Human Phenomena (Part 4)

Special Effects

           A strange, multicolored glow emanating from and surrounding the human body is detected by some claiming to be sensitive to this phenomenon.  A process called Kurlian Photography has captured this glow on film.  The origin of this phenomenon is widely speculated but it seems likely that it is directly related to the spiritual essence of man.  Auras are not exclusive to humans or even to living things.  If this phenomenon is connected to the functions of the body, as well as the spirit, lack of formal research is as anomalous as the phenomenon itself.  
Auras ~ Auric Fields
Auras – Etheric Body

A Theory About Chakras and Auras:  
          Although you may read about auras and chakras and think them to be two separate objects or manifestations, chakras are a component of an aura and each interpenetrates the other. Chakras are the means through which a physical body communicates with its aura and vice-versa. For you are not a physical body with an aura surrounding you. Rather, your aura and physical body are one unit that together make up only a small portion of the greater you.

Automatic Writing 
           Automatic Writing is generally believed to be from an outside entity that exhibits itself through uncontrolled use of a pen or pencil, typewriter, computer or in the most well known method, a Ouija board. Messages sometimes come in the form of foreign languages or reverse writing. Many times spaces are not included between words, there is no punctuation or a picture or symbol is part of the writing. In some cases the individual does not recognize the writing as their own. The phenomenon is often classified as having evil origins, particularly in the case of Ouija boards, though it is also considered by some to a subconscious event.  As with all unexplained human anomalies, no formal research is available to explain any aspect of this strange event. Automatic Writing
About Automatic Writing 
Automatic Writing In The Surrealist Movement

Clairaudience / Channeling
           Clairaudience/Channeling are perception of messages in thought forms from an entity who exists in another realm.  The Bible and other ancient writings record many instances of anomalous contact with spiritual entities.  Modern claims include contact with angels, aliens, ancestors, and Atlanteans.  The bottom line is, it is a matter of belief that determines the veracity of the claim.   The strong connection to the highly suspect psychic industry should give one cause for caution.

Magnetic People
           Human Magnetism is a rare phenomenon that finds certain people attracting metallic objects to their bodies. Everything from sewing needles to frying pans adhere to their bodies and often the bond is so strong the items are hard to remove. There is no known explanation for this anomaly.  In some cases 
the effect extends beyond metal objects to a variety of substances.  Inga Gaiduchenko of the Soviet Union, has been likened to a human magnet. It was demonstrated scientifically that pens, dishes, books, and other objects could adhere to her hands. Canadian teenager Caroline Clare became so magnetized after an undiagnosed illness that metal objects, stuck to her skin with a force was so strong  that another person was required to remove them. In 1846 a 14-year-old French girl Angelique Cottin’s mere presence made the needles of compasses spin wildly; objects as heavy as furniture would slide away from her if she tried to touch them, and objects near her would vibrate unnaturally.  Though considered a rare human anomaly, a convention for magnetic people in Bulgaria drew 300 participants.

Electric People
      People who exhibit the ability to produce electric voltage from their bodies are recorded through history.  Others are found that can disrupt electrical appliances, devices, and even street lights.  Some carry such high voltage talents,  they often cannot be touched or must avoid all metal surfaces.  Most often this unusual talent is involuntary, but many are able to control it and some have even made a career using this power to enthrall audiences.  No known cause for the anomaly is evident and is often attributed to the spiritual world.  
Strange Electric People
Live Wires and Loose Connections 
Unusual Phenomena Reports Electric People

Glowing People
          The glow from spirits, angels, and gods are common occurrences in ancient writings, paintings, and primitive drawings.  Humans have the same talent, some as famous as Moses.  Glows from wounds and injured body parts have been recorded.
The Human Glow

Spontaneous Human Combustion
            Perhaps the strangest and only self-destructive of the human anomalies is spontaneous human combustion.  It is most often recorded amongst the elderly, but not exclusive to this age group.  Considering the fact that the human body is 85% water, Spontaneous Human Combustion is a physical impossibility, but not the only impossibility of this anomaly.  Very often the victim is seated in a chair or lying on a bed, which are not even singed while the body is reduced to ash.  
Spontaneous Human Combustion

Anomalies – Spontaneous Human Combustion
Spontaneous Human Combustion Links

Near Death Experience
A glimpse into life after death is presented by the testimony of many who have slipped over the threshold and quickly returned.  The amazing consistency of the eyewitness accounts lead to the inevitable conclusion that death may only be a transfer point rather than the end of life’s journey.  Near Death Experience is such a widespread human anomaly, it has even generated support groups and major research projects.
Near-Death Experiences And The Afterlife
Near Death Experience Research Foundation
The International Association for Near-Death Studies
The NearDeath Experience

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