Ancient Technology

Evidence of the Gods 

     The  Technology (in the Bible) section of this site contains over 200 verses that refer to the lights, devices, sounds, and weapons associated with flying vehicles.  Other mechanized and lighted devices and general technological anomalies are also found.  But, technological wonders are not exclusive to the Bible.  Evidence of advanced technology is witnessed in the structures, artifacts, and writings of cultures throughout the ancient  world.  Many of the gods of the worlds religions are clearly associated with flight and technological wonders and devices.   
     There are many similarities in the worlds cultures, writings, and religions, but, in this section, the focus is on the parallels in, and worldwide occurrence of, ancient technology.   The expertise required to achieve such advanced feats fall into two anomalous categories.  First, the technology they should not have had until centuries or even millenniums beyond their time and second, the technology we don’t even have today.  Neither one should exist.
          The first question that must be considered is just how accurately our accepted history is now represented.  Why do civilizations suddenly appear, fully capable, with complex and highly effective  municipal infrastructures, huge megalithic buildings, highly efficient agriculture and trading systems, and all the wonders of the ancient cultures?  This alone should raise suspicion, but when those cultures disappear as suddenly as they appeared, it becomes more perplexing.  Add to this evidence that this culture possessed technology that would not be discovered for millenniums in the future and it is an anomaly.  But, if that culture shows technology or materials not even found in, or within the capability of our own modern world technology to produce, it becomes what many ancients testify it is, unearthly.

Ancient Flight
        Evidence of ancient flying craft and the gods that flew

        Ancient star maps, observatories, telescopes, astronomical expertise, and testimony about visitors from the stars show past cultures had knowledge far ahead of their time.

         Knowledge by the ancients about the size and shape of the earth and the exact positions of points on its surface are evidenced in the writings, placement of structures, and artifacts of many cultures.

Embedded Artifacts
        From ancient geological strata comes what have been labeled OOPARTS or Out Of Place Artifacts. These are what appear to be recently produced items and imprints found in natural mineral formations millions of years old.

More categories are in the wings and being prepared for the site

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