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The Paranormal
Politics and Environment


Close Encounters of the Biblical Kind
A New Look at Divine Encounters

UFO Disclosure – The Harsh Reality
UFO disclosure may eventually reveal much more than we ever imagined. 

The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up
Is the cover-up of UFOs part of the deception?

Debunking the UFO Debunkers
How to Battle the Professional Skeptics and Win!

The Great Battle in Heaven
A Paradigm Out of Order

Fallen Angels and UFOs 
A Maze of Misconception
The Alien EnigmaResearch Showing God Does Travel in UFOs, But Is Not an Alien

The Extraterrestrial Paradigm
Are Aliens Really “Alien”?

Are UFOs Evil?Is Satan Using UFOs To Deceive Mankind?

France Breaks the UFO Cover-up!!!
The veil has been lifted. 

The Fleet Of Yhovah

The Lord of Hosts is commander of a great army in the sky.

The Extraterrestrial Paradigm

Are Aliens Really “Alien”?


The Questionable Nature Of Time

The Cometa Report
The French UFO Report in English

The Paranormal

The Bible and the Paranormal
A New Perspective

Human Phenomena in the Bible
How Human Are Humans?

Myth or Reality?


A Comprehensive Assembly of Information About Giants

Crop Circles

A Complex Beauty
Cattle Mutilations  Senseless Mutilation or High -Tech Examination?

Ball Lightning
A Brilliant Phenomenon

Angel Hair

Embedded Anomalies
Evidence of Civilization Before the Accepted Creation Timeline

Ancient Construction
Monoliths and Megaliths

Politics and Environment

The Dominionists
Radical Religion vs. The Environment

Iran – The Coming Holocaust
The chatter is deafening, the dogs of war are gathering, and the White house is pumping up the rhetoric.

America Incorporated
What will increasing corporate control over the United States cost its citizens?
The Matrix

Do we live in world of false images intended to confuse and pacify us, and blind us to a terrible reality?

Foleygate – The Matrix in Action

Solid reinforcement for our concept that our society is living in a matrix created by the media

9/11World Trade Center Videos
Questions the Government Ignores

The Environment in Peril
Can We Make a Difference?


The Countdown to Armageddon 
Everything the “Left Behind” Movement Left Out

Big Brother or Mark of the Beast?

…and the Comrades marched rank and file into their working facility, while the Big Brother 
telescreen carefully scanned each implanted chip… 
(George Orwell “1984”)

The Terrible Truth – Humanity on the Edge of Annihilation
A warning to the world about its headlong rush into disaster and looming possibility self-destruction.

The Two Witnesses of the Revelation

A New Look at this Event

The Coming of Jesus, the Christ
What the Bible indicates will happen before, during, and after the “Second” Coming.
What Will Jesus Do?
A Glimpse of the World to Come


The Dominionists
Radical Religion vs. The Environment

You Must be Born Again?
Is it Scriptural? 

The Radical Religious Right

Serious threats to the environment, freedom, and global stability by Christianity

The Real New Testament

The books of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible were chosen by one man.

The Wonder of Angels
Are angels beautiful, winged, haloed, cloud-sitting, harp strummers, or something, quite different?

Love Your Neighbor
It’s Your Destiny!

The World’s Gods

Many gods, or one God described by many different peoples?
Heaven’s Gate
The Deadly Delusion Continues

“The Lost Tomb of Christ”
Our rebuttal to the documentary and movie.

The Da Vinci Code

Our comments on the paradigm.

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