The Opposition

This page contains links to sites whose sole aim is to oppress the legitimate views of open minded searchers for the truth.  It should be noted that most are based mainly on one premise.  All experience and evidence associated with UFOs and paranormal phenomenon is the work of Satan and the Fallen Angels.  No proof or logic is presented to backup these assertions, only scare tactics, out of context use of biblical text and unwarranted condemnation is used.  None of the facts presented in this work are even considered. Satan’s association with flying vehicles is presented in this work here:     
There is no freedom of religion without freedom from religion

The Threats of Pat Robertson

What Does the Bible Say About Ufo’s and Extraterrestrials?

UFOs & Bible 

Great UFO Deception Quotes 

UFOs in Bible 

UFOs in the Mideast 

Apocalypse and Millennium 

Alien Invaders 

End Time Delusion 

Christians Warn Against UFOs 

Aliens, UFO’s 

End Time Delusion – Antichrist and Aliens 

Pat Robertson Condones China’s Forced Abortion Policy 

Pentagon Space Aliens 

Satan & The Little Green Men!!

The New Age – Occult Connection 

UFOs: The Deadly Deception

Abductions – BC Style

Roswell NM – Alien Resistance HQ, UFO Bible stop alien abduction info

Aliens and the Bible

Aliens and UFO’s

Anti-Christ, Aliens, and UFOs

What Does The Bible Say About….Ufo’s

UFOs, Aliens, & Abductions

Could Aliens Actually be Fallen Angels

UFOs & Conspiracy in Popular Culture

UFOs Are ‘Devil Men’ Visitors

Understanding Satan’s Plan To Counterfeit The Second Coming

Jesus and UFOS

Satanic Flying Saucers

The Dark Side of UFOs

The Devil, UFOs, and Invaders from Space!

God’s Answer to UFOs and Abductions

UFOs – Demonic Deception

Angels, “Aliens”, and Demons– a biblical look at a cosmic battle

UFOs and the Christian Worldview

UFOs and the Mark of the Beast

UFOs Are Demons, Not Flying Saucers From Outer Space!

UFOs Demon-Piloted Craft From Hell

UFO’s Indentified

UFOs, 666, Satan 

What Are Those UFOs Doing

What does the Bible say about UFO

Aliens, UFOs and demonology

Are We Alone in the Universe

Israel, the UFOs and the fundamental Christianity

Reptoid Research Center Communications Site

UFOs: The Hidden Agenda

UFO’s, aliens and life on Mars

Demons in Alien’s Clothing

Defense Department UFO Documents

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