Human Phenomena (Part 3)

Special Talents of Special People

          It is a matter of record that many people possess special powers that seem to transcend their gravity bound and physically restricted bodies.  Unfortunately, due to church-based and other social stigmas associated with these special talents, the true number of such people is unknown.  Many are socially isolated, imprisoned or otherwise institutionalized, or repress these powers to prevent unwanted attention or undeserved harassment.  The Bible speaks of spirit possession, exorcism, psychokenesis, out of body experience, spiritual healing, extra sensory perception, and shape shifting.  The Bible also makes it clear that in many cases the early church members possessed many special talents.  Many of those talents would find these very members condemned by the church for exhibitions of power bestowed by the God the modern church claims to worship.  Many other ancient writings speak of human phenomenon and the the Catholic Church is a repository of the supernatural.  Media sensationalism has held the human potential for supernatural power at the same side-show freak level it has occupied through history.

Special Talents

Astral Projection / OBEs / Exoprojection
          It is estimated that up to 80% of all those queried report having experienced some form of out of body experiences.  There is a worldwide movement to bring this anomaly out of the shadows spear-headed by the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology.  They declare someone trained to control his extra physical body could harness his environment’s natural energies to levitate, move objects, change the weather or even turn invisible.  In his second letter to Corinth, Paul specifically mentions an out of body experience, 2 Corinthians 12:4, and some prophets describe experiences that are similar.  Though it is a widely experienced phenomenon, little serious research has been undertaken.  Considering the possible ramifications of a true understanding of astral projection, this is inexcusable.
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Out-of-Body Experience: Information from  The International Institute  Projectiology and Conscientiology

Clairvoyance / Extrasensory perception / Precognition / Telepathy / Second Sight
          ESP goes by many names and is exhibited in many ways. It is, for all practical purposes, an accepted, socially common phenomenon and often sighted as the source of even minor coincidence. Family members often have no doubt they have a very solid telepathic relationships with relatives and close friends often have the same experience. It has been projected over great distances and often occurs during emotional crisis, and emergency scenarios. It has also been sited as the saving element in life-threatening scenarios. 
Psych Infobank Extrasensory Perception
Extrasensory Perception

Levitation is a rare phenomenon, but well recognized for its radical physical manifestations.  Psychokenesis and levitation are often considered the same anomaly, but have distinct characteristics.  Those who levitate defy gravity by floating their own bodies.They do not often exhibit psychokenesis. Psychokenetics defy gravity by lifting other objects and don’t often exhibit levitation. Levitation is often a spontaneous event while psychokenesis is seldom an uncontrolled action.  
            The Catholic Church has many saints that levitate, but also record many excommunications for others who levitate.  The two most famous levitators in Catholic history are Saint Teresa of Avila, the character around whose character the vintage television show “The Flying Nun” was formed, and Simon Magus.  Simon Magus was judged evil and excommunicated, while Saint Teresa was said to do it in states of rapture and awarded sainthood.  Other Catholic levitators include Saint Francis of Paula, Gemma Galgani, a Passionist nun,  Joseph of Cupertino, and Saint Benedict.
            Other famous levitators include many Tibetan Monks, Milarepa, the great thirteenth century yogi, Daniel Douglas Home, who reportedly levitated regularly over a forty-year period and the Italian medium, Amedee Zuccarini, who was photographed levitating with his feet twenty feet off of a table.
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Glossolalia / Xenoglossia / Tongues
           Glossolalia can be classified into two categories, speaking a language everybody understands and speaking a language nobody understands. Both types are mainly associated with ancient and modern Bible based religion. Animism also records glossolalia and the practice is found to have been associated with the Oracle at Delphi, the shrine of Apollo, for centuries. The Charismatic Movement of the modern age is the most recognized example, but Shakers, Quakers, Mormons, and the early Methodists and Presbyterians were all known to speak tongues.
Glossolalia – Wikipedia

Psychokenesis / Telekinesis
            Psychokinesis is the ability to physically effect or alter the location, motion, shape or composition of objects without the use of physical means.  This can range from a feather to the weather in application and has been recorded throughout history in beings from small children to great gods. 
            At the beginning of the 20th century Rudi Schneider, an early 20th century medium, was well known for his psychokinetic ability to move and change objects.  The Israeli psychokinetic, Uri Geller, baffled television audiences with his skills, bending spoons and performing other paranormal feats. Some viewers said their household objects underwent similar changes. Geller was accused of trickery, but such claims went unproven.  Nina Kulagina, from Leningrad, was able to move many sizes and types of stationary objects, change of the direction of objects in motion and project images on photographic film. Ingo Swann, a New York artist and psychic, could change the temperature of an object close to him by one degree. Also, he could affect the magnetic field of a magnetometer.  And, Sir Francis Bacon was a champion of research into the practical applications of this anomaly.
Strange Properties of Psychokinesis
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Radiesthesia / Dowsing / Water-Witching

           Radiesthesia is the discovery of hidden water and other metals, minerals, and objects using indicators such as rods and pendulums. In France, it is known as “radiesthesie” and has been used for recovering missing persons and in medical diagnosis. The L’ Association de Amis de la Radiesthesie was established in 1930 and the British Society of Dowsers was founded in 1933. A radiesthsist is a person who is very sensitive to certain substances, who’s sensitivity is amplified by a rod or pendulum. 
Introduction To Dowsing 
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Teleradiesthesia / Superpendulism
          As with dowsing, there is also the phenomena of teleradiesthesia or superpendulism. This is the phenomena where the sensitive person does not go to the actual location of the sought after object, but a map of the location is brought to him. After placing the pendulum on the map, he can tell the inquirer the information he wants to know.


            Psychometry is a power which enables one to divine facts by handling objects. The most common form of psychometrics is fortune tellers that claim prophetical power by using crystal balls. Palm readers, diviners of tea leaves, and readers of auras are peripheral psychometrics fields. 

Microscopic Sight / Telescopic Sight

           Telescopic vision is the ability to view objects at great distances normally not negligible to those with normal vision.  Microscopic vision is the ability to see items smaller than those with normal vision. 
In either anomaly, the range distance or size of objects detectable is relative to the abilities of the skilled viewer.

Human Calculators
           Over the ages many people have proven complex calculations can be solved in even the minds of those with little or no education.  
Beyond Math – Human Calculators

Photographic Memory / Super Memory / Mnemonics
             The ability to retain exact memories of all visual, audio, olfactory, gustatory or tactile elements of any given experience.  

           Synesthesia is the rare ability of a person to experience multiple cross-sensory input, colors have sounds, sounds have smells, etc.  Some experience many more sensory inputs from single objects than one would normally experience. 
Synesthesia Phenomenology And Neuropsychology
American Synesthesia Association

Remote Viewing / Shape Shifting / Metamorphosis / Spiritual Healing / Psychics
In the case of the above named subjects, we have determined that the commercialization and pseudo-spiritualization in the these areas render them more entertainment and profit oriented than serious research and will not promote their endeavors.

Part 4

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