The Environmentally Unfriendly Budget of the U.S. Government Fiscal 2008

The Environmentally Unfriendly 
Budget of the U.S. Government 
Fiscal 2008

The slice of the pie, that tiny one, which represents only 5% of the total and labeled “Physical Resources” is, where funds for protecting the environment are buried.  
It shares this miniscule $116 billion portion of the budget 
with the following federal agencies:

• Agriculture • Interior • Transportation • Homeland Security 
• Housing and Urban Development • Commerce • Energy 
• National Science Education • Army Corps Engineers 
• Federal Communications Commission 
• And all other physical resources

            Homeland Security gets 17% right off the top, therefore, the true amount of the total Physical Resources budget is just a little over 4% or only $96.3 billion.

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