Anomalies In The Apocrypha

A 450 Year Gap In History Filled

          The books known as the Apocrypha, though in full circulation at the time of Christ, were determined by church leaders hundreds of years after his death to be false.  They did survive to be included in the original King James Bible, but were removed from the “Authorized” version, which is the accepted work of the Protestant Church.  In truth, church leaders authorized 450 years of biblical history between Malachi and Matthew out of existence.   Perhaps some of the reasons for this rejection of almost a half a millennium of history were the anomalous verses and those that contradicted doctrinal changes made by the early church found in many of the Apocryphal Books. 

The Prophecy of Baruch

The History of Bel and The Dragon

The Prayer of Azarias

The Books Of Esdras

The Epistles Of Jesus Christ And Abgarus, King Of Edessa

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The Lost Books of the Bible

An Introduction

Books Mentioned But Not Found 
The books quoted in scripture but not found there.

The Apocryphal Books

The Apocryphal Or Deuterocanonical books eliminated from the King James Bible.

Books Removed, Or Associated
The known books removed from the original Bible since the 4th century AD.

Anomalies In The Apocryphal Books

The anomalies connecting the Apocrypha to the Authorized King James Bible and the 
advanced technology of the Elohiym. 

Anomalies In The Lost Books 1
   The Lost Books of the Bible contain the same aerial anomalies, beings and people flying up into the sky, 
and enigmatic events as the King James Bible.  

Anomalies In The Lost Books 2
The Categories

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