Quotes From Anonymous Sources

·     The unidentified craft appeared to take efficient controlled evasive action. 
     FBI Memo, describing chase of UFO over the North Sea, 1947. 

·     Army intelligence has recently said that the matter of ‘Unidentified Aircraft’ or ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,’ otherwise known as ‘Flying Discs,’ ‘Flying Saucers,’ and ‘Balls of Fire,’ is considered top secret by intelligence officers of both the Army and the Air Forces. 
     1949 FBI memo on UFOs. 

·   Information is desired if this was some new or experimental aircraft or for any explanation whatsoever. 
     1949 CIA memo. 

·   From their questions, I could tell they had a good idea of what the saucers are. One officer admitted they did, but he wouldn’t say any more. 
     Commercial pilot, after questioning by intelligence officer, 1950. 

·   [Object] described as flat on top and bottom and appearing from a front view to have round edges and slightly beveled … No vapor trails or exhaust or visible means of propulsion. Described as traveling at tremendous speed…. Pilot considered by associates to be highly reliable, of mature judgment and a creditable observer. 
     Air Force intelligence report, following UFO sighting by F-51 pilot, 1951.

·   … some propulsion method not in the physics books. 
     Scientist who witnessed a UFO in 1952. 

·   In view of the wide interest within the Agency … outside knowledge of Agency interest in Flying Saucers carries the risk of making the problem even more serious in the public mind than it already is. 
     CIA memo, 1952 

·   Based on my experience in fighter tactics, it is my opinion that the object was controlled by something having visual contact with us. The power and acceleration were beyond the capability of any known U.S. aircraft. 
     F-94 pilot, after encountering a UFO, 1952. 

·   Some military officials are seriously considering the possibility of interplanetary ships. 
     FBI memo on UFOs, 1952. 

·   Pilot of helicopters wished to stress fact that object was of a saucer like nature, was stationary at 2000 ft. And would be glad to be called upon to verify any statements and act as witness. 
     Emergency Report from Maxwell Air Force Base on air space violation by UFO, 1954. 

·   It was silvery in color, had a bun-shaped top, a flange like two saucers in the middle and a bun underneath, and could not have been far off because it overlapped my windscreen! 
     RAF fighter pilot, 1954. 

·   What bothers me is what’s happening to our aircraft. 
     Anonymous Air Force officer, 1955. 

·   The Air Defense Command in Baton Rouge was on the phone, waiting for our report, when we landed there. 
     Commercial pilot following a UFO sighting, 1957. 

·   [Hamilton AFB] wanted my account of it, word for word. 
     UFO witness, after his alleged communication with aliens, 1965. 

·   When the team was about ten miles from the landing site, static disrupted radio contact with them. Five to eight minutes later the glow diminished, and the UFO took off. Another UFO was visually sighted and confirmed by radar. 
     Classified report by an Air Force Strike Team at Minot AFB, 1966. 

·   “Flying saucers are probably real extra-terrestrial spacecraft.” 
 From Project Sign’s “Estimate of the Situation”–the final report issued by Project Sign which began in 1948 under the auspices of the Air Technical Intelligence Center in an effort to solve the UFO mystery. They studied 243 cases before issuing this final statement to the pentagon. 

·   “If, in fact, we are able to find life or to answer the question ‘Are we alone?’ then that certainly is grand enough and noble enough to be the enduring legacy of our civilization.”
     NASA, October 1999.

·   “Taking into account the facts that we have gathered from the observers and from the location of their observations, we concluded that there generally can be said to be a material phenomenon behind the observations. In 60% of the cases reported here (references cited), the description of this phenomenon is apparently one of a flying machine whose origin, modes of lifting and/or propulsion are totally outside our knowledge. 
     GEPAN Report to the Scientific Committee, June 1978, Vol. 1, Chapter 4.

·   “The study of the observed phenomenon seems to us, by its extraordinary characteristics, potentially able to bring to humankind knowledge and eventually techniques of considerable importance. We suggest that a deep study of this phenomenon be undertaken with a high degree of priority.” 
     GEPAN Report to the Scientific Committee, June 1978, Vol. 1, Chapter 4.

·   “Based upon unreliable and unscientific surmises as data, the Air Force develops elaborate statistical findings which seem impressive to the uninitiated public unschooled in the fallacies of the statistical method. One must conclude that the highly publicized Air Force pronouncements based upon unsound statistics serve merely to misrepresent the true character of the UFO phenomena.” 
     Yale Scientific Magazine (Yale University) Volume XXXVII, Number 7, April 1963. 

·   “It must be accepted that some type of flying objects have been observed, although their identification and origin are not discernible.”     U.S. Air Intelligence Report # 100-203-79, ANALYSIS OF FLYING OBJECTS IN THE U.S., Dec. 10, 1948 

·   “This “flying saucer” situation is not all imaginary or seeing too much in some natural phenomena. Something is really flying around.”     Air Force Base Intelligence Report, FLYING DISCS, July 30, 1947 

·   “This is the most puzzling case in the radar/visual files. The apparently rational, intelligent behavior of the UFO suggests a mechanical device of unknown origin as the most probable explaination.     Air Force Project Blue Book, SPECIAL REPORT NO. 14, May 5, 1955

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