The Great Pyramid

 The Oracle at Giza

  What the Great Pyramid Was:

The Largest of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Largest Solid Structure Ever Built on Earth

The World’s Tallest Structure Until the Construction of the Empire State Building

A Beacon of Light Seen for Hundreds of Miles on Earth

A Beacon of Light Easily Seen From the Moon

Covered by Thousands of Inscriptions in an Unknown Language

Built With Mathematics Unknown Until the Modern Industrial Age

Built With Materials From Quarries Hundreds of Miles Away

What the Great Pyramid Is:

The Last Remaining of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Largest Solid Structure on Earth

The Largest and Most Complicated Project Ever Undertaken

Built to Withstand Massive Earthquakes

The Most Accurately Aligned Structure on Earth

The Most Level and Square Megalithic Structure Ever Built

Designed to Reflect the Exact Curvature of the Earth

Built to the Exact Mean Height of the Earth’s Land Mass

Located at the Geographical Center of the Earth’s Land Mass

A Center Point in a Worldwide Grid of Ancient Structures

Held Together With the Strongest Adhesive Ever Known

The Adhesive is Made With Substances Unknown on Earth

 What the Great Pyramid Was Not:

A Tomb

A Monument to the Pharaoh Khufu

Built by Slaves, Using Ramps, and Primitive Tools

Almost Everything, Every Academic or Scientific Reference Says it Was

What the Great Pyramid Might Be:

The Pillar and Altar to Yhovah Spoken of by Isaiah

A Power Plant Producing Unknown Energy

A Structure Built By an Alien Race of Beings

A Structure Built By an Technologically Advanced Race of Humans

An Interstellar Navigation Device

An Astronomical Observatory

A Giant Pump

An Almanac of the World

An Oracle of Prophecy for the Past and Future of Earth

A Territorial Marker Left by an Advanced Race of Beings

The Most Powerful Object on Earth


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