What is The Oracle Research Institute?

          The Institute is dedicated to presenting research into the origin, purpose, history, and destiny of mankind. From ancient writings and evidence from ancient civilizations, we have come to several very basic, but amazingly profound conclusions. Those concepts are not exclusive to any single ancient society, but shared universally across the ancient global social and religious spectrum. 

The Forgotten Wisdoms
           Only small chips of the great jewel of ancient wisdom are even recognized in our modern world. Where we came from, why we are here, where have we really been, how we should live, and where we are going now, are just confusing matters of great debate. Mankind has lost its connection to its past and the wisdom of its ancestors. It is our quest; to find that wisdom and present it to the public. 
           This information may suggest a way of thinking or living, but we suggest that this is the exclusive choice of the one receiving the information. A basic principle of wisdom is that all humans are unique in every way. Respecting and gaining from that uniqueness in us all, is the best way to nurture emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Attempting to change, conform, control, or challenge that uniqueness does not just impede human progress; it is in fact, the purest form of hypocrisy. 

Human Origin
           The world’s ancient writings show a human origin, not only foreign to mankind, but rejected as heretical and blasphemous by many. A universally powerful race of beings, known by many specific names, but generally recognized by the term “gods”, are described as “creating”, or actually physically forming mankind from basic elements. Those gods formed mankind in their own physical form and infused a spiritual nature into that physical body, a “god gene”, as it were. Using genetic control over a series of generations, a single god entered into a human body, through the human birth process. That human/god triggered the “god gene”, then informed humans of their origin, the way they should co-exist in their physical forms, and their ultimate destiny. 

Human Purpose
           Again, the world’s ancient writings show a human purpose, not only foreign to society’s teachings and practices, but rejected as an anathema to human purpose. Wisdom teaches that sharing, caring, tolerance, peace, and a constant pursuit of love are the only progressive and productive pathways for humanity. The world promotes ownership and rejects the concept of “commons” as a “socialist” threat. Need is translated as sloth, tolerance is gullibility, peace can only be achieved with war, and love for others is selective and only for those we choose. The result is, as expected, if wisdom is made foolery, the only result will be, and is a digressive and destructive path for humanity.

Human History
           The ancient civilizations give clear evidence that the world was once inhabited by highly advanced races from other worlds, which constructed great cities and monuments around the globe. Ancient cultures speak of co-existing with those other-worldly beings and learning basic skills and concepts of life from them. Those beings then departed, leaving behind the most technologically advanced and largest structures found on Earth. Archeology, anthropology, and academia all ignore the declaration of the ancient human cultures that they did not build these amazing structures, and ignore the fact that they had neither the construction skills equipment, or tools, nor the engineering acumen, or purpose for building such incredible edifices. The orthodox view is that all this massive architecture was constructed solely for religious rituals or primitive attempts to plot the stars or seasons. 
           In a human record, whose history has been perpetually dominated by war and conflict, and realization that the victor inevitably writes the history; there can be no consideration of integrity in that history. Fact becomes fiction, good is evil, and truth is made a lie. Is it any wonder that confusion and deception about the path we have traveled has inevitably led to misdirection and confusion about the path we are on? 

Human Destiny
           The ancient wisdoms declare that the gods created humans in their image to become gods, and this is the true and perpetual destiny of mankind. After an age of learning, the gods and the races of beings, who serve them, will return to Earth, alter the precarious course of humanity, and usher in a new age of love, peace, progress, and a brighter future for all mankind throughout eternity. But, in a world that ignores this amazingly hopeful and progressive future for humanity, there is only fear, confusion and despair for the future. 
           Mankind reflects its past into its future; an amazing of array of apocalyptic doomsday theories are the only concepts dominating the human perspective of what is to come. Some grasp for an alternative in an elitist manmade concept of a “heaven” for a chosen few, but condemn all others to an eternal torture, which is of course, an anathema to the fair, forgiving, and loving God they claim to worship. And, thinking only “their” god is the true one, and that all others are false has led to a division in humanity, which has brought us only war, intolerance, and hatred. 

The Mission
           This work is not associated with any religion or secular group, and all concepts presented are for the enlightenment and edification of its audience. The work is here to inform, not indoctrinate, inspire, not manipulate. It is intended to prepare mankind with relevant information to better understand the future, weather the rough road ahead, recognize the signs they will see, and give all humanity hope. All that is presented by this work is available in bits and pieces in the ancient and modern records. The only difference here, is that it has been brought together, categorized, and presented as concepts that make sense and are relevant to mankind.

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