Concerning Cloning


In light of the recent controversy created by the recent claim of a cloned human having been born, we have received requests to express our opinion on this issue. As the Raelian religious cult is behind this claim, we must address their reasoning that somehow this has a connection to aliens and the Bible. With the exception of the removal of Adam’s rib and the creation of Eve from it, we can find no such evidence that cloning is mentioned in the Bible. There is certainly no command to clone humans or any other living creature, nor is there any reference to the creation of life by anyone other than through the power of God.

             We do not teach that God, Jesus, or any beings in the Bible are aliens, and can find no credible evidence that aliens from another planet, galaxy, or dimension even exist. It has long been our position that the divine beings in the Bible have been mislabeled as aliens. 

              We must also denounce this claim, whether factual or not, of a successful cloned birth, in the strongest of terms. It is our opinion that such an action can portend nothing beneficial for the human race and is simply a ploy for publicity to swell the ranks, and the bank accounts, of the Raelian group.  Claiming that cloning either is the key to eternal life, or the directive of benevolent aliens, not only sounds like a con, it no doubt is.

Patrick Cooke

Site Editor

Claude Vorilhon describes himself as a prophet and calls himself Rael. 

Clonaid™ Chief Executive Brigitte Boisselier
She said they used the same methods used to clone Dolly the sheep.
Didn’t the aliens guiding them know a better and safer way to do it?

“It Just Makes So Much Sense”
“It’s going to be the dominant philosophy on the planet, it completes all the religions.”

This is what Rael, Claude Vorilhon, claims makes sense:

·On Dec. 13, 1973, a French sports journalist named Claude Vorilhon came across an alien who took him into his spaceship, named him Rael and explained the origin of life on Earth. Rael last communicated with the aliens, telepathically, in 1998.
·Life on Earth was created by the aliens, called Elohim (translated as “God” in the Bible), who reside on the “planet of eternal life” (heaven) in our galaxy. The Elohim created humans in their image using genetic engineering.
·Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were prophets sent by the aliens to educate humans, and they are all alive and well on the Elohim’s planet.
·The Bible describes the Raelian story with imprecise language.
·Humanity will achieve eternal life through cloning. The next step is to transfer the mind and memory of a human to its clone.
·The aliens want Raelians to establish an embassy on Earth for them (near Jerusalem, if possible) so they can officially meet us.

‘Cloned baby’ DNA test delayed
They now say the baby’s parents are unsure if it should be carried out at all. 
Why didn’t they think of this before? 
Or did they?

CLONAID™ The First Human Cloning Company
Claude Vorilhon claims no stake in CLONAID™. 
However his picture is prominently displayed on the company website.

BioFusion Tech Inc., Clonaid’s South Korean Subsidiary, Raided
Human research without a license.
If the aliens know all about this why is this research needed?

Reporter a clone skeptic. Quits project, says it may be a hoax
“The team of scientists has had no access to the alleged family and, therefore, 
cannot verify firsthand the claim that a human baby has been cloned,”
It just seems to look more like flim-flam every day.

Clonaid Corp Remains A Mystery
They declined to say where the company is based, where any of its physical premises are, what its legal status is, or to give any indication of its finances, other than that it was not registered in the United States.
No proof of claims, no valid address, no financial information.
Are they just shy, or are they hiding the truth?

Clonaid Executive Told to Appear in Florida Court
“It is not an order for Clonaid to reveal the whereabouts of the child. It is up to the court to do that. A guardian should be appointed for this child, if there is a child.”
This certainly needs the court’s attention.

Update: The Raelian Baby
From Rael, the founder and leader of the Raelian Movement:
“If it’s real,” he said of Brigitte Boisselier, “she deserves the Nobel prize.”
“If it’s not true, she’s also making history with one of the biggest hoaxes in history, so in both ways it’s wonderful.”
“Because, thanks to what she is doing now, the whole world knows about the Raelian movement.”
Lying, using sensationalist and false media tactics, whatever it takes to get public attention is “wonderful” if it makes him more famous.  Whatever these “aliens” are teaching this guy, they certainly care nothing about honesty.   Makes you wonder if Claude Vorilhon even knows the meaning of the word “integrity”?

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