean Water
Preparing for the Worst
Will it Shake Jakarta’s Nuclear Dream? 
‘Child of Krakatoa’ Volcano Spews Ash
Mt. Krakatau Activity Increases
Indonesia Monitors 3 Active Volcanoes; Raises Alerts
Alerts Raised on Active Volcanoes
Three Volcanoes Simmering in Indonesia
Huge Ash Cloud as Indonesia’s Mount Soputan Erupts 
Indonesian Volcano Cools Down, but Threat Remains
Indonesian Police Force Residents Off Slopes of Deadly Volcano
Mount Kelud, in East Java, Increased Activities Endangers Half a Million People 
Volcanic Structures Monitored in the Andes Via Satellite Show Unexpected Activity
Dormant Volcano’s Rumblings Register on Richter Scale
Indonesia Raises Alert Level for Volcano
Indonesian Volcano Poised to Erupt
Earthquakes Recorded Near Dormant Volcano
Earthquakes in Northern BC Related to Volcano?
Volcanoes: Ready, Stead, Blow
Deadly Volcano Threatens Indonesians
Thousands Flee Volcano Threat
Possibility of Volcanic Activity Near Quesnel Excites Scientists
Indonesia Raises Alert Level at Volcano, Orders Evacuation 
Rumbling Volcano Sparks Panic in Indonesia
Restless Philippine Volcano Explodes with Ash
Indonesian Volcano Threatens to Erupt
Yemen Volcano Erupts Again
Volcano erupts on Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands
Tanzania: Authorities Urge Residents to Move from Volcano Area 

Race to Save Coral Reefs from Scuba Divers
Reefs Action ‘Needed Urgently’
Protected Coral Reef Deliberately Damaged: Green Group
Mother Ocean Needs a Helping Hand to Battle Pollution, Abuse
Acid Oceans Increasing Rapidly
Greenhouse Gas Threatens Coral Reefs
New Coast Guard Task in Arctic’s Warming Seas 
The Sea Change in Global Warming
Coastal Habitats are the Biosphere’s Most Imperiled Ecosystems
Acid Oceans from Carbon Dioxide Will Endanger One Third Of Marine Life, Scientists Predict
Coral bleaching found off Kochi Prefecture coast
Researchers to Highlight Climate Change Reef Impact
Warming Turns Barrier Reef Acidic
Global Warming Eroding Coral Reefs
Coastal Habitats are the Biosphere’s Most Imperiled Ecosystems
NOAA, USGS, NPS Scientists Document Deep-water Coral Mortality Event
US Scientists Warn of Threat to Deep-Water Reefs
Fish Cages Seen Pollution Cause
Fishing Ban Protects Largest Coral Reef in the Philippines
Coral Health Depends on Ridge to Reef Ecosystem Management 
Warmer Seas Will Stress Coral
Invasive Algae Killing Costa Rican Coral Reef
Coral Reef in Bangka Belitung Damaged
Fuel Spill Fouls Puerto Rico Coastline
Scientists Find Trio of Coral ‘Hot Spots’ Off Canada’s East Coast

No Known Cure or Treatment for Pesticide Overexposure
New Study Shows Smoking Increases Risk of Psoriasis
Environmental Groups Sue Over ‘Mothball Fleet’ Pollution
China Birth Defects Soar Due to Pollution
Health Fears as California Fires Leave Pollution
HP’s Printer Cartridges are an E-Waste Disaster
Pollution Threat Follows Wildfires
Pollution Breaks Down Fish’s Defense
Californians Warned About Dangers of Air Pollution
Cross Border Pollution Described as Serious Issue
Wildfires Degrade Socal Air Quality
Pollution Danger to Da Vinci’s Last Supper?
Bad Air Quality Could Disrupt Olympics
EU Bans Pesticides, No Exceptions
Valley’s Hidden Pesticide Risk
Warning Sounded Over Level of Water Pollution in China
Mother Ocean Needs a Helping Hand to Battle Pollution, Abuse
Dioxin Pollution Leads to More Baby Girls: Study
While Industries Clean Up, Wildfires Spew Mercury
Study Reveals Pesticides in Glacier Lakes
Acid Oceans Increasing Rapidly
Californians Say Pollution is Biggest Threat to Marine Life
Pollution Killing Up To 25000 Canadians Annually, Report States
Child Bronchitis Linked to Pollution
Pollution Pouring into Nation’s Waters Far Beyond Legal Limits
Air Pollution Threatens Europeans’ Health
Banana Workers Sue Dow, Dole Over Pesticides
Noise Nuisance Still a Problem in Neighborhoods
Loud Car Stereos also Cause Noise Pollution
Giant Waste Dump Poisoning Nairobi Children, Environment 
Hong Kong Skies Clear, but Pollution Remains
HK Air Pollution Reaches Dangerous Levels Again
Danube River Pollution on Rise
Giant Waste Dump Poisoning Nairobi Children, Environment 
Maui Judge: Superferry Can’t Operate During Environment Study
Pesticides Touch More than Crops
Six Bird Flu “Areas of Concern” Identified in Negros Occidental
Behaviour of Birds and Worms at Chernobyl
Israel’s Mediterranean: A “Septic Tank”
Pollution in Canada Getting Worse, Statistics Show
India: Legal Action Looming Against Coca-Cola India over Pollution 
Pesticides Used for Fogging Harmful to Our Health
Sarsa River in Himachal: A Grave for Aquatic Life
America’s Rivers of Filth 
A Tale of Two Big Lakes Plagued with Pollution
Outdoor Advertising Visual Pollution
Pollution ‘Matter of Life or Death’: HK Leader
Pollution, Invasive Species Plague Great Lakes National Parks
Electronic Arts Sells Its Soul to Oil and Energy Giant BP
State Study Finds Extensive Chemical Pollution
Hawaii Superferry Lays Off Most of Its Employees
Pesticides Can Cause Asthma in Farmers
Polish F-16s Add to Nighttime Noise Pollution

Pollution Cuts Life Expectancy, Threatens Child Development In Europe
Fast-Growing China Struggling To Rein In Energy Use, Pollution
Poor Service, Pollution Could Spell Doom for Da Lat
Pollution Seen Deadlier than Car Crashes in Europe
Killer Whales Store Pollution Found in Coastal Waters
Shipping Pollution ‘Far More Damaging Than Flying’
Glacier’s Pollution Detailed in New Study
Killer Asbestos Diseases Stalk South African Mining Communities
Increase in Air Pollution Causing Diseases
Pollution by Trucks
Pollution Probe Complicates the Sales of Katrina Trailers
Environmental Groups Petition EPA to Regulate Pollution from Ships
New York High School Sits on Toxic Ground
Federal Action Worsens Fayette Mine Acid Flow
Legacy of Waste
Toxic Soil Found in Flin Flon
Blinded by the Lights
Spill, Dolphin Deaths Spark Alarm at Persian Gulf 
Pollution Causing Premature Deaths
Cheap Coal, Dirty Air
Cornell Study Claims 40% Of Deaths Caused By Pollution
Cancer Warning for Pretoria, SA Drinking Water
Revealed: A to Z of Noise Pollution
China Pollution is `Very Serious,’ Vice Premier Says 
6600 to Sue Over Atsugi Base Noise
Pesticide Concerns Persist in Paramus
Enforcing Plastic Ban a Hard Task
Pollution Looming Large Over Kochi
Pollution Kills 50,000 Pakistanis Every Year
Air Pollution Kills Nearly 5000 Metro Residents Yearly
Dangers of Coal Power Hover Over Us
Kenya: Floods ‘Sweeping Chemicals And Plastics Into Lake’
‘Sand Pollution’ Perplexes State Researchers
Pollution Stunts Canada’s Beluga Whales
Mining Operations’ Legacy a Mother Lode of Acid Drainage
Pesticide Plant Exempt from Licence Legislation
Pesticide Poisoning not Just Farm Worker Hazard
Capital’s Noise Hotspots Put Firmly on the Map
The Great Plastic Bag Plague
Sidon Expands Dump Despite Environmental Risks
Fuel Spill Fouls Puerto Rico Coastline
Air Pollution from California’s Ports: A Serious Health Issue
Pollution Blues Hit Citizens, PMC Remains Unmoved
Water Pollution Threatens Shamu’s Wild Brothers, Sisters
Bird Deaths Key to Unveiling Lead Contamination
Pollution May Delay Flight 93 Memorial
Scotland to Combat Noise Pollution
Cross-Border Pollution in Focus
EPA Sued Over Pollution from Ocean Ships
Taj Mahal Turning Yellow Due to Pollution
Lead Fish
Paraguay Farms Warn of Pesticides
Pesticide Use May Raise Parkinson’s Disease
Sounding Out on Noise
Lake Pollution in SW China Worsening
Vandana Shiva Decries the “Outsourcing of Pollution to the Third World”
Electrifying Public Transport Seen Helping Cut Deadly Pollution
Indoor Air Pollution Widespread in Asia
EPA’s Pace of Superfund Cleanups Slows
Orissa, Gujarat Cities Among World’s 10 Most Polluted
Millions at Risk in China, India Pollution Blackspots
Study Sees Cities’ Air Quality Worsening 
Pesticides Killing Pakistani Vultures, Other Birds
World’s Top 10 Most Polluted Places
Dirty Energy Threatens Health of 2 Billion
Air Pollution Causes Bigger, More Destructive Hail
Nigeria: Impact of Electronic Pollution
Poverty, Pollution Threats for Bangladesh
Pollution Raises Exercise Risks
Uganda: Pollution on the Rise
How to Stay Healthy amid Indoor Noise Pollution
Planet’s Most Polluted Sites Unveiled
Pollution May Cause 40 Percent of Global Deaths
Pesticides ‘on a Third of Food’
Pumping up the Volume
Gag on Decibel Devil

Spy Chips and RFID
UK Kids Get RFID Chips in School Uniforms
Shot in Arm for Carless
VeriChip Implants Patients, Shares Pop
RFID Implant Cancer Questions Concern Patients
Chip to Now Track Consumer Behaviour in Stores
Back Off, Boss: Forcible RFID Implants Outlawed in California
VeriChip Signs 200 More Hospitals for VeriMed System
Outlawing Employer Requirements that Workers Get RFID Chip 
California Law Bans Forced Human RFID Tagging
High-Dollar Chips
Fear Over Forced RFID Tagging
Judge Wants Everyone in UK on DNA Database
California Blocks RFID Implants in Workers
Microchips Implanted In Elderly Alzheimer’s Patients
What Chip Labels Say, And Do not Say; Tumor Studies Unmentioned
Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors
Dr. Katherine Albrecht Says Microchip Implants Cause Cancer
VeriChip Distributes RFID Implantable Microchips to 90 Alzheimer’s Patients
Plan to Use RFID in US Border Control Draws Fire
Calif. Makes Another Run at RFID Regulation
VeriChip Kept Quiet on Cancer Link… Yet Were Pretty Vocal On Fake FDA Approvals
Animal Tumors Spur Doubt About Microchips
RFID Implants a Danger
Report of Cancer Hurts Maker of Chip Implants
Do RFID Implants Kill?

19 Suspected Members of Sex Slavery Crime Ring Arrested
Child Slavery Thriving in Indian Cotton Industry
Nigeria: Child Trafficking is Slavery, Says Minister
‘Human Trafficking as Terrible as Slavery’
Witnesses Testify in Congress: “Slavery is Alive and Well”
Hearing Brings Modern-Day Slavery to Light
Sold into Slavery
Migrant Workers in the Middle East: Slaves of the 21st Century
Young Girls Targeted in Sex Slavery Crackdown
Slavery Never Really Left Us
Human Trafficking ‘Modern-Day Slavery’
Mauritania: Country Made Slavery Illegal Last Month
Modern Slavery Flourishing, Say Inspectors
Slavery in the Suburbs
Child-Slavery Lawsuit Re-filed Against Sheikh in Federal Court

Ghana Famine Imminent, Aid Officials Say
Rapid Global Warming Will Create Famine and Drought, Lovelock Warns
Tanzania: Bushmen Lives Threatened as Famine Hits
Ghana: Food Shortages Follow Drought, Floods
Another Famine in North Korea?
Poor Face Starvation in Arakan
2500 Hectares of Paddy Lost In Floods
Famine a Visible Result of Climate Change in Eastern Africa
Legume and Doom as Floods Force Vegetable Prices Up 65%
N. Korea May Face Famine Acute as Mid-1990s Next Year
Northern Nigeria May Face Famine Due to Low Rainfall and Locusts
Five Million Burmese are Going Hungry, Warns UN
Uganda Faces Severe Famine
520000 Malawians on ‘Watch List’ for Possible Starvation
Uganda: Starvation Looms After Floods – UN
Starvation Looms as Food Runs Out in Flood-Hit Uganda, Says UN
Food Set to Become the Next Big Global News Story
Two Bamyan Districts Headed for Famine, Officials Warn
Crucial Rice Aid to North Korea Lost to Corruption
Kenya: Model to Predict Child Malnutrition
Will Global Warming Take Away Monsoon And Food?
Chad: ‘Emergency’ Food Insecurity Despite Bumper Crops
Man killed in Riots Over Starvation
Indo-Pak Nuclear War Could Cause One Billion Starvation Deaths
Gorkha Folk Face Starvation as China Shuts Checkpoint
The Silent Genocide: Insights on Zimbabwe
Spreading Deserts Threaten World Food Supply 
Zimbabwe: Thousands Go Hungry
Disease and Starvation Threaten 50000 in Eastern Uganda
Between Hungry People and Climate Change, Soils Need Help
Number of Needy Somalis Climbs to 1.5 Million
85 000 Face Starvation in Mozambique
Untouchability and Starvation Live together in Ugly India
Disease and Starvation Threaten 50000 in Eastern Uganda
Global Food Crisis Looms as Climate Change and Population Growth Strip Fertile Land
Zimbabwe Food Crisis Deepens
Bankura Death Fans Starvation Fear
Sri Lanka: People Trapped by SLA in Musali Face Starvation
Zimbabwe: ‘Food Crisis Beyond Imagination’ – Gasela
Famine Stares Three Northern Regions
Price Cuts Causing Famine in Zimbabwe
Cholera-Hit Indians ‘Face Hunger’
Banke Flood-Hit Facing Starvation
Aid Agency Warns of Possible Starvation in Eastern Ethiopia
Argentina: Humanitarian Crisis as Indigenous Communities Face Starvation
Tea Pickers Starve To Death


Technology and the Modern Workplace


The Assault on Iraqi Agriculture — U.S. Agribusiness Targets the Fertile Crescent
Illegal Arms Trafficking Rampant Across Guyana-Brazil Frontier 
Somalian Insurgency Claims 200 Lives in Mogadishu in August
Chaos in Darfur on Rise as Arabs fight with Arabs
“Imminent” Iran War Endangers Planet
Protesters Take on NATO Generals
Brain Damage Plagues Thousands of GIs
Israeli Air Strikes Killed Civilians Indiscriminately, Rights Group Says
War Illnesses Fester
Photo Exhibit Looks at Effects of Depleted Uranium Used in the First Gulf War
Making the Case to Keep Troops in Iraq
IAEA Reports Latest Trafficking Statistics
The Military Draft: A Moral Abomination
Darfur Conflict: Big Brother is Watching Them

Much of US Could See a Water Shortage
Many States Seen Facing Water Shortages 
Insanity: New Developments with Water in Short Supply
Water Exports: the New Oil?
Swaziland’s Water Troubles Go Beyond Delivery
Overpopulation Dooms State’s Finite Water Supply
Over 200 Lakes in the Ruo’ergai Wetland are Drying up
Melting Glaciers Raise Fears of Water Woes in High Himalayas
The Future Is Drying Up 
No Backup if Atlanta’s Faucets Run Dry
Vanishing Water Great Problem
Georgia Seeks Water Disaster Declaration
Ethanol Crops Could Threaten Water Supply
Zagreb Warns Disappearing of Drinkable Water
Our Drinkable Water Supply is Vanishing
Beijing to Use Water from Rural Areas to Meet Olympic Demand
Amazon River in Peru Falls to Second Lowest Level on Record
Lowest Stream Flow in 110 Years Recorded in North Carolina 
Outdoor Water Use Strains Resources
Water Shortage in Nile Country
Few Companies Prepared for Water Shortage
War Over Water!
Permanent Water Bans for Sydney
Water Supply Shortage Hits Long Beach, California 
Coping with Drought
Jakarta’s Water Sources Drying Up: WWF
Earthquake Victims Suffer from Lack of Clean Water

Weird Weather
Floods See Rise in Rat Sightings
Dikes Burst, Vietnam Metro Besieged by Floods
Bangladesh Suffers Crop Losses Worth $619 Million in Floods
Dozens Killed In Congo Floods
Five People Drown in Central Vietnam Floods
Floods Trash, Reshape Miss. River Refuge
UN Joins Relief Effort After Western Nicaragua Hit by Floods 
Burkina Faso: Floods Spark UN Flash Appeal for Humanitarian Assistance
Floods: Sironko Risks Cholera, Dysentery
Floods Hit Tourist Island of Samui
Floods Spread in Aceh, One Person Missing
Floods Force 1000 to Leave Homes in Johor
Bangladesh Floods Expose Forecast Failure
Floods Spread in Aceh, One Person Missing 
One Killed, 16 Houses Flattened by Heavy Winds in Ngawi 
Forecast: Heavy Weather
New Orleans Floods
Floods Create a ‘Ghost Town’, Putting Young Lives on Hold in Córdoba, Colombia
Georgia Lawmakers May Lift Species Protections During Drought
Displaced by Conflict, then Floods, in Uganda
Vietnam Floods Claim 14 Lives, 4 Missing
Drought Raises Wildfire Danger Level
Conditions Ripe for Blazes in West Texas
Experts Say La Nina May Keep Rain Away
2500 Hectares of Paddy Lost In Floods
Santa Cruz Reels After the Floods
Houses and Roads Collapsed by Floods
Wind-Driven Fires Ravage California
Beware More Weird Weather
Haiti Ravaged by Floods and Landslides
Bangladesh Fears Slowdown and Price Spike After Floods
Dozens Killed in Haiti Floods
Floods in North and Isan, More Rain Expected
Torrential Rains, Floods Kill 20 in Central America
Alarming Rise In Flash Floods And Deforestation in Himachal
23 Dead in Flood-Ravaged Haitian Town
UN Warns Flood-Hit Uganda Faces ‘Disaster’
UNICEF Humanitarian Action Update West Africa floods 09 Oct 2007
Uganda: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 7
Vietnam Villagers Face Hunger Amid Floods
Uganda: Floods Force War Victims to Move to New Camps
51 Killed in Worst Floods in Vietnam in 45 Years
Uganda Floods Pose Threat to Crops, Livestock, Medical and Food Supplies
Starving Lambs to be Slaughtered
October’s Wicked Warm Weather, Record Breaking
No Drought Relief for Southeast and Southwest This Winter 

Eight Killed as More Floods Hit Vietnam
Heavy Uganda Floods Prompt First Food Air Drops – WFP
Report: Floods may Bring Famine Back to North Korea
Eastern Africa: Worst Floods in Decades
Some Uganda Flood Victims Cut Off 
Drought Increases Risk Of Wildfires
Record September Temperatures Extend Southeast Drought 
Bureau Warns Of More Cyclones
Fires Feared as Drought Grows Dire
Weird Weather Makes Waves in Iowa
Tunisia Floods Death Toll Climbs to 11
Uganda: Caught Up in Bwaise Floods, Nowhere to Run
DPR Korea: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 12
Uganda: What Experts Say of the Floods Ravaging Us
83 Died in Floods, Rs 230 Crore Earmarked for Rehabilitation
India: Floods DREF Bulletin
Thousands Stranded After Vietnam Floods
Special Update on Floods in West Africa 
Heavy Flooding Kills Three Children in Haiti
Haiti Floods Leave 23 Dead
Officials See No Quick End to the Drought And Wildfires in Eastern Kentucky
Uganda: Heavy Rains Hit Bushenyi, Destroy Crops
Mixed Atlantic Hurricane Season Puzzles Experts
Floods Kill 20000 Wildebeests in Kenya
Viet Nam: Typhoon and Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Floods Recede in Burkina Faso, Thousands Displaced, Crops Destroyed
UN Funds Flood Relief Effort in Ghana
Death Toll from Vietnam Floods Reaches 82
Ethiopia: Floods Situation Update – 05 Oct 2007
Ten Killed in Storm and Floods in Central Vietnam
Forest Loss ‘Leads to Longer, More Severe Floods’
Uganda: ‘My Wife was Washed Away by the Floods’
Special Update on Floods in West Africa – 04 Oct 2007
Floods: Only Route to Eastern Region on Verge of Closure
Burkina Faso: Local Leaders Say Flood-Hit Residents Will Need Food Aid for Months
Three Dead as Typhoon Lekima Hits Vietnam
Connecting the Dots: Extreme Weather and Global Warming
Global Warming Will Bring More ‘Felixes’
Felix Becomes Rare Top-Ranked Storm 
Tens of Thousands Displaced by Ethiopia Floods
Eight More Die in Sudan Floods, Toll Now 122
At Least Six Dead in Northern Ghana Floods
Extreme Conditions: What’s Happening to Our Weather? 
Tropics Getting Even More Rain, and Global Warming may be to Blame
SoCal Heat Wave Strains Power Grid
Kenya: Floods ‘Sweeping Chemicals And Plastics Into Lake’
Two Hurricanes Strike in 24 Hours: Felix and Henriette
Brutal Heat Wave Continues, Sparking Power Outages, Wildfires
Hurricane Felix becomes rare top-ranked storm 
Six Die in Upper East Floods
Flash Floods Wash Out Bandelier Trails
Floods Devastate Africa’s Sahel
West African floods affect 65000 people
Floods Dampen Farmers’ Expectations for a Good Crop
Floods Caused Unseen Damage, Officials Say
Sitrep Floods in Bangladesh
Uganda: Floods Displace 613 in Sironko District
Raving Heat Wave Causes Power Shortages
Powerful Hurricane Felix Threatens Central America 
New Floods Hit Bangladesh
3rd Wave of Floods in Assam, 10 Die
15 Dead in Nepal Floods, Landslides
At Least 17 People Dead in Togo Floods
Thousands Flee Homes As Fresh Floods Hit Bangladesh
11 Northern, Northeastern Provinces Warned of Flash Floods
Northern Floods Cause 800 to be Evacuated
Floods Cause 50,000 Casualties in Mexico
Five Killed in Floods, Landslides
Flash Floods in Assam, 51 Killed Since July
Uganda: Floods Cut Off Teso
Austria Braces for More Floods
Death Toll in Romania Floods Up to Five, Two Missing
Central America Braces for Floods
Kenyan Floods Force Thousands from Homes
Day Three of Rains Brings More Floods to the East
Seven Dead, One Missing in Romania Floods
N Korea Flood Damage Understated
Ghana: Floods Force Some 10000 from Their Homes
Dry Conditions Fueling Wildfires
Hill Country Sees Weird Summer Weather
Sudan Says Floods Killed 119 People
Cameroon: Bonaberi Residents Grapple with Floods
At Least Four Killed as Floods Sweep Southern Somalia
Floods Stop Thousands Going to School
Central America on Flooding Alert After Storms
Banke Flood-Hit Facing Starvation
Fresh Floods Cause Huge Crop Damage
Africa Floods Bring Death, Devastation
Floods Cause Chaos Across Africa
13 Million Stranded by Floods in India, Bangladesh
Floods Ravage Uthai Thani, Heavy Damage to Rice Crop
West, Central Africa Brace for More Floods
Floods Devastate Northern Ghana
Powerful Typhoon Churning in East China Sea
Health Fears After Ghana Floods
Floods in Africa Kill Dozens and Wipe Out Crops
Hundreds of Thousands Affected by Africa Floods
Uganda: Nine People Die in Teso Floods
Floods Kill 15 in Rwanda, Leave 1000 Homeless
Connecting Wild Weather, Climate Change and Political Action
Humberto: Instant Hurricane. Must be Weird Weather
Over 16000 Hectares of Paddy Fields Destroyed in Floods
The Victims of Floods
Ghana: Floods Displace ‘Nearly 275,000’ in Little-Known Disaster
Air Pollution Causes Bigger, More Destructive Hail
Army Called Out to Combat Floods in Assam
Over One Million Hit by Fresh Floods in India, Bangladesh
Uganda: Floods Force IDPs Back into Camps
Seven Die in Assam Flash Floods
Sikkim Still Cut Off Due to Floods
Nearly 3 Million Displaced as Fresh Floods Devastate Northeast India
Flash Floods Kill 4 and Injure 12 in Thailand’s North
Uganda: Teso Floods – Bad Roads Delay Aid Delivery

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