Cattle Mutilations ( Part 2 )

Senseless Mutilation or High -Tech Examination?
Part 2

The Investigators
     Cattle associations are the organizations, whose membership are the financial victims, are the closest to the phenomenon. The cost to cattlemen and their insurers is in the multi-million dollar range, and they have taken action. Large rewards are offered and top investigators are employed. Even groups of ranchers are employed to patrol known hotspots. The ranchers are well armed and equipped for a search and apprehend role, and local law enforcement and government agencies are in total cooperation. In over three decades of serious effort, not one perpetrator has been caught, no suspects have been identified, and no relevant evidence has been found. This is why the ranchers have put pressure on the government to step in.
        Official investigations began in earnest in 1975, following a dramatic increase in cattle mutilations in Colorado. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation conducted an investigation that concluded that predators were the killers, in most cases, and some killings were the work of human killers that were mimicking the predators to feed on the “mass hysteria” generated by the anomaly. The lead investigator of over 200 reports admitted the difficulties in probing such bizarre incidents. Carl Whiteside, the CBI official in control admitted that, “everybody who has gotten involved with the mutilations has come away more confused than they were. when they went in, including us.”, and that, “Getting firm evidence on these things is like nailing jelly to a wall.” In short, they had no idea what they were looking for, and not a clue how to look for it. Under these conditions, any conclusion stated is suspect, at best, and ludicrous, at worst. 
        The investigation went national in April 1979, when a special investigative conference was convened in New Mexico, by Senator Harrison Schmitt, a former lunar astronaut turned politician. He expressed the futility confronting investigators when he stated, “These crimes are obviously continuing, despite the excellent efforts of state and local law enforcement officials, and the growing publicity the mutilations killings have received.” Since its first major exposure in the fall of 1973, the cattle mutilation phenomena had claimed the lives of over 10,000 head of cattle by 1979. This conference turned the federal spotlight on cattle mutilations and that opened the federal coffers. In May 1979, Kenneth Rommel, a former career FBI agent, headed the project known as “Operation Animal Mutilation”. The investigation was undertaken by New Mexico’s First Judicial District, and funding came from the Justice Department’s Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. The result was “The Rommel Reports”. Not to anyone’s surprise, the Rommel Reports were a rubber stamp of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s conclusions. Nothing at all strange was noted, just predators and slow-witted yokels, that got over excited. One rancher even labeled the controversy “Cattlegate”, referring to an obvious government cover-up.
The National Institute for Discovery Science isn’t ready to say yes, to an other-worldly connection, yet, but they’re not throwing out the possibility, either. The privately funded research organization is conducting a serious study of the connection between cattle mutilations and UFOs.
        Mutology has become a positive force by the duck and cover tactics of the official investigations and the mutology network, coalesced and began to influence public and official opinion. Linda Howe, a television journalist turned mutilations enthusiast, has authored books on the subject and produced a documentary. Howe is a prominent backer of the alien abduction theory, and became a regular on the UFO convention circuit due to her mute theories. Other mutologists are bringing the phenomenon into clearer focus and provide a needed buffer to the official whitewash. As with the UFO phenomenon our government feels that the old “keep them in the dark = keep them calm” attitude is in the best interest of the people. And with good reason, because UFOs may be the only intelligent answer we have.

Are UFOs The Answer?
Consider the questions:
♦  What organization on Earth has the need to butcher cattle and other large animals, remove organs, blood, and flesh at great risk, with criminal ramifications, in a clandestine manner?
♦  If such an organization does exist, why not obtain the animals legally at an obviously greatly reduced cost and risk?
♦  What group has the advanced technology to perform these operations, with world-class precision, thousands of times in remote locations, with the tons of equipment obviously required?
♦  What are the odds that an Earth-based organization could conduct such a massive and complicated operation from the air, without a mishap?
♦  Why would such an obviously well organized and highly skilled group even consider such an aerial project, in light of the safety risks and legal ramifications if apprehended, while violating federal aviation rules?
♦  What organization has the resources to accomplish this feat thousands of times over large areas, without detection or apprehension?
♦  Who can leave unidentifiable material as the only evidence at the mutilation site?
♦  Why do the majority of eyewitnesses claim that UFOs are present during the incidents?

        Cows are the targets in 95% of the cases. Logic dictates this could be a deceptive percentage. There is no way to know what the actual numbers are. Put yourself in the place of the cattlemen and what must be taken into consideration, before reporting such an incident. If, anyone took you seriously, investigators rummaging around your property with endless questions would quickly swamp you, while your character often is called into question, and, of course, the unwanted and, often negative publicity. How many of these incidents go unreported? What percentage of these mutilations is actually discovered? No figures are available to address these questions, but it is possible that only a small percentage of the incidents are actually reported. And, of course, cows have owners and a lot of other large animals don’t. How many deer and elk are involved is an unknown factor.

Autopsies of Autopsies?
        Considering that we do know cows are a favorite target, is there a possible reason why they are targeted? The investigators that examine the carcasses are actually post-mortem examinations, and their findings show evidence that the body has been autopsied. Someone, or something, is using these animals as an investigative tool. And, probably, the best possible animal to use for this purpose is a cow. This animal is a four-legged eating machine, equipped with four stomachs that provide it with one of the most efficient digestive systems in nature. This means a highly efficient absorption level of all the elements in the animal’s immediate environment into the blood, organs, and flesh. A breakdown of those tissues will replicate that environment in detail. In simple terms, if you want to know what elements and what concentrations of those elements are in a given area, put a cow on it, do a thorough autopsy on the cow and you have a complete readout on the environment. 
        This is exactly what the evidence proves has been done. The animals are picked up, blood, organs, and flesh is removed, and the animal is unceremoniously dropped back to earth. What other possible use could such a complicated procedure have? And, if one were trying to monitor how those elements were affecting humans, cows are well suited to the task. The most detailed map ever produced of cattle genes is now available. A comparison map of cattle and human genomes shows that many genes, and even whole chromosomes, are configured in the same way in the two species. In an emergency, cow’s blood can even be used in transfusions into humans, since the hemoglobin is almost identical. 

The Crop Circle Connection
        The other phenomenon associated with agriculture is crop circles, also known as cereal agriglyphs. The anomalies shared with bovine excisions are strikingly similar. Both happen almost exclusively at night, with no evidence of human or mechanical presence. Strange lights and objects in the immediate vicinity of excisions and circles are commonly reported. Extraordinary sounds are heard in both situations. Animals will not eat the excised animal carcasses or the altered plants and wild as well as domesticated animals scrupulously avoid the areas of the anomalies. Alteration of plants is common and the most stunning parallel is also the most unearthly. The same highly purified particles of refined iron are present in the crop circle formations as well as excisions. Since the metal calling card is almost exclusive to these two anomalies, it’s a good bet that the same force is responsible for both. Pure iron is, also found in the anomalous iron pillars found throughout India and at UFO landing sites not connected to agriglyphs or large animal excisions. 
        The jury is still out on who, or what, is responsible for cattle mutilations. The evidence is clear, and logic enforces the reality that this is not a phenomenon with human origins, or, for that matter, earthly origins. If not human, there is no other conclusion. It has to be the occupants of UFOs performing these high-tech examinations. The only question remaining is why?

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