Historical Sightings

• Argentina, Santa Clara del Mar: Two persons saw a cigar-shaped object on the ground, 400 m away from the road, which took off, rising rapidly. It had window-like openings emitting a bright light.   
• Argentina, San Jeronimo: Carlos Spini and another man saw a luminous, blue, circular object land nearby, as they were examining some cows. It took off when they came near.   
• Argentina, Villa Constitucion: During a raging storm, an entire family watched a large, glowing object in a field 300 m away, giving off brilliant beams of light for 4 hours, after which it took off in seconds. Soot-like material with an unpleasant smell and tracks on flattened grass were noted.  
• Australia, Boyup Brook: A businessman was driving toward Boyup Brook when his car failed completely and stopped, although he did not recall feeling deceleration. He found a strong light beam aimed at him from a mushroom-shaped craft, 10 m in diameter. He had no recollection of starting the car again after the departure of the object.   
• Australia, Sydney-Melbourne Road: A motorcyclist was suddenly engulfed in a bluish-white light so dazzling that he had to stop. He then saw a metallic object, 30 m away, its shape that of two saucers one on top of the other, with a dome on top, silvery, the lower half dark gray, about 10 m in diameter, and bearing a black mark or insignia. Near it appeared two figures about 1. 5 m tall, wearing silvery coveralls and opaque helmets. A gesture from them scared the witness, who drove away but was followed by the object.   
• Australia, Yerecoin: Farm manager Alan Pool, 43, saw an object, 6 m in diameter and 1. 5 m high, with round and square windows, land in a field with a whining noise. It took off and vanished, leaving no trace.   
• Brazil, Conrado: J. Vieira, a lawyer, and his driver, Amauri, at km 15 on the Miguel Peraira Highway saw two yellowish lights, then many others, about 500 m away to the left. They blinked and faded. Similar lights were seen again at Conrado. When the driver blinked the car’s headlights, the objects seemed to respond. An object which illuminated the whole area was seen resting in a woods.   
• Brazil, Itajuba: A vehicle stalled in the vicinity of a brilliant, transparent, mushroom-shaped object, aboard which occupants with catlike faces were seen. Under the object was a quadrangular protuberance.   
• Brazil, La Baleia: Fabio J. Diniz, 16, was walking near a hospital when he saw a mushroom-shaped craft on a playing field. It had a cupola on top, and a guillotine like door that slid up. The boy fled, but a voice told him in Portuguese: “Don’t run away. ” He saw two men, 2 m tall, dressed in green tight-fitting clothes. They told him not to be afraid and to return the next day, “otherwise we will take your family. ” They had greenish skin, and round eyes set wide apart.   
• Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: Technician Ugo Battaglia, 39, and a boy, heard a high-pitched sound and saw a bright, metallic, disk-shaped object come down, hit a tree and hover, while three tall men in white coveralls walked around. The boy later suffered severe headaches. Traces.  
• Canada, Altona: Mr. and Mrs. John Dick and Mrs. W. Buhr were driving toward Gretna. Near three radio towers situated 3. 5 km south of Altona, they saw a very bright object at ground level, illuminating the countryside with a pink glow. The object itself was dark, with a luminous band around it, was motionless and pulsated, then suddenly disappeared.   
• Canada, Caledonia: An object hovering 4 m above ground, and three dwarfs, were observed. Traces and an oily substance were found at the site.  
• Canada, Edmonton: Ricky Banyard, 14, saw a strange object in the sky and followed it with a friend, Glenn Coates, through binoculars. It hovered near a cemetery, making a hushed whistling sound and illuminating the ground with a vertical beam of light. The object left suddenly with a roar similar to that of a jet, and a series of “bangs. ” Stones were found calcined at the site.  
• Canada, Falcon Lake: Polish-born Steve Michalac, 52, industrial mechanic and prospector, saw two red-glowing objects flying at high speed. One of them blew vegetation as it landed, surrounded by a glow, and it was observed for 30 min before a door opened, showing a purple light. A high-pitched sound and an odor resembling a burning electrical circuit were noted. Approaching, the witness heard voices, and upon touching the craft, he burned his rubber-coated glove, and was “blown out” by hot air when the object started spinning. The witness felt dizzy, suffered minor face burns, second and third degree burns on his chest, vomited frequently for 4 days, and lost over 10 kg. Diameter of craft, 11 m; height, 3 m, with a 1 m high superstructure.   
• Canada, Joycevi]le: Stanley Moxon, of Toronto, driving to Montreal, was between Joyceville and the Glen Grove Rd. when he encountered a large, disk-shaped craft and two creatures, 1. 20 m tall, dressed in white suits and helmets. They “flew back” into the object at once and it left silently at high speed.   
• Canada, Kitchener : Brian Dorscht saw a dark object, measuring 1 m in diameter and 1. 5 m in height, with flashing green and white lights. When 1 m above ground, six legs came out, and it landed on a lawn near the National Grocers Company. The whirring sound the object was making stopped, and the witness became afraid and ran away. Police found six prints at the site.   
• Canada, Nanton: Forestry employee Russell Hill heard a strange pulsating sound and saw an object giving off a green glow hover near his cabin. Radio interference.   
• Canada, New Westminster: Two boys saw an orange disk, less than 1 m in diameter, flying at high speed, stop and hover for three min, 20 m above ground. Chief of Police Peter Mehan confirmed that the sighting was under investigation.   
• Canada, Yarmouth: Percy McBride saw a flashing object, the size of a station wagon, with two aerials, arrive from the east and land in a woods for 15 min. It made a clicking sound and a noise similar to six radio receivers tuned on different stations. It had a square, boxlike protuberance supported by a pole underneath.   
• Chile, Riachuelo: Approximate date. An engineer from Osorno, well-known locally, saw an object touch down and a strange being, 1. 50 m tall, emerge, wearing a transparent suit. He had a very white face and white hands, a pronounced jawbone, and no apparent nose. Seeing the witness, he got back inside the machine, which took off at great speed.  
• England, Chippenham: G. Grammond saw an object with flashing red and green lights glide, circle, and land in a field. He saw it again spinning in the northeast when he came out with two other witnesses 5 min later.   
• England, Clifton: One hundred persons claimed to have seen a silvery disk-shaped object, about 10 m long, land in the area.   
• England, Fordingbridge: Lorry driver Karl Farlow told police that as his lights and radio blacked out, although his diesel engine continued to work, he saw an egg-shaped object, 3 m long, 15 m away. Moments later, a white Jaguar coming in the opposite direction also stopped. The object, emitting a green light and showing a whitish dome under its lower surface, hovered between the two vehicles for 2 min and left at high speed.   
• England, Hanley: Three strange objects, a bright, orange light emitting a shower of green sparks, and two smaller sources, were seen in a field. No details.  
• Finland, Suomussalmi: Farmer Arvi Juntunen heard a loud humming sound and saw a round, shiny gray object 50 cm above ground, 6 m away. It had a domed top with a fin and measured 75 cm in diameter. As he was about to seize it, the object rose with a blast, circled and flew away.   
• France, Arbonne: Remy Deneuville and his family saw a white light to the side of the road, but it was turned off when they drove within 150 m of its location. Minutes later, they saw a luminous spherical object fly away for several minutes.   
• France, Arc-sous-Cicon: Children were terrified by four dwarfish creatures dressed in black clothing, about 1 m tall, who moved very rapidly among the bushes. They were dark-skinned, had bulging eyes, and spoke among themselves in a strange, musical dialect.   
• France, Cussac: Two children saw a sphere, 2 m in diameter, and “four little devils. ” One of them was bending over, apparently busy with something on the ground, and another held a mirror-like object. They hovered and flew around the sphere, then dived into it as it rose with a soft whistling sound. A smell of sulphur began to spread, and the object flew away.   
• France, Evillers: A teacher, 45-year-old Mr. Tyrode, saw a glow, then an object shaped like an inverted plate emitting a greenish-blue light. It flew less than 20 m above his car, at 40 km/h.   
• France, Mareuil: Between Mareuil and Ste-Hermine, Daniel Bonifait and his family saw a red disk, the size of a building, fall 300 m away behind a hill. Dark forms were observed on the disk’s surface, and the forest seemed to be ablaze as the witnesses drove away in fear.   
• France, Marliens: In a field which belonged to the Mayor, Mr. Maillotte, a depression was discovered, and blue powder was found in small trenches radiating from that area. A formidable weight seemed to have rested at the spot. No radioactivity.   
• France, Romieres: A woman walking home saw a beam of light about 1 m in section sweep the ground in her direction. It came from a circular, white object that turned off its main light. She then saw reddish spots before it vanished entirely. Another witness saw the phenomenon from a separate location, 2 km away  
• England, Malvern: Clive Robinson and Richard Corben, 14, and a third boy, reported the landing of a dome-shaped object with a smaller hump on top, 200 m away. It took off diagonally, leaving some traces.  
• England, Reading: A businessman driving north between Hook and Reading was puzzled when the electrical system of his car broke down. He then observed a dull object, 20 m in diameter, 100 m away, at about 15 m altitude. He made the rest of his journey in a trancelike state.   
• England, Storrington: Mrs. Quick and another woman saw a flickering light and a deep-red, glowing object at ground level, with a dark figure, slightly larger than a normal human, approaching it. The object disappeared suddenly.   
• England, Studham: Children observed “a little blue man with a tall hat and a beard” that disappeared in a puff of smoke; they later saw him again, and heard “foreign-sounding” voices.   
• India, Dympep: A spinning object, 7. 5 m in diameter, emitting red and green lights, came down to a river, causing thunderous agitation of the water, and took off over a forest, with a heat wave.   
• Italy, Milan: Antonio Brambila and another man saw a glow coming from a disk, 6. 5 m in diameter and 2. 5 m high, with a dome on top and four telescopic legs, which emitted a strange vibration.   
• Mexico, Hidalgo: Antonio Neri Perez and several other people saw three glowing, red disks take off from a field near the house.   
• Mexico, Iguala: An intensely luminous object woke up several residents. People in trains going toward Acapulco and people travelling by car saw the same phenomenon. It came to ground level with a blinding light, then took off.   
• Northern Ireland, Belfast: E. Browne, walking in a wood, saw a disklike, dull, blue-gray object with a rough surface, hovering about 2 m above ground. An opening became visible in the middle section and two men dressed in silvery clothes emerged, walked in the woods, then reentered the craft, which rose and vanished from sight.   
• Spain, Boadilladel Monte: Three witnesses independently saw a craft emitting light signals land a few meters away.   
• Spain, Nieva-Segovia: Roman and Jose Arribas observed an object land in a pine forest north of Nieva-Segovia. They saw “people” enter the ash-colored craft, which took off straight up, at high speed.   
• Sweden, Kolmarden: A boy and a girl, both 15, noticed a red glow coming down in the woods. Later they saw a large source of light in mid-air and heard piercing whistling sounds, then footsteps, and saw a jumping creature, 10 m away. It was about 1. 30 m tall, had an oversized head, made jerky motions, raised a tube in its arms, and had a “shimmering” appearance.  
• Swedish Laponia, Vilhelmina: The Sodestrom family observed two plate-shaped objects, one 30 m in diameter, the other smaller and gray in color. They hovered at 20 111 altitude for 15 min. The object left with a hushed whistling sound, illuminating the forest with intense light.   
• Switzerland, Oberhrendingen: Othmar Willi, 37, observed three cylinders, 10 m high, 5 m in diameter, with two rows of square windows and a small cone on top, hovering 50 m away and 5 m above a maize field, making a noise resembling a swarm of bees. A small object was dropped briefly.   
• USA, Arizona, East Tucson: A boy riding his bicycle saw an aluminium cylinder standing on end, 3 m high, 80 cm wide, supported by two legs ending in round pads joined by a bar. He got within 12 m of the object before it rose vertically with a deep, low-pitched hum, but no smoke, flame, or haze. It left two impressions.   
• USA, Colorado, Alamosa: The carcass of a horse named Snippy was discovered. Unusual radioactivity and strange traces were claimed to have been found at the spot.   
• USA, Connecticut, Winsted: Two teenage girls observed a large, glowing object, and three small figures, about 1. 25 m tall, with oversized heads, running near a barn. From the object came a noise similar to that of “a power mower when it fires but fails to start. ” The object blacked out, and the figures hid while a car passed, after which the object pulsated between very bright white and dull red, and moved diagonally several times.   
• USA, Florida, Crestview: An entire class at an elementary school observed an object 20 m above ground, 2 km away. It vanished suddenly as the children and their teacher, 33-year-old Robert Apfel, were watching it.  
• USA, Florida, Crestview: More than two hundred children and three teachers saw an oval object, with a light at each end, come to ground level. Several other objects also were seen, moving up and down with a pendulum motion.   
• USA, Florida, Jewish Creek: Barbara Fawcett, 18, and her sister saw a yellow “jagged” object rise above a swamp and land on a hill. Air Force investigators found a very large scorched area at the spot.   
• USA, Idaho, Ririe: Will Begay and Clyde Soccie, in their early 20’s, said that an object landed on top of their car, forcing them to stop. Two dwarfs spoke to them, but were not understood. The object left.   
• USA, Illinois, Coffeen: A Methodist minister was driving on Route 185 near Coffeen when he saw an object, flat on the bottom, rounded on top, cross the road silently 100 m away, at low speed. Length, 20 m; height, 3 m.   
• USA, Indiana Freetown: F. Bedel, 23, driving on Route 135 about 8 km north of Freetown saw a plate-shaped object with red, yellow, blue, and white blinking lights, lost control of his car, and ran off the road. Less than 2 km away, Phil Patton saw an identical object that came within 30 m of his car.  
• USA, Louisiana, Baton Rouge,: January 12, a fisherman sitting in his boat on the west side of Old River saw this object and only had time to take one picture before it shot off at a 45 degree angle at a great rate of speed. No sound was heard during the experience. 
• USA, Maryland, Linstead: Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Weston were talking on the phone when they were surprised to hear a very strong sound and saw an object flying low over their area. A third person saw the object, and many heard it. The snow was swirling under it. The object was mushroom-shaped, supported a dome with a fin, was greenish, and left toward the Severn River.   
• USA, Massachusetts, Leominster: Two persons observed deep fog in the vicinity of a cemetery and saw a light in the center, coming from an object hovering 100 m above ground. Thinking it was a fire, the witnesses stopped. Paralysis and ignition interference were then noted while the object, about 13 m in diameter, oscillated and then departed with a whirring sound. It took about 20 min for the witnesses to recover muscular coordination.   
• USA, Minnesota, Rochester: A boy who had gone outside to buy a newspaper saw an object resembling an inverted mushroom hovering 10 m above ground. It was not larger than a car, took a 45 (degree) orientation, oscillated, and left to the northwest. Three photographs were reportedly taken.   

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