The Environment in Peril
Can We Make a Difference?

         The Environment is in grave danger and a continuance of the actions we all take will insure its certain breakdown, with incalculable consequences.  Our governments and corporations are doing little to make a difference, but we can all do our part to try and change the damage at a personal level.  See The Environmentally Unfriendly Budget of the U.S. Government 
         We have combined the resources of several agencies to compile a comprehensive list of actions we can all take in our lives to reduce global warming, pollution, waste, and consumption and get involved in changing the course and actions our governments and corporations are taking. 

Over 150 Logical and Simple Things You Can Do!
Over 25 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now!
Over 60 Links, So, You Can Do and Learn Much More!

The Home Environment

In the Kitchen 

In the Bathroom and Laundry

On the Road

As a Consumer

Hazardous Waste 

Get Involved

Got a Mouse?


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