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The Environment in Peril
Can We Make a Difference?

Get Involved

Encourage Community Action

► You can work within your community to promote energy efficiency and use of clean energy.

► Make sure that public buildings are models of energy efficiency and encourage the incorporation of passive-solar techniques in community construction or remodeling projects.

► Urge your local library, businesses, and church or synagogue to install bike racks.

► Promote community carpooling plans and the construction of bike lanes.

► Work to change local zoning ordinances and other regulations that involve energy use.

► Encourage your local electric utilities to promote energy efficiency and the use of clean, renewable energy sources.

► Write to your local paper. 

► Support action for healthy air.

► Let your elected representatives know you support action for cleaner air. 

Influence Federal Action

► The United States needs to play a leadership role in addressing global warming, and you can help make this happen.

► Write to your local newspaper about the significance of the global warming threat and the need for US leadership.

► Monitor your newspaper’s coverage of this issue and write in response to any stories or letters that dismiss global warming.

► Write or call President Bush to let him know that you expect him to be an international leader on this issue.

► Contact your congressional representative and senators to encourage them to support actions to address the root causes of global warming: the emission of heat-trapping gases.

► Ask your governors, state legislators, and public utility regulators to promote energy efficiency, nonpolluting transportation alternatives, and the development of clean, renewable sources of energy  like solar and wind power.  

► Support clean, renewable energy.

► Tell government officials that you want them to push industry to protect the future health of the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

► Write your leaders now. Urge them to raise fuel economy standards to 40 miles per gallon.

► Plant a tree, protect a forest. 

Your Investments

► Buy Green Energy, and invest in green energy stocks.

Your Health

► Check daily air pollution forecasts and the Air Quality Index (AQI), which tells how clean or polluted your air is, and the associated health concerns. Plan your outdoor activities accordingly. 
For air quality forecasts visit AIRNow 

► For information on ozone, the Air Quality Index and how it affects you visit Air Quality Index 

► Minimize sun exposure- seek shade. 

► Wear sun block and UV protection sunglasses.

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