The Beings

The Beings

Who Is Commanding These High-Tech Flying Machines?

          Two main beings are directly associated with the flying vehicles, the Elohiym (the gods) and the Malak (the angels). Others include Archangels, Elders, Ministers, Saints, Watchers, and Men. There is another group which, though assumed to be living entities, are described in a manner that indicates they may be devices or machines. This group includes Cherubim, Seraphim, Living Creatures, and Beasts. Also presented are the beings that are associated with the modern UFO phenomenon by misplaced religious zeal; Satan and devils. A fleet of flying vehicles, described as the army of Yhovah, appears several times and the importance of this fleet to the Biblical narrative is seriously underrated. Close encounters from face to face conversations and beam-ups to meetings are well documented in Biblical text and are a major part of many of the Bible’s more phenomenal events. The nature of Yhovah in his human form as Jesus is a grossly neglected aspect of the Bible. Another questionable facet of accepted Biblical doctrine is the Holy Spirit as an individual member of a supreme triad. Is the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost a being or a spiritual force? And, do angels have wings, halos, and do they play harps? If they do, the Bible doesn’t mention this, nor does it mention a devil with horns, a pitchfork or a pointed tail.

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