Earthquake Prediction – Fact or Fiction

One of the more serious deceptions advanced by the scientific community is that earthquake prediction is not possible.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, more negligent in its nature, or more anomalous in the very fact that such a concept exists.  In fact, many methods of earthquake prediction exist but are, either blindly dismissed as “unscientific”, or completely ignored as though they were no valid than consulting a fortune teller.  
            Simple research will show that anomalous animal and human behavior, strange clouds in the sky, shifts in land elevation, sudden changes in natural well levels, spikes in atmospheric methane levels, unusual geyser eruptions, changes in sky color, ground surface electrical field disturbances, and even photographic evidence of earthquake “glows” from space are all harbingers of future quakes.
            There is no recognition of any of these anomalies being connected to earthquakes by the scientific community, only blanket dismissal as pseudo-science.  The Richter Magnitude Scale was developed in 1935, over 70 years ago, and nothing more advanced has been accepted since.  This may be fine for telling us where an earthquake was centered and how strong it was, but it is useless as a prediction tool.  
            It is anyone’s guess why the prediction one of the most destructive natural forces on Earth is ignored by science, but one fact remains true.  By using any, all, or any combination of the above methods could, at the very least, give warning of impending disaster.  Whether it is concern about alarming the public, scientific ignorance, or simple conditioning against anything not “approved” by “experts”; failure to consider this reality is negligent and best, and an ongoing crime against humanity at worst.  Below, we have listed a few links to sites that discuss earthquake prediction:

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