The Lost Books of the Bible The Hidden Truths

The Lost Books of the Bible
The Hidden Truth

An Introduction
Most followers of churches using the King James Bible feel they have the complete book with  
all the writings used by the first church and the nation of Israel before it. 
This work presents evidence that this is not true.

The List
We have compiled a list of hundreds of books mentioned in, or directly associated 
with, the Bible but not found in it.  Most books are linked for online access.

Anomalies In The Lost Books 
When viewed from the perspective of our technologically advanced society the power 
and amazing events described in the ancient writings take on a whole new image.

Women Of The Lost Books
The women of The Lost Books are a fascinating study. 
We present here a list of these dynamic and diverse women.

Book Descriptions
This is list of descriptions for several of the books listed on this site.

The Missing Parts of The King James Bible
One of the best kept secrets in the modern religious world is that only eighty percent 
of the King James Bible, as originally translated and published in 1611, 
is actually presented in the book the church uses as its foundation

The Dead Sea Scrolls
The writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls, with resources for study

The Nag Hammadi Library
The descriptions of the books of the Nag Hammadi Library, with resources for study

Flavius Josephus
The Antiquities of the Jews
Considered by most scholars to be “The Historian”, Josephus gives an eyewitness view point of the ancient world.  The Ark, pyramids, ancient cities, and much more are covered in his works.

The Earth Cries News

The Lost Books of the Bible Series
The Books Related to This Work


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