Heaven Is The Sky

God Drives A Flying Something 
Part 2

Heaven Is The Sky
Not a divine retirement home.

         All these clouds, whirlwinds, pillars, vessels, chariots and pavilions are seen hovering in, coming down from or rising into heaven.  The thunders, trumpets and voices that are heard are heard from heaven.  All the men who leave the ground and all the angels and metallic, glowing beings that come down to the ground do so either to, or from, heaven.  All the lightnings, streams of fire, brimstone and other destructive things mentioned have their origin in heaven.  Even wars are fought in heaven.  Since all these things are seen in relationship to heaven, the way the word ‘heaven’ is used is the key to understanding these phenomenon and must be explained. The word heaven is used over 500 times in the Bible. In the Old Testament ‘heaven’ is translated almost exclusively from two different words. The Hebrew word ‘shamayim‘ which is defined as ‘the sky’, the place where the clouds and stars are, or ‘shamayin‘, the Aramaic word of the same definition. 

In the Old Testament  ‘heaven’ is translated from other words only five times in the following verses:
          Psalms  68:4 it is translated from the Hebrew, arabah, ‘ the desert ‘
                          77:18 the word is galgal, Hebrew for ‘ wheel or whirlwind ‘
                          89:6 & 37 where it is translated from the word shachaq, Hebrew for ‘ powder or thin vapor ’.
          Isaiah 5:30 heaven is translated from ariyph, Hebrew for ‘ the sky ‘

          The New Testament defines ‘heaven’ from the Greek word ‘ouranos’ meaning ‘the sky’ in all but 7 instances :
          Philippians 2:10 Greek epouranos, ‘ above the sky, celestial ‘
          Revelation   8:13, 14:6, 19:1, 11, 14, and 17 from the Greek word mesouranema, meaning mid-sky

        The infrequency of the word ‘sky‘ in the Bible must also be looked at in the overall study of this concept. The words sky or skies only appear 11 times in all 66 books. The words for things that normally appear in the sky such as clouds, stars, whirlwinds, storms, lightning, birds, rain, hail and wind appear over 600 times. Heaven is the word the translators of the King James Bible in the early 1600’s purposefully translated into the original words biblical authors used for the physical sky and not some ethereal plane.  The King James Bible was translated for King James of England who lived in a royal castle, surrounded by royal people, all speaking a royal language; a very proper form of court English.The Court English employed entirely different words to describe things, thus,confusing the commoners as to the meaning of certain words. You was thee, raiment was clothing and sky was heaven. Therefore, in all but the above noted instances, the word heaven should be read as sky.  Heaven is the sky and sky fits in every instance.  Heaven is not the place with the ‘pearly gates’ or the  ‘streets of gold ‘ as the pulpit would have you believe.  That is the new Jerusalem and is described in Revelation.  Heaven is not said to be a reward for paying your tithes or a final destination for certain church members.  Heaven is where God flies, the same place the birds fly.  Heaven is where God lives because that is where his throne is and his throne flies. And if any more proof is needed just consider the inheritance of the beatitudes.  “The meek shall inherit the Earth”, not heaven.  The heaven of the pulpit is a simplistic, human conceptualization not a Biblically based reality.
 All references, ( = ), are taken from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance available online here with many other reference links: The continuing appearance of flying craft from Genesis to 
Revelation gives proof positive that it is the preferred 
and only form of divine transport.

        It is there the first time God speaks to Moses and appears over and over again right up to the revelation of John and is pointed out as the key to recognizing the Second Coming.  It was there at the Exodus, it landed right in front of Ezekiel and hovered overhead at the birth, baptism, transfiguration and ascension of Jesus. Elijah rode in it, Job was confronted by it, Jesus was brightly illuminated under it and Paul was blinded by it.  It ascends, descends and hovers. It spins, flashes and glows. It can cause earthquakes, destructive winds, mass destruction and it can dry up seas. God says it is his throne, dwelling place and one very powerful means of impressing his will on mankind.  God says in it lies his strength and his truth. To deny that God commands a flying craft is to ignore the testimony of the prophets, the apostles and Jesus himself. And when Jesus said he would return, he said he would be in command of a fleet of flying vehicles, twenty thousand strong, and forcibly retake control of the planet.
       The religious community will condemn this writing as an attempt to perpetuate the Great Deception.  But, since there is abundant evidence that there is an aerial phenomenon clearly connected to the God of the Bible, a serious question is posed.  Who is doing the deceiving?  We encourage those who are curious to check the sites that claim this is an evil plot.  There is a Great Deception touted, but they do not in any way address the myriad of Biblical text that addresses this phenomenon.  They claim that this is the Great Deception simply because they say it is.  But, just as the Bible commands to “prove all things”, we issue the same challenge.  Prove it, don’t just condemn it because it doesn’t fit into a mindset or doctrinal lock box.  And remember, the Bible speaks of a “Great” Deception, not a minor or moderate deception.  In other words, the popular view is much more suspect than the fringe.  Many shall be deceived, not just a few.  Mankind will be so deceived that it will unite and fight against the returning Christ.  

Dumbing Down The Bible

         The Old Testament is the compilation of the encounters between a race of super beings known as the Elohiym, led by a being known as Yhovah and served by a race of beings known as the Malak.  Yhovah, with an army of beings, has created a planet and populated it with a vast variety of living creatures existing in perfect harmony. The Elohiym and the Malak are eternal beings.  The Elohiym created a race of physical beings known as the Adam to be caretakers of this newly created biosphere.  It is the physical nature of the relationship between the Elohiym and the Adam that this work addresses.  A simple study of the text will show that this relationship is hardly the ethereal, vague and often confusing one that the church would have you believe.  It is, rather, a glaring, powerful meeting between a race of superior beings that travel in high tech, high flying, brightly lit, very large, ultra powerful vehicles confronting a primitive, no-tech and non-flying race of terrified, often belligerent and combative, race of humans.  This association is documented throughout the Old Testament and only changes in the books of the New Testament when the decision is made to integrate the Elohiym into the Adamic race.  Yhovah becomes Jesus and the relationship changes radically. 

         There are two basic reasons for flying phenomenon in the Bible remaining such a well kept secret.  The first is the historical context in which the Bible was written.  We live in a modern age with so much light on our planet we can’t see the stars at night. So many things are flying around in our skies, our airports are running out of room to land them all.  One would be hard pressed to find anyone old enough to talk that doesn’t know what UFO stands for.  Highly advanced technological wonders are now common place. Consider the age of the writings contained in the 66 books of the King James Bible (79 if you include the Apocrypha, which was in the original King James Bible).These writings are between 2000 and 4000 years old.  This was a primitive and no-tech time and the total absence of such technology is key to understanding what the writers are describing.  No house lights, streetlights, spotlights, searchlights or neon signs.  No private planes, jets, helicopters, blimps, missiles, satellites or weather balloons and none of the lights and sounds that go with them.  When someone tries to describe something that is flying, spinning, glowing and flashing in the sky, it can only be described in the terms of things known in that person’s environment.  Never having seen even so much as a kite in the sky, the description can take many forms, all in the terms of the natural world and the crude manmade objects of the day. There simply was nothing technological to compare it to. This is why there are clouds, whirlwinds, chariots and platforms.  Glowing things are fires enfolding themselves, flashes are lightnings, lights are fires, lamps or coals and moving parts are living things.  

          A careful study of these related sightings will make only one thing questionable. Not whether God uses a flying vehicle, but how many different types are actually used.  Was it several different vehicles or several varying descriptions of the same one? Even though Ezekiel’s very close encounter with this strange craft is the most vividly detailed of all, it is only one of many sightings.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the pillar of a cloud became a pillar of fire because someone turned the lights on.  Certain lights that this vehicle project are so awesome,they actually strike fear and blindness into those that see them. But, of course, a modern flashlight would probably scare someone living thousands of years ago. 

King James
Inspired by God or Greed?

        If one can grasp the reality of the Bible’s historical setting, then there is only one more hurdle to conquer. Although the term “dumbing-down” did not exist in the early 17th century, that is exactly the intent of King James when he undertook the project of translating the Bible and it was the inevitable result of that work.  This infamous King of England cast a veil over the treasures in this ancient writing.  The language he chose was not the common English of the day, but the obscure language of the royal court he commanded.  He chose a language not only foreign to the common people, but one so simplistic that it was totally inadequate to properly render the languages it replaced.  The competence of the translators was really of little importance considering the true agenda of this despotic, authoritarian and repressive monarch.  He had only two goals.  One was his desire to be a god-king by affirming the “divine right of kings” and the other was to eliminate the access of the common people to these works.  To accomplish this end, he gave his hand picked supervisor of the project, the Bishop of London, strict dogmatic instruction and gave final approval to the book that bears his name.  Had it not been what he wanted, it would never have been published.  The result is a language nobody understands, numerous purposeful mistranslations and so many words added or deleted, the toll is incalculable.  The fruit of his labor has held fast over four centuries.  In the world of Bible-based religions, there are more denominations than books in the Bible, more sub-denominations than chapters and more pastoral schisms than verses.  

Bible Reference Links 
For those interested in a very good Bible word search tool, this is the best we have found.  Very thorough and fast, this program gives counts, displays all entries, full verse display and full chapter display for context checking.  Small, only 60 KB and free.

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