Corporate Control of Society Must End!

For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; 
for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

 (Revelation 18:23)

For a more in-depth view of corporations in prophecy see:
Humanity Incorporated:
The Truth About “The Great Deception

Big Brother or Mark of the Beast?

Corporate Crimes
Enron’s Lay, Skilling convicted 
Was that a corporate clean-up?

Why Is Killing for Capital Not a Capital Crime?
Wal Mart Internal Documents
Wal-Mart, the Abuse of Eminent Domain and Corporate Welfare
It’s Time to Bar Corporate Criminals from Federal Contracting 
Beware of “Junk Lawsuits” Hype: Citizens’ right to hold corporations accountable is the real target 
Inherent Rules of Corporate Behavior
Corporations the Only Winners in Occupation of Iraq 
Reclaiming the Bill of Rights, Building a Movement (Revoke “Personhood”)
Children and the Global Sweatshop
Anti-sweatshop Articles
Sweatshop Watch
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Colorado Fuel and Mine Massacre and Here
Magdalene Laundries: Ireland’s Church-driven Female Laborers and Here Here Here and  Here
Nigeria: Warri Refinery Accused of Polluting Environment 
100 Years of Soda Pop Profits Contributes To the Pandemic of Diabetes
Palestinian injuries suggest Israel is using chemical weapons in Gaza
USDA Wants To Allow More Toxins In Organic Meat
Gas Dropped By Israelis In So. Lebanon Sickens Civilians

Corporate Scandals
Milberg Weiss Is Charged With Bribery and Fraud 
Halliburton Protestors Arrested
Former Ahold executives found guilty of fraud
Korean companies dealing with scandal 
Status of High-Profile Corporate Scandals 
FACTBOX-Implicated executives in U.S. corporate scandals
Bush Clears the Way for Corporate Domination
The Ten Worst Corporations of 2005Class-Action Status Sought in Teflon Suit
CSNAC Wants Dialogue on Corporate Scandals 
The Corporate Scandal Sheet 
Classic Financial and Corporate Scandals
Corporate Scandals

Will growing corporate scandal derail Hyundai’s future?

hild Labor
Children Victims of Slavery, Famine
Child Labor is Slavery 
Leading the Struggle Against Child Labor
Children at Risk, Save Future Generation

Child Labor Entrenched in Guatemala
Many Employers Found to Violate Child Labor Laws

Photos of Child Laborers
The International Labor Organization (Child Laborers)
Child Labor and Here and Here
Iloilo, Negros Occidental Have Worst Child Labor Problems
Investors Target Hershey over Child Labor on Cocoa Farms
NGOs in Egypt Try To Eliminate The Child Labor 
Child Labor Laws Not Fully Implemented 
Child Labor Cases in Visayas Regions Among Highest In RP

Book details horrors of child labor in Pakistan
Child Labor Still Serious Problem, UN Asserts
ILO to set up child labor monitoring system in Nigeria 
Morocco planning to outlaw child domestic labor 
Governors defend stance on child-labor inspections
Passi City in child labor priority list
Indonesia against child labor: government discuss acute problem
Burmese Child Labor in Thailand Could Take 10 Years to End

‘Going Up and Up’: Expert: No Clear End to Wave of Foreclosures
Insurance Premiums ‘Likely to Rise to Cope with Disasters’
Pre-Emptive Plunder – The Profiteers of War
Executive Arrested in Siemens Investigation
Shareholders, Firms Take Suit Issues to Court
Scandals Leave Lawmakers Wary of Lobbyists
Bare-Knuckle Enforcement for Wal-Mart’s Rules 
Brazil Shuts Down Cargill’s Amazon Port
Aged, Frail and Denied Care by Their Insurers
American Dream Becomes Nightmare as Millions Face Foreclosure
Foreclosures Force Suburbs to Fight Blight
Foreclosed Homeowners Now Living in Their Cars
United States of Foreclosures
Crisis Looms for Entire Economy
Cashless Society by 2012, Says Visa Chief 
Race to the Bottom 
U.S. Sub-prime Fears Spark Renewed Slide in Global Stocks 
New Century Gets Default Claims, Says It Lacks Cash (Update8) 

Soros Buys 2 Million Shares of Halliburton
Top Investor Sees U.S. Property Crash
The Pain and Abuse Behind a Mother’s Day Bouquet 
Housing Bubble Crash
Credit Crack-Up 

Pharmaceutical Scandals
Merck Caught In Scandal to Bury Vioxx Heart Attack Risks
Revealed: How Drug Firms ‘Hoodwink’ Medical Journals 
Scandal of Scientists Who Take Money for Papers Ghostwritten by Drug Companies 
Arthritis Drug Warnings ‘Ignored’ 
Glaxo Sued For ‘Drug Claim Fraud’
The Secrets of Seroxat
Nigerians Sue Pfizer Over Test Deaths
Japan: Convictions in Blood Scandal
Meier highlights painkiller scandal
Huge Penalty in Drug Fraud, Pfizer Settles Felony Case in Neurontin Off-Label Promotion
Drug Maker Admitted Fraud, But Sales Flourish
Over 4,000 Doctors Face Charges In Italian Drugs Scandal 
Drug Giants in $350M Fraud Rap
FDA In the Dock Over Drug Scandals
Regarding Pharmaceuticals Drug Cartel And Your Health
Pan Pharmaceuticals Recall of Australian Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Alternative Medicines 
Background to the Nestle Boycott and Here
Details Emerge in Tainted Nestle Formula Scandal

Mental Illness Writers Had Industry Ties
Texas Jury Awards $32 Million in Vioxx Case
Vioxx Risks Began Earlier than Thought, Study Says
In Latest Drug Scandal, Ketek’s Safety and FDA Approval Are Strongly Challenged
Turning Medicine Into Snake Oil: How Pharmaceutical Marketers Put Patients At Risk
As Scandal Widens, Many Who Received Stolen Body Parts and Human Tissue Claim to Have Been Infected with Deadly Viruses 
Report Finds a Heavy Toll From Medication Errors
Enormous Drug/Pharmaceutical Influence On Doctors
Project Recall Aspartame Underway 

Spy Chips and RFID
VeriChip Corporation Partners with U.S. Living Will Registry as Advance Directive Resource
VeriChip to Present at American Medical Directors Association Annual Symposium 
Washington State to Offer RFID Licenses 
RFID: Do You Really Want To Be Tracked
Second State Expected to Nix Forced RFID Chipping
New RFID System Takes Security to Heart
Implant Scenario Concerns Senator
North Dakota Criminalizing Implantation of RFID Chips in People Without Their Consent
VeriChip Passes Significant Milestone: 500 Hospitals Adopt VeriMed Patient Identification System
EU looks at RFID privacy concerns
RFID spills the beans on Samsung Tesco shoppers
RFID comes of age
RFID Hits a Bump
Cybereye | Dont panic yet, but think hard about RFID uses 
RFID News Roundup
Frying Your Own RFID Tags
RFID Exposed: The Naked Truth About the Future of Retail
Implanted with microchips
Hospitals To Implant Microchips In Patients With Memory Loss
Doyle signs bill outlawing mandatory microchip implants
RFID chips for migrant workers in the US?
Chip and RFIDDHS privacy office slams RFID technology 
Verichip Injects Itself Into Immigration Debate 
RFID Hand Implant to Open Your Front Door
Radio-Frequency Chips Coming to Cattle 
3 ERs Fire Up Patient-Record Scanners
The Immigration Debate Identifying Legal Workers: Eligibility seen as key to immigration control
Security Scores Big at World Cup Tournament
The Last Days of Privacy 
Veri Chip Video
Canada, the United States, and Mexico…a possible merger?
Something to tag about
Do Canadians want implanted ID chips?
California Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Encourage Use Of RFID
Health-care chips could get under your skin 
Microchips in humans inevitable: Alberta
VeriChip Highlights Role Implanted Chip May Play in a Government Immigration and Guest Worker Program 
Ethics expert warns of microchip implants
Spanish-Speaking Countries Warned About RFID
Spy-Chipped Levi’s Brand Jean Now In US 
Customers Launch Violent Backlash Against RFID 
Retailers Likely to Wed RFID to Loyalty 
RFID News for 10 April: Digital Angel, Zebra, U.S. Army, Imperva, ARINC, Impinj 
New Wal-Mart CIO Steams Ahead With RFID
RFID in the Cards at the Border?
Achtung Teachers: RFID Curriculum Has Arrived!
A Chip in the Shoulder
Wisconsin Snips Non-Consensual ChippingKimberly-Clark Adopts Gen2 RFID Tags for Wal-Mart Shipments
Bill Would Prohibit Mandatory Microchip Implants
VeriChip to Demonstrate VeriTrace for Remains and Evidentiary Items  
Wisconsin Bill to Ban Coerced Chip Implants
Levi’s New Style: RFID 
High-tech appliances could become silent watchdogs on Americans
I’ll be watching you
Social Consequences and Effects of RFID Implants? 
The RFID Hacking Underground
Applied Digital’s Chairman and CEO Scheduled to Appear on CNBC’s Squawk Box Thursday Morning;
Executive to Discuss Potential Role of VeriChip in Immigrant Identification
HP Developes Grain Size Wireless Chip To Rival RFID
Horizon to ‘Tag and Scan’ Members
Researcher Developing Anti-RFID Device
Here’s that futuristic age you’ve been asking for…
New RFID Threat: Viruses
RFID Passports coming to the US in August
Senators, industry launch group to explore RFID benefits
Microchip Under Patients’ Skin Can Aid Doctors

Big Oil
Castro’s Revenge: The Cuban Oil Rush
Cuba Oil Boom May Hurt Embargo
Oil Could Be Cuba’s Future 
US Refineries Dependent on Venezuelan Heavy Crude

Defiant gas dealer battling Big Oil Goliath in protest
China’s Oil Needs Are High on U.S. Agenda 

Illegal Arms Trade
The Death of Peace
Traffic : Guns, Drugs, Women 
As men are no longer capable, let us try women 
Bangladesh turned into arms smuggling route

Chinese Military Linked to Missile Smuggling
Ex-Lockheed agent pleads guilty to China arms plot  

Illegal Animal Trade
Wild Animal Trade Plays a Role in Bird Flu Spread 
Asian Authorities Try to Curb Wild Animal Trafficking

Bio / Genetic Engineering
The New Science of Food: Chemically Contaminated, Genetically ModifiedDebate on Interspecies Cloning Reignites 
Genetically Tweaked Mice Get Human-Like Vision
Now Scientists Create a Sheep That’s 15% HumanMalaria-Resistant Mosquitoes Outbreed Others: Study GMO Corn Causes Liver, Kidney Problems In Rats: Study 
From Humans To Crops: Could Genetic Modification Be Killing The Bees?
Bill Would Hold Makers of Engineered Crops Liable for Damage 
New Study Reveals Signs of Toxicity of GE Maize Approved For Human Consumption
Court Halt on GMO Alfalfa Shows USDA Failure

Mixing Animal, Human Cells Gets Exotic

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