The Breitenwinner Cave
Here Were Giants!

What it is:
A Bavarian catacomb located in a cave on the German/Swiss border
 containing thousands of normal, and not so normal, giant, human bones.  
The normal size bones are found burned and brittle in a massive 
mound of bones, wood, and ash.
The giant bones are buried, or arranged in a ritualistic manner. 

What it might be:
Is this a massive burial cave for an ancient race of giants?
Is it a possible crematorium for the missing prisoners of Stalag 383, 
a nearby Nazi prisoner of war camp, with a nasty reputation?
Is it both?

The intent of those presenting this paradigm to the public is to expose 
it to as wide an audience as possible, and gain support for an official 
investigation to have those very important questions answered.


Above, are two graphics taken during an expedition Wilfried Lorenz and another 
explorer made into Breitenwinner Cave in 1976, after reading documentation 
of a 1535 exploration by Berthold Buchner and local residents of Amberg.  
(Wilfried Lorenz is the individual in left-hand graphic.) 

He describes very little, except the removal of bones and how he found the cave. 
“The current condition of the Breitenwinner cave is the picture of a total, senseless destruction.” 

The cover page from Buchner’s report on his 1535 
exploration of Breitenwinner Cave.


In this account Buchner speaks of giant human bones, huge skulls, 
statues, and ghosts in the cave.

Click HERE to read this amazing account. 

The only other historical graphic of the Breitenwinner Cave from an exploration by 
M. Flurl in 1792

Recently, a combat photographer explored the Breitenwinner Cave:
A Video of a Recent Exploration of 
Breitenwinner Cave

Videos and Audios About Breitenwinner Cave

Video / Audio

Here is the location of Breitenwinner Cave:
A Google Map of  Breitenwinner Cave

A bone was retrieved from Breitenwinner Cave, which has been identified 
as a humeral shaft (an armbone):

Graphics of a Bone Found in The Breitenwinner Cave

Graphics and information about the allied prisoners in Stalag 383,
a German prisoner of war camp located near 
the Breitenwinner Cave
Stalag 383

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A recent article on giants and the beginning of this project to have 
Breitenwinner Cave examined by qualified experts: 

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