Close Encounters of the Bible Kind Part 2

The Close Encounters of Jesus

                   No other individual, out of the many in the biblical narrative, had more close encounters than Jesus and none of the many close encounters witnessed in the Bible were more recorded than those of Jesus.  From before his conception to after his resurrection, the life of Jesus was associated with angels and flying craft, not to mention many other paranormal events.  Even though the period covered by the gospels is only 3 years, the scores of miracles and encounters recorded are only a small part of the actual volume of anomalous occurrences.  The verification of that fact is given by an eyewitness, the Apostle John, John 21:25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.  This is just one more reason for mourning the act of destroying many hundreds of biblical books by the early church leaders.  
Presented here is a brief chronology of the encounters of Jesus and his obvious close association with flying craft.  

The Birth

              An angel named Gabriel appeared to the priest Zacharias, an elder man, and informed him that his elderly wife, Elisabeth, would become pregnant with the child who would become John the Baptist.  The angel Gabriel then went to Mary, a cousin of Elisabeth, and informed her that she, too, would become miraculously pregnant with the Christ.  Upon the conception of Mary, an angel appeared to Joseph to ease his false fears about Mary’s infidelity. 
            At the occasion of Jesus’ birth, certain wise men (magicians, no specific number) from the East came to Jerusalem searching for the birthplace of a child they had determined would become a great leader and King of the Jews.  Herod, the king of Judea appointed by the Roman senate, found this upsetting and brought his counselors together to determine the validity of the magician’s quest.  When his advisors confirmed that the prophecy was known, he attempted to enlist the travelers as informants, demanding that if they indeed found this child , they should return and report it directly to him.  Having left Herod’s company, they encountered what Matthew describes as a star that apparently led them to the place of the birth and hovered over it.  This obviously was a very bright object, as stars do not travel ahead of and lead groups of people to and hover over specific locations.  In the Old Testament, bright glowing vehicles did lead Moses and the nation of Israel on their 40-year journey and were known to hover over specific locations.
            After they delivered gifts to the Christ child, they were warned not to return and inform Herod. So, thus they departed, returning to their homeland by another route.  As soon as they departed, an angel appeared to Joseph and told him to take the child to Egypt and that this same angel would come to him when it was safe to return. This was done after Herod’s death.

The Baptism
            Jesus was baptized by his cousin, John the Baptist and a visual sighting of what is called the Holy Spirit descended out of the sky and a voice was heard from the sky saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

The Temptation
            After spending 40 days in the desert on an extended fast, Jesus was confronted by Satan who tried to cajole and bribe him into submission.  After this failed, angels came and ministered to Jesus.  It should be noted that his cousin, John the Baptist, also went into the desert.  

The Transfiguration
            Jesus took Peter, James, and John, his brother, up on a high mountain specifically to be away from the crowds to pray.  While he was off at a distance praying, the apostles fell asleep, as the hour was late.  Upon awakening, they saw a bright object hovering over Jesus and everything took on a brilliant white appearance.  Suddenly, 2 men appeared beside Jesus and began discussing his upcoming death.  The apostles mistakenly identified these two men as Moses and Elias, as these two were known to have been in such an object in the ancient writings.  The two men then rose into the bright object and a voice spoke from the object saying, “This is my beloved Son: hear him.” The place of the transfiguration was probably Mount Hermon and not Mount Tabor as is commonly thought.   

An Encounter Before The Crucifixion
            This little known encounter was recorded by the Apostle John as occurring just before the Crucifixion: John 12:28 Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.  29 The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered: others said, An angel spake to him.

The Crucifixion
            Though the New Testament is rather vague on the unusual occurrences at the crucifixion of Christ, the events, found in the Gospels, that struck Jerusalem had to be horrendous with a major earthquake, reports of the dead rising and a three-hour darkness over the land occurring .There was another famous person who recorded the anomalies occurring after the Crucifixion:
From the Epistle of Pontius Pilate to the Roman Emperor comes this:
            “….and when he was hanged supernatural signs appeared.”
From the Report of Pilate to the Governor sent to Augustus Caesar in Rome:
            “Now when he was crucified there was a darkness over all the world and the sun was obscure for half a day, and the stars appear but no luster was seen in them and the moon lost its brightness as though tinged with blood.”
            “And the terror of the earthquake continued from the sixth hour of preparation until the ninth hour; when it was evening on the first day of the week, there came a sound from heaven, and at the third hour of the night the sun appeared more luminous than it had ever shown lighting the whole hemisphere and the heaven became seven times more luminous than on all other days. And as lightning flashes suddenly come forth as in a storm so there were seen men lofty in stature and surpassing in glory a countless host, crying out, and their voice was heard as that of the exceedingly loud thunder. . . “
            “And all that night the Light ceased not shining.  And many of the Jews died in the chasm of the Earth, being swallowed up, so that on the morrow most of those who have been against Jesus were not to be found.  Others saw the apparition of men rising again whom none of us had ever seen.”  
From the Report of Pontius Pilate sent to Tiberius Caesar in Rome: 
            “And on the first day of the week, about the third hour of the night, the sun appeared as it never shown before, and the whole heaven became bright.  And as lightnings come in a storm, so certain men of lofty stature in beautiful array, and of indescribable glory, appeared in the air, a countless host of angels flying out saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will good will among men…”

The Resurrection 
            Three days after the crucifixion of Christ, witnesses reported that a glorious angel, clothed in white, descended from the sky to the sepulcher were the body of Christ had been entombed and announced that Jesus had risen from the dead.

The Ascension
            After appearing to many followers, it was reported that a cloud / vehicle hovered over Jesus and he was lifted up into it.  After he was taken, two men appeared and told his followers that he would return in the same cloud / vehicle he was seen leaving in.  

After the Ascension
            Jesus confronted Saul, who became Paul, during which a bright light from the sky and a voice from an unseen source were recorded.  The Apostle John, while in exile, gave witness to an encounter that is remarkably similar to the encounter of the prophet Ezekiel.  

The Conclusion
            Even a cursory study of the close encounters witnessed in the Old Testament and compiled in this work will show these sightings are almost identical to those experienced during the life of Christ.  The most distinct difference is that Yhovah, the God most often heard speaking to the nation of Israel from the vehicles, is now in human form.  The God speaking from the vehicles is now the Father of Jesus, Yhovah in human form.  His conception, birth, baptism, travails, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension are all accompanied by encounters with very physical beings and cloudlike flying craft.  After he was taken up into a vehicle, he is once again heard speaking from and seen appearing in the vehicles he spoke from and appeared in as Yhovah in the Old Testament. When considering that the two men at the ascension declared he would return the same way he left, and that the “Second Coming” is described as many thousands of clouds / vehicles flying across the skies, a new reality appears.  Christ is not only a contactee, he is a regular occupant and, no doubt, commander of a fleet of high tech, glowing, and hovering vehicles.  

The Sources
The Birth: Luke 1, Matthew 2
The Temptation:  Matthew 4
The Baptism: Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, and John 1
The Transfiguration: Matthew 17, Mark 9, Luke 9, and 2 Peter 1
The Crucifixion: The Lost Books of the Bible, and the Forgotten Books of Eden, L.B. Press
The Resurrection: Matthew 28
The Ascension: Mark 16, Luke 24, and Acts 1
After the Ascension: Acts 22 and Revelation 4 
The Second Coming: Daniel 7, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, 1 Thessalonians 4, and Revelation 1 and 14

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