Crop Circles (Part 2)

The Links

     The social phenomenon of marking territory is such a common occurrence that it is as accepted as naming a child.  It is only brought to the forefront when “taggers”, graffiti artists, place their unwanted monikers on public or private property.  No one gives a thought to city limit signs, business logos, and the everyday indications that denote territorial control.  Suddenly, a new tagger is on the scene, with a whole new way of letting the world know that they are here.  What they are trying to convey is as mysterious as those who tag the New York City subway trains, but it brings the field of graffiti art to a higher level.  As creative and diversified as taggers can get, this one is leaving the others in the dust.  The domain is not a few blocks or stretch of track, this one is claiming the world as its turf.  They strike at night, almost undetected, do no harm to property, and leave  tag designs that end up in galleries and grace calendars.  Here is the work:

Busty Taylor Crop Circle Page

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

Crop Circle Alphabet

Crop Circle Connector

Crop Circle Reports

Crop Circles Deciphered

Crop Circle Research

Crystalinks Crop Circles

Lucy Pringle’s Crop Circles Page

Midwest Research 

Peter Sorenson’s Page

Swirled News

The Crop Circular 

Theories on the Formation of Crop Circles

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