Humanity Incorporated (Part 4)

The Truth About “The Great Deception”
Part 4

An Amazing Prophecy
Part 2

The Realities

     It is, of course, impossible to get the full picture of these events from the few verses that mention the mark, but certain aspects of those events can be understood.
· A condition, not specified, causes mankind, worldwide, to need to receive a “mark” in their hand or forehead for the purpose of conducting financial transactions; buying or selling.  Such transactions are not possible without the mark.
· A technology, now existing, and actively promoted, involving the implanting of a device in the hand or the forehead, is designed to be used for security and financial identification applications worldwide.
· The Bible lists a series of actions designed to force humanity to recognize the sovereignty of God over the planet, and in one action there is a substance released that causes a “worthless” and “calamitous” effect on mankind relating directly to the mark.
· During this series of actions, mankind also vilifies God for the anguish of poverty he is inflicted on those with the mark. 
     In this modern age with the growing dependence on not only electronic finances, but a very definite rush toward the total globalization of commerce, the following scenario could be quite possible, and a logical explanation for the true meaning of these prophecies.

To Set the Stage:
With the current continuing focus on the global “Terrorist Threat”, and the implementation of versions of the U.S. Patriot Act worldwide, security is becoming an obsession.  
· The need to track all financial transactions worldwide to control the “Terrorist Threat” is being used to make such tracking a distinct reality.
· Global “Free Trade” policies are the norm rather than the exception, made possible by satellite, and high speed worldwide communications technologies.  This makes a global financial network not only possible, but a certainty.  
· Society is rapidly moving toward a “cashless” financial reality with credit, debit, and even social service, (food stamp, etc.) cards becoming the preferred means of financial transaction.
· Identity theft, forgery, robbery, and an unending and ever-changing flood of fraudulent schemes designed to steal money, make cash impractical, even plastic is vulnerable to criminal activity.
· A system such as VeriChip is the perfect solution for all these problems and an inevitable choice to provide the ultimate in global monitoring, security access, and financial protection against fraud.  It is cheap, easy, and can be completely implemented now.
If all commerce is dependent on having this implant then there will be no need to “force” anyone to receive it, anymore that anyone is forced to have a driver’s license.  This will “force” those not wishing to receive the implant into the underground economy, and seriously affect quality of life issues, but it will not “kill” them.

The Result:
With the above realities being a part of our rush-blindly-to-the-future culture, it is easy to see that any number of events could spark the worldwide use of a VeriChip or similar implant system in the area of financial transaction and security identification.
· The implementation of such a system would create critical dependence on the reliability of Radio Frequency Identification, (RFID), Global Positioning System, (GPS), and Electronics Funds Transfer, (EFT) technology, all connected to a simple implanted chip.  This dependence would extend from the grocery store to the gas station, from the drug store to the emergency room.  If it requires monetary transaction or proper identification, it will likely be dependent on these vulnerable systems.  Everything in the loop; the implant, the scanner that reads it, the transmitter that sends the signal to the satellite, the station controlling the satellite, the satellite itself, the receiver on the ground, the institution controlling the finances or the security agency verifying the identification, all ground transmission lines, and everything all the way back to the entity trying to verify the information, must be working perfectly.  One glitch in the loop and the entire system is clogged.
· The Bible makes it clear that humanity will resist the return of the rightful King to his planetary throne.  It is clear that humanity will not recognize the return of Jesus and will eventually gather a massive human army against him.
· In the Bible, in the 16th chapter of the Revelation, there is evidence that certain strange plagues are brought upon the planet, and that mankind is given a chance, during these events, to recognize and accept its only true world leader.  
· For the rightful heir to the global throne, a logical way of disarming and crippling a world so dependent on such vulnerable and very human technology, would be to disable that technology.  Rendering the implant system useless along any point in its path would effectively render the financial holdings of all implantees inaccessible, and their personal value as worthless.  
· The result of such a breakdown would be that neither the poor, nor the rich, could buy food, gas, or any other commodities needed for even basic survival.  There is no way to determine how transportation of goods and people, police and fire services, health and welfare entities, or government and military organizations would be effected.  But considering these all depend on humans with security identification, and the ability to be where they need to be, the result , when added to a useless economic system, would be total chaos.  
· The plague of sores on mankind spoken of in Revelation 16 refers to a worthless, evil, and calamitous effect on those having the “mark”‘  
· Revelation 16 also refers to a vilification of God by those having the “mark” for the anguish of poverty they are suffering.  
· We believe the concepts just expressed give strong backing to a possibility that the angel pouring out the vial in Revelations 16:2 will disable the mark / implant, causing worldwide poverty, in just days, and a breakdown in every aspect of life even remotely computerized.  The result would be total chaos, especially in the developed world so dependent on technology. 

     The government seems unconcerned about privacy issues, advertising abuse, and the obvious potential for population control and, in fact, is certain to be the largest individual customer for the system.  The FDA is instituting programs to implant livestock to monitor movement and animal condition to better insure meat quality, while following the movement of military personnel and equipment will be greatly enhanced by service wide use of the system.  The government is also moving forward on insuring that GPS technology is present in all wireless communication devices.  All cell phones sold in the United States were equipped with advanced wireless tracking technology by the end of 2002. 
     When confronted with the obvious privacy concerns, Applied Digital Solutions CEO, Richard Sullivan, stated, “This whole privacy issue is on the table, I would hope that, being part of a free, democratic system, that you have a government that wants to protect people.”  Sullivan failed to mention that the device is being sold internationally and gave no explanation of how non-democratic governments, who give little thought to protecting their people, would use the technology.  Chief project scientist Dr. Peter Zhou, who seems to view the device as a Utopian dream come true stated that Digital Angel “will be a connection from yourself to the electronic world. It will be your guardian, protector. It will bring good things to you.  We will be a hybrid of electronic intelligence and our own soul.” 
     You be the judge of whether this is part of the conspiracy to control the world’s population or simply a bizarre and very timely coincidence.  The company and the government say it isn’t a control system in production, but how credible are the past promises from government and big business?  In these times of uncertainty and heightened security worldwide, how easy would it be for that denial to change?

Humanity Incorporated Part 5

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