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 We have created a new forum for the discussion of concepts found on this site. The Ancient Wisdom Forum has been established for the many who have written expressing the frustration with not finding others willing to even talk about the issues. There is no other forum like this on the net and it will fill that important void. We will not just discuss biblical issues, but other ancient cultures with similar concepts, the way this relates to society and the actions of our major institutions on this paradigm. Here is the the introduction found on the main page of The Ancient Wisdom Forum:

            “This group is an open forum for the discussion, and further development of the unique paradigm researched, and presented by the Oracle Research Institute. This paradigm includes the relationship between the flying vehicles of the Bible and other ancient writings, and the UFOs now present in our modern skies. It covers the ancient technological, architectural, natural, and anthropological anomalies evidenced worldwide, as well as human, and spiritual phenomenon. Origins, history, and misconceptions of religious doctrine and practice, and the influence on its followers are examined. Our research encompasses such diverse realties as, myth, legend, crypto zoology, miracles, the paranormal, the nature of mankind, and its true destiny.”
            “We consider the various theories, and cover-ups surrounding the UFO phenomenon, the potential impact on society of this unorthodox approach to this issue, the relationship of UFOs to our ancient writings, our history, and the very future of the human race. Are the ancient beliefs, and evidence of the wonders of our ancestors a plethora of myths, misguided religious superstitions, and simple archeological enigmas, or a well-documented record of the presence of an ancient technologically advanced race of ultra-terrestrial beings present throughout human history? What do those ancient writings tell us about these beings and what are the ramifications if those same beings are our modern skies?”

            These and other topics will be part of the forum as well as the general state of the world and, of course, the personal stuff that goes along with any gathering of intelligent souls.  Please join us in this unique forum, or just observe, you are not even required to receive messages if that is your choice and just visit the list at your leisure and observe.

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