Flying Vehicles and Advanced Technology in the Bible

         This section of the work deals with the physical and flight characteristics of the flying vehicles in the Bible. It is important to understand that, since many of these descriptions occur in a place called “heaven”, learning what the word means is crucial to proper understanding of the verses, in which, it appears. In the obscure language the translators used, heaven meant the sky.  The word “sky” or “skies” only appears a dozen times in the entire Bible, although most of the events occur outside.  The words “fly” and “flying” occurs 38 times; the word flight is not included as it meant “to flee” in every instance. This reveals examples of “godly” flight but, though these flights are described, in some instances, as being in the sky, they also flew in “heaven”.  The word “heaven” or “heavens” is translated from Hebrew and Greek words that mean “the sky”, or directly related to the sky, in 99.7%, or all but 2, of the 730 times it appears, in both the Old and New Testaments.  The vehicles described in the Bible are flying in the sky.  The research on this concept can be found here. Heaven Is The Sky
         This concept can easily be divided into four logical categories:

Two Important Verses
Verses describing the need for these vehicles and a likely description 
of a vast number and variety of the vessels in the fleet. 

The Vehicles 

What Are They Flying?

          The Lord Yhovah of the Old Testament, who became the Lord Jesus of the New Testament, is described as flying in thick clouds, swift clouds, bright clouds, dark clouds, white clouds, low clouds, great clouds, and fiery clouds.  There are  platforms, vessels, whirling chariots of fire, sky thrones, fiery horses, cherubims, thick darkness, great fire, whirlwinds, fiery wheels, pavilions, dark waters, storms, sky dwellings, rolls, and sanctuaries. Whether, or not, one believes these objects are actually flying vehicles that the God of the Bible lives in, appears with, travels in, and is considered the seat of his power is a matter of opinion. The fact that they do not appear without him or his ambassadors, and that, in most major appearances, he and other beings are clearly described as directly associated with these flying objects, is undeniable.

There are 
362 verses describing natural and manmade 
objects as vehicles in the Bible


Dwellings Lights and Fire Spinning Objects Dark Objects
Other VehiclesThe FleetNahum’s Freeway

Flight Characteristics

How Do These Vehicles Fly?

          The fact that the objects described in the Bible are controlled, flying craft, is borne out by the flight characteristics of those objects. In Bible text the objects associated with the Elohiym are shown to exhibit rapid, prolonged flight, they ascend and descend, and they hover for extended periods. If these objects were just ethereal images created by ethereal beings, these flight descriptions would have no relevance. The fact that the authors wrote about the flight routine of these objects is evidence that they have a distinct physical presence.

There are 162 verses describing the specific 
flight characteristics of vehicles in the Bible

In Flight Ascending
Descending Hovering

The Beings 

Who Is Commanding These High-Tech Flying Machines?  

          Two main beings are directly associated with the flying vehicles, the Elohiym, the gods, (See The Reality of God)and the Malak, the angels). Others include Archangels, Elders, Ministers, Saints, Watchers, and Men. There is another group which, though assumed to be living entities, are described in a manner that indicates they may be devices or machines. This group includes Cherubim, Seraphim, Living Creatures, and Beasts. Also presented are the beings that are associated with the modern UFO phenomenon by misplaced religious zeal; Satan and devils. A fleet of flying vehicles, described as the army, or Hosts, of Yhovah, appears several times and the importance of this fleet to the Biblical narrative is seriously underrated. Close encounters, from face to face conversations and beam-ups to meetings, are well documented in Biblical text and are a major part of many of the Bible’s, more phenomenal, events. The nature of Yhovah in his human form as Jesus is a grossly neglected aspect of the Bible. Another questionable facet of accepted Biblical doctrine is the Holy Spirit as an individual member of a supreme triad. Is the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost a being or a spiritual force? And, do angels have wings, halos, and harps? If they do, the Bible doesn’t mention this, nor does it mention a devil with horns, a pitchfork or a pointed tail. 

Jesus – Yhovah Close Encounters The Jesus Encounters
Angels Giants Spirits
Devils Satan Other Beings
The Biblical Bestiary: Cryptozoology


Are These High Technology Vehicles Or Images? 

         Glowing and flashing lights, light beams, and guiding lights are the most frequently associated technological aspect of the flying objects of the Bible. Broadcasting of voices, sounds, and extreme vibrations are, ever present in close proximity to these craft. The term “glory” emerges as the combination of all these effects and is directly connected to the grandeur of the vehicle’s appearance.  Devices on board can alter weather patterns, cause earthquakes, dry up seas, level cities, and alter the planet’s movements. Beams of light that consume and transport beings and things are clearly described as an arsenal of what can only be called transporter beams, high-tech weapons imagined in science fiction. Mechanical devices adorning the vehicles are described as living things, but their movements point to synchronized movement, metal construction, and attached lights, unknown to primitive society, though easily recognized in this modern age.  Human bioengineering, mental manipulation, creating and healing diseases, and bringing the dead back to life that are described that mirror, as well as, exceed modern science.  We do not claim that all miraculous events are caused by technological means, but many can be seen directly associated with many things we see in our modern world and the realm of science fiction.

Glory Sound Weapons Devices
Lights and Devices Lights and Beings Planetary Technology
Human Bioengineering Biosphere Modification Physical Transmutation
Mental Manipulation Living Creatures
Disease Healing Resurrection Water Food

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