Historical Sightings

• Argentina, Aguas Blancas: Three students, Santos Vallejos, Antonia Aparti, and Adela Sanchez, who were walking to General San Martin School, were attacked by small creatures with greenish skin. The children ran away, and arrived at the school in a state of terror.   
• Argentina, Apostoles: Casimiro Zuk was riding his bicycle near a railroad crossing when he saw a luminous object above him that circled, then landed near the tracks. It was round, 5 m in diameter, and 2. 5 m high. A door opened, and a man dressed like a pilot emerged, walked around, and reentered the object, which flew off in a spiral.   
• Argentina, Chalac: About 50 Toba Indians, including policemen, saw three little men with luminous glows emerge from an object that had made several low passes over the village with other flying craft. A photographer took several pictures and noted that the creatures feared the light from his flash camera. The object increased in luminosity as it took off.   
• Argentina, Loretami Valley: Mr. and Mrs. Bosquets and their family observed a luminous object, its color changing from blue to orange, about 12 m in diameter, and showing several portholes. The object left traces on the ground.   
• Argentina, Mar del Plata: Mr. and Mrs. Yacobi heard a loud humming sound and saw a glowing, oval, flashing object land 200 m away. Figures moved around it, as if examining the craft, which took off again.   
• Argentina, Monte Grande: Felipe Martinez, 37, reported that he was paralyzed during the landing of a silent, large, egg-shaped object, from which emerged a small man, about 1 m tall, wearing a helmet linked to the object by three cables. The being spoke slowly and with difficulty in, Spanish.   
• Argentina, Pasode las Carretas: Hunters saw through binoculars an object resembling an upside-down plate, very luminous, with a red light on top, flying in circles and landing on a hilltop. The Lujan police sent a patrol, under Comm. Osvaldo Pagella, which found a large, metallic object resting on the hill, but they could not approach the object before it took off, because of the difficult terrain.   
• Argentina, Quilmes: R. Pereyra was driving near Monte de los Curas when he saw a parachute-like object land. Going near, he observed a chromium-looking, egg-shaped craft standing on metal legs, with a transparent upper part. A blond-haired pilot, wearing plastic coveralls and small boots, seemed to study a piece of paper. Inside the craft was another man seated before an instrument panel. Shortly thereafter the object took off.   
• Argentina, San Justo: J. Fernandez was awakened by a humming sound and saw a luminous, oval object rising from the roof of his house. Its color varied from white to red, and it left marks on the roof.   
• Argentina, Sauce Viejo: A railroad worker, Cesar T. Gallardo, was surprised when his carbide lamp and his radio stopped working. He saw strange lights outside the sleeping coach where he was reading, and a luminous being whose legs were clad in shiny dark cloth came in, tore up his newspaper, poured the contents of an oil can into a small bottle and went away, leaving the witness amazed. Other people saw “a luminous man” walking along the tracks. Police report.   
• Argentina, Torrent: Several persons observed five luminous objects in flight. A transparent craft landed, and five creatures, about 2 m high, with one eye on the forehead and flashing helmets, emerged and tried to abduct a villager. Approximate date.   
• Argentina, Villas Rosas: Maria Andres, teacher, Mr. Gomez, Mrs. Goicoecha, and others saw a small object leave a larger one, land, and burn a spot on the ground before going back to the main object. It emitted a blinding light.   
• Australia, Carnarvon: Approximate date. Dr. Antonin Kukla and Mrs. Audrey Lawrence saw an object dive toward them. They switched off the car headlights and got out of the vehicle to observe the oval object, which hovered at ground level, its color changing from orange to fluorescent green, before it took off at high speed.   
• Australia, Eton Range: About 70 km from Mackay, Jim Tilse, Eric Judin, and John Burgess saw a circular object, 10 m in diameter, flying erratically, making a buzzing sound. It had headlights, a tripod landing gear, and supported another disk-shaped device. Police investigation disclosed damaged trees and other landing traces.   
• Australia, Geradton: Mr. and Mrs. French observed an object in a field at 4 m altitude. It had blinding white lights, caused radio interference, and made a high-pitched sound.   
• Australia, Goonumbla: Two children attracted by the barking of a dog saw a luminous object resting on a tripod landing gear, and observed it for one hour.   
• Australia, Kuranda: Mr. D. Armstrong, a former airman, was called outside by his sons and saw a spherical object with flashing lights that appeared to land silently on a hillside situated on Mr. Watson’s property.   
• Australia, Vancluse: Mr. Crowe was attracted by a strong light on the beach, and walked within 20 m of the craft producing it, which took off with a yellow-orange light. Estimated diameter: 7 m, height, 3 m, with blue-green edges.   
• Brazil, Alto Purus: After work, latex collectors saw an object resembling a huge wheel, intensely bright, with two flaming openings in front, about to land near them. They went into hiding, and observed the craft as it flew away.   
• Brazil, Bairio Paraiso dos Barbeiros: Student Humberto Aranjo da Silva nearly hit a saucer-shaped craft, 6 m in diameter, with two V-shaped landing pads and a dome, which had landed on the road. It made a whirring noise.   
• Brazil, Canhotinho: Approximate date. Jose Camilo Filho saw two creatures near a landed object.   
• Brazil, Carazinho: A teenager, Adilon Azevedo, and others who fled, saw two objects at ground level, about 3 m in diameter, 1. 5 m high, with five occupants, wearing luminous helmets, speaking among themselves in unfamiliar language. One of the beings had a bright object in his hand. The witness experienced headaches for five days.   
• Brazil, Guarulhos: Antonio Pau Ferro saw two objects land. Two dwarfish beings emerged, 70 cm tall, dressed like humans, with “ugly” skin. They appeared to examine some tomato plants, reentered their craft, 6 m in diameter, and flew off. They spoke in a language which was not understood.   
• Brazil, Mogi-Guassu: Dario Filho, his wife, his grandson, and a bank director saw an object land 100 m away, flashing a beam of light toward the sky. Two policemen on the scene also observed the incident. Near the object were two dwarfs. One of them wore coveralls, the other had a gray shirt and brown trousers. By what seemed an optical effect, a third being with a flat, squarish head, wearing something like a surgeon’s apron, was also seen near them. The object and the creatures were very bright.   
• Brazil, Pinhal: Witnesses in a Volkswagen encountered a strong light on the road. A truck and another Volkswagen arrived and went near the object, which took off suddenly and flew over them. It was also observed by dozens of witnesses at the Pinhal Junction.   
• Brazil, Ponte Praia: Thousands of persons saw a circular object that flew over the beach, circling. Later two witnesses saw it land in an isolated spot between Cuaranga and the Santos Air Base.  
• Chile, Belluco: A woman in a car saw an object on the road. It took off, then landed again in Belluco where it was seen by several people. The object emitted a bright, purple light and a green beam.   
• Chile, Chanaral: Carlos Videla Zamudio saw a “strange machine” land on an isolated beach. It was shaped like a mushroom or a top, was lighted from inside, rested on the ground silently, flew up to 30 m, and disappeared at fantastic speed. This was the third landing on a beach reported in Jul. .   
• Chile, Chena: A bright, silvery object landed on a hill for 45 min. There were numerous witnesses, among them military men. Official investigation.   
• Chile, Puerto Monte: Hundreds of people in two separate spots observed an object that landed for five min. It emitted a blinding purple light.   
• France, Grouzies: Alain Bressol observed a large, disk-shaped object in a field near Monsempron-Libos. It flew at high speed toward the south. Official report.   
• France, Moyeuvre: At the Cote-de-Thermont, 30- year-old Mrs. Zielonka saw a metallic object rise at high speed and fly away toward Metz. Estimated diameter: 3 m.   
• France, Valensole: Farmer Maurice Masse, 41, heard a strange noise and saw an egg-shaped object30 m away in a lavender field. The craft was set on a central pivot with six legs, was about 5 m long, and had a door showing two seats back to back. Near it were two dwarfs the size of 8-year-old children, with heads, normal human eyes, fine hands with five fingers, and no hair. They seemed surprised when the witness came near, and stopped their examination of a plant to aim a small device at him, causing inhibition of movement. They spoke among themselves in shrill sounds similar to a gargle. The craft took off and “vanished. ” Traces.  
• Jordan, Nablus: A guard saw a boat like object flying at high speed, with red flames on its sides. It circled and came low over a farm. In fear, the man fired at it with his rifle.  
• Mexico, Jalapa: Four persons saw a creature with glowing catlike eyes, dressed in black, walking in a street. The entity was holding a metallic tube, was pursued, and vanished suddenly.   
• Mexico, Mexico City: Three women were said to have observed a group of beings, 3 m tall, without noses or mouths with red, bright eyes, wearing gray clothing and boots. No object was described. Approximate date.  
• Mexico, Terreon: Zoilo Campos Aguilar observed an object very close to the ground for 38 min. It was semi-oval, with a powerful yellow-orange light and left rapidly toward the south with a double trail. Apparent diameter was that of the full moon. The witness was a night watchman.   
• New Zealand, South Brighton: A man saw a light on the beach near Penguin Street and got out of his car to observe it. He then heard a modulated whistling sound and saw an object, 7 m wide, rise from the beach to an altitude of about 20 m. He came back to the site with other persons, and a dog that became restless at a spot where grass was found flattened. Another witness, driving near Humphrey Ave. , saw the object as it rose over South Brighton.   
• Nova Scotia, Springhill: Kevin Davis, 12, and Gary Jardine, 10, saw an object with a blinking red dome fly over the Cooper Creek area and come to ground level. They observed portholes and a long bar with fingerlike devices emerging from an opening. Snow was blown away and bushes were flattened.   
• Peru, Arequipa: Two men in a car, Julio L. deRomana and Antonio Chavez Bedoya, saw a strange being, 80 cm tall, by the side of the road. The creature had only one eye, and gold and silver stripes over its entire body. Soon afterward a craft flew over their car. Several persons living 20 km away also reported an unidentified object within min of this sighting.   
• Peru, Callao: A red object shaped like a plate, emitting fire and smoke through two openings in its lower section, shook a school building as it allegedly landed on the roof. Faculty and students at the Santa Leonor College observed the craft, which had two antennae on top, rise spinning and emitting red light beams. It flew off to the northeast.   
• Peru, Chosica Power Plant: Mr. Alva was awakened by a strange sound and saw an object on the ground emitting green light flashes. He woke up other employees, who had time to note that the object was about 3 m in diameter, had small windows in its upper part, and a revolving telescopic appendage. The investigating commission found dark, triangular traces
• Peru, Cuzco: Several tourists, including Alberto Ugarte and Elwin Voter, observed a strange craft landing near the Inca ruins that they were visiting. Two creatures described as luminous dwarfs, who seemed to have “vertical mouths, ” were seen briefly.   
• Peru, Huanuco: A worker observed the landing of an oval object on an airfield where he had gone “drawn by a strange feeling. ” Four other persons also saw the object, from which a dwarfish creature, 85 cm tall, emerged. The entity had a head double the size of a normal human head, and made gestures that were not understood. He reentered the machine, which became illuminated and took off, first vertically, then toward the west.   
• Peru, Lima: An object was observed to land on ranch 45 km north of this town by a chemical engineer, his wife, and several farmers. It remained on the ground for 45 min, leaving traces on the ground.   
• Peru, Pichaca: A farm woman saw an object land, and six dwarfs, 80 cm tall, emerged from it. They wore very shiny white clothes and “walked like ducks. ” She hid during the observation, and noted that they spoke in a language she could not understand. After their departure, a liquid resembling vinegar was found on the ground.   
• Peru, Puno: A child reported the observation of a luminous object from which seven creatures, 80 cm tall, with only one eye, emerged. The same day a newsman was said to have seen an object land in the vicinity of Puno, and to have made an unsuccessful attempt at communication.   
• Peru, San Joaquin: More than 200 witnesses saw two objects come to ground level, leaving crater-like depressions.   
• Peru, Santa Barbara: Governor Sebastian Macha saw two dwarfish creatures, 80 cm tall, on the snow near Ceulacocha. They entered a craft, which left with a thundering noise.   
• Portugal, Puerto La Cruz: The commander and crew of the Norwegian tanker “Jawesta” observed a lighted object flying out of the sea. First Officer Toronin Lien first saw a large, blue, intense flame behind the ship at high speed. He called the captain and tracked the object with binoculars as its altitude reached about 300m. Its shape was that of a cigar, with a row of lighted portholes showing a clear yellow glow, and it left a bluish trail.   
• Red Sea:  The crew of the steamship Raduga observed an unusual phenomenon. At about two miles away, a fiery sphere dashed out from under the water and hovered over the surface of the sea, illuminating it. The sphere was sixty meters in diameter, and it hovered above the sea at an altitude of 150 meters. A gigantic pillar of water rose as the sphere emerged from the sea and collapsed some moments later.
• Scotland, Stranraer: Patrick Nash and his family were awaiting a ferry boat when a brilliant, orange-red object shaped like a large soup plate appeared 50 m away, rose from the ground, flew low over the car, landed 20m away on the other side, vanishing suddenly.   
• South Africa, Silverton: Two policemen, John Lockem and Koos de Klerk, were on a patrol of the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit Road when their headlights illuminated a disk 10 m in diameter, copper-colored, resting on the road. Ten sec later it took off in a pool of flames, at high speed. The tar on the road kept burning for some time.   
• Uruguay, Colonia: A blinding object, smaller than an airplane and having metallic legs, was seen on the bank of the Rio de la Plata River by two workers and four young men. White smoke emerged from the craft, which remained on the sand for two min, leaving X-shaped traces. It flew up to about 10 m altitude, then went away. The craft showed a round central section with two oval ends and looked somewhat similar to an egg.   
• Uruguay, Salto: Five persons in a car heard a humming sound, and an object with changing colored lights landed and blocked the road while the car engine stalled. The object was as wide as the road, and 3 m high. Before it took off, three human beings were seen inside. “Five persons travelling in a car saw a blinding light, heard a humming sound and saw an object land on the roadway a few meters in front of them. The car engine stalled. The light from the object changed colors and then dimmed to reveal a leaden colored machine about 3m high, occupying the whole width of the road. Three of the people in the car fainted, while the other two were able to see figures moving about inside the craft. Suddenly, bursts of flame shot from the sides of the machine and it rose about 1m from the ground. The humming sound started again, and the machine then took off straight upwards and vanished.” 
• USA, California, Rio Vista: Betty Valine and her 12-year- old son Robbie observed a large, plate-shaped machine with a dome on top, inside which three creatures were clearly visible. 
• USA, California, Santa Ana, : While racing home to Santa Ana, Mr. Rex Heflin took several photographs of a hat-shaped saucer. Because of the presence of the telephone poles in the background, it has been estimated that this craft is more than 30ft in diameter. 
• USA, Connecticut, Southington: An object was said to have landed near Southington. No details.  The witnesses did not see the object touch down.   
• USA, Florida, Brooksville: John F. Reeves, 65, retired, was walking in the woods when he observed an object 10 m in diameter, 2m thick, saucer-shaped with an outer rim and a stairway. After watching it for 10 min, he saw a robotlike being, about 1. 30m tall, wearing a silver uniform, glass headgear. The being walked to the craft, then returned with a box that emitted a flash when pointed at the witness. The object subsequently took off with a whistling sound.   
• USA, Florida, Fort Myers: In the Everglades, 30 km east of Big Cypress, James Flynn, 45, who was hunting, saw a huge, lighted object 1 m above the swamp surface. He watched it for 40 min, observing that it was conical, twice as wide as it was high, and seemed built from metal sections over one square m each. It showed four rows of square windows, 70 cm wide. Estimated diameter: 25 m. A yellow light shone through the windows, and the object made a sound of a transformer and wind. Flynn got within 2 m of it and made a gesture. A beam of light from the underside of the object struck him between the eyes and he lost consciousness for 24 hours. He had lost vision in the right eye, saw poorly with the left, went to a doctor in Fort Myers, and spent five days in the hospital.   
• USA, Kansas, Abilene : Truck driver Don Tenopir had reached a point 35 km from Abilene, going toward Lincoln, when his headlights blinked and failed. An object then dived toward the truck and stopped on the road 30 m ahead causing a car coming in the opposite direction to leave the road in order to avoid it. The object was orange, 5 m in diameter, 1. 5 m high, with a dome and a “black spot. ” It took off toward the west, then turned south.   
• USA, Maryland, Mount Airy: Three persons saw a cigar-shaped object with two fixed red lights, which flew above them, avoided hitting the house at the last moment, and was lost to sight in the northeast. 

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