Spirits in the Sky

Welcome to this draft of an upcoming documentary of the concepts presented in 
“The Bible UFO Connection”

A Video version draft we are working on is now available for viewing 
For High-speed go HERE  There is a dialup version HERE      

This is a work in progress and will completed over the next few weeks.  It presents various concepts in “storyboard” form and is being created for use in the beginning of the layout of the documentary with the current working title  “Spirits in the Sky – The Flying Gods”.  This will be used by those working on the project.  

       We are sharing this initial stage of production with the thousands of readers, who visit this website daily.  Many of you have expressed interest in such a project and this has been in the planning stages since our collaboration with The History Channel on the production of their popular documentary “UFOs in the Bible”.  

       Please be aware that this is only a working draft of some sections that are proposed for inclusion in this ground-breaking work.  None of the sections are considered in a completed state, many other presentations will be added, and this will only serve as a simple draft presentation for the production company.  We do welcome comments and suggestions from our readers.  

       These are PowerPoint presentations, generally timed to 25 second transitions but can be viewed by clicking through.   Below, you will notice that it is not necessary to have PowerPoint installed on your computer to view the presentations.  
The Content

Ancient Evidence

The UFO Paradigm Shift

UFOs and Religion

The Archeological Record 

The Historical Record  (New)

The UFO Quotations  (New)

The UFO Cover-up 

The Scientific Sidestep
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