Historical Sightings

• Argentina, Cofico: Chafredo Dagota observed a circular object that came to the ground briefly. It stood on a sort of pillar and emitted a blinding light. He caught sight of two figures moving near it.   
• Argentina, Pajas Blancas: A 42-year-old doctor and his wife were 30 km away from the airport when an intensely bright object appeared on the road ahead. They drove very close to it and saw three men dressed in gray, one of whom told him in Spanish that “they had a mission on Earth. ” “A doctor and his wife were driving in the same area where a previous case occurred (April 1957) when the car’s engine failed and they were confronted by a huge machine blocking the road. The object’s powerful light went out, leaving a violet colored light. After about 20 mins, a figure approached the car and asked what was wrong. When told what had happened, the man suggested that the engine should be tried again. The engine now started and the headlights came on so that the machine ahead could be seen again. The stranger joined two other figures and entered the machine which then rose rapidly and disappeared leaving a violet-colored trail.” 
• Canada, Saint-Alexis de Montcalm: Mr. Lehel observed a lighted object at hilltop level, about 700 m away. At the site, a wide circle of crushed vegetation was found, three branches were broken, and a pole was calcined.
• Chile, Aria: A miner, R. A. Donoso, observed a strange machine land. From it emerged two fair-skinned men who asked for water in a language which appeared to be a mixture of English and Spanish. Donoso took some water from his car radiator for them and they left. Their craft was about 3 m long and 1 m wide.   
• England, Leam Lane : David Wilson, 14, was going to get some straw for his rabbits when he stopped with other children to observe half-a-dozen dwarfs, about 80 cm tall, dressed in bright green, and having hands lighted “like electric bulbs, ” who seemed to be searching for something. Another child later reported that she had seen a silvery disk-shaped object, the size of a car, take off from the same location.   
• New Zealand, Auckland: Two young girls, R. Bender and J. Quinn, observed an object flying 17 m above the ground. It was shaped like two plates glued together, with two rows of intense lights, and a turret with a green light on top. When an opening became visible, the witnesses thought the thing was about to land, and they fled. 
• USA, California, Baker: Gloria Biggs, her husband, and her mother observed a brown, dome-shaped object on a hilltop about 17 km west of Baker on U. S. Highway 91. They lost sight of it a moment, could not see it again, and found only a depression in the ground.  
• USA, California, Cisco Grove: A hunter, who had lost his way in the mountains, observed approaching lights that seemed to land. From a vantage point in a tree, he saw a dome-shaped object at ground level, about 500 m away. Several creatures, one of them a robot-like figure with “eyes” about 10 cm in diameter, came near, apparently trying to dislodge the witness from his tree. The creatures appeared to fear the light from flaming objects thrown at them. The witness fell asleep after an exhausting series of attempts to keep the creatures away. At dawn there was nothing to be seen.   
• USA, California, Rio Vista: A woman saw two objects, one of which landed in a field. It was round and luminous.   
• USA, Georgia, Tallulah Falls: Nine persons from three different houses, including J. Ivester, described an object like “a flying top. ” TV interference was associated with the object’s presence. It flew silently at tree height and hovered over the vard of Mrs. Russell Mickinan’s house. The lower part was bright red, with three lights on the upper part. As it left, a green light illuminated the countryside. A powerful odor similar to “embalming fluid” was noticeable when police arrived. The next day, witnesses felt a burning sensation on their faces and arms.   
• USA, Georgia, Tallulah Falls: Miss P. Upton came running home nearly hysterical. While riding bicycles, she and a friend saw a low-flying object that terrified them. A strong unpleasant smell also was reported.   
• USA, Indiana, Dale: Charles Englebrecht went outside when his TV set and all house lights suddenly failed and saw a glowing blue-white object, about 30 m in diameter, land about 18 m away in the field. He felt a mild electric shock when he tried to approach it and was unable to move forward.   
• USA, Illinois, Lawrenceville: Helen Reed observed a spinning object 5 m above ground, less than 20 m away, coming and going with right-angle turns. It had a dome from which colored light emanated (blue turning to red) and bands of yellow light. The object was lost to sight behind trees in the north.   
• USA, Maine, Millinocket: A man driving on Millinocket Lake Road saw a fiery, spherical object to the side. He stopped and left his car with a friend to observe it better. When they became afraid and walked back to the car, the sphere followed them; the engine could not be started as long as the sphere remained within 2 or 3 m of the car. It flew away after five min. It was described as a ball of fire without structure, about 75 cm in diameter.   
• USA, Massachusetts, Lynn: Richard Pratt, 17, heard a whistling noise and saw a silvery, oval object surrounded with a soft white glow, supporting a dome, which went down to ground level. A similar object had been observed one hour earlier at Littleton, about 50 km west, by four boys. It was described as silvery gray, with three blinking red lights and a white light.   
• USA, Minnesota, Comstock: A farmer, Alfred Ernst, saw an object rise from a field and fly rapidly into the cloud bank. It was described as oval, and it left a depression and imprints in the ground.   
• USA, Montana, Brekkens Corner: Witnesses got out of their car to watch an object resembling a “burning haystack, ” oval or crescent-shaped, which rose from the ground, crossed the sky, and was lost to sight in the south.   
• USA, Montana, Canyon Ferry: Several anonymous adults observed an elongated, glowing object. Two children saw a lighted craft land and take off, leaving four rectangular indentations.   
• USA, Louisiana, Core Lane: James Warren was awakened by a noise, and saw an object bearing blinking red and green lights fly over his house at treetop level. He called the police, who also reported seeing the object.   
• USA, New Jersey, Flemington: A whitish, elliptical object followed a car, then landed in a field. The driver got out to observe it, but when the object started in his direction he became afraid and drove off.  
• USA, New Mexico, Anthony: Numerous witnesses, among them policeman Paul Arteche, saw a reddish, round object hover at low level, then take off very rapidly toward the west.  
• USA, New Mexico, Hobbs: A “black object with flames” is blamed for burns suffered by an 8-year-old child, who said he saw the object coming from the sky. His grandmother, Mrs. Frank Smith, who was standing nearby, heard a sound similar to that of a bullet, but saw nothing. The child suffered second-degree burns on his face, and lost part of his hair.  
• USA, New Mexico, La Madera: Orlando Gallegos observed a bright, metallic, egg-shaped object about 70 m away, on the ground, north of La Madera. Blue flames appeared to circle the base of the machine, which was silent and about the length of a telephone pole. Scorch marks and four imprints were found, according to Police Capt. Martin Vigil.   
• USA, New Mexico, Lordsbury: Marie Morrow and two other persons were driving west, about 20 km east of Lordsbury when the entire area was illuminated by a bluish light “as bright as day, ” and a round object flew about 3 m above the car, making a whining sound, then went north.   
• USA, New Mexico, Socorro: Policeman Lonnie Zamora observed the landing of a white craft, resting on four legs, in a depression 4 km outside Socorro. Near it were standing two figures, below average height, dressed in white. Within 30 m of the object, he saw a red insignia on its aluminium-like surface. It rose to 4 m with a strong roar, became silent, hovered and flew away. Traces.  640424.htm 
 • USA, New York, Conklin: Edmund Travis, 9, Randy Travis, 7 Floyd Moore, 10, and two other boys, saw a dwarf dressed in a black suit and a helmet, with a glass section in front of his face, which looked human. He appeared to request some water in a strange tone, which sounded “as if it came from a pipe. ” He then walked to a shiny machine partially hidden in the brush, as the boys ran home.   
• USA, New York, Homer:  Aphsiotherapist and his families observed several large objects that changed shape in mid air.
• USA, NewYork, Sherburne: An engineer stopped his car when he saw an aluminium-looking object, stationary, about 15 m above ground. The edge of the craft seemed fluorescent, and three beams of very bright light were emitted before it flew off at high speed. Total duration: 6 min.   
• USA, New York, Tioga City: Dairy farmer Gary T. Wilcox saw a shiny, egg-shaped object, about 8 m long and 6 m wide, in his field. He spoke in English to two dwarfs, 1. 2 m tall, wearing seamless clothing and hoods, and carrying trays. 
• USA, Oklahoma, Ulysses: Karen Campbell was scared by an oval, dull copper object that flew low over her car. It measured about 1. 2 m in height, had a dome on top, made a “rushing” noise, and seemed to “float” over the car.    
• USA, Ohio, Massillon: A fiery object, maneuvering at low altitude, was seen from Wooster and Smithville at 2110. then from Lawrence and Burbank between 2125 and 2130. It flew erratically with a whirring sound and changes of color, apparently interfering with police radio. It went down toward the northwest, seemingly ready to land. Abnormal radioactivity allegedly was found at the site.   
• USA, Ohio, Mogadore: Three children, John Owens, Cheryl Glunt, and Bernie Montello, saw a silvery, dome-shaped object arrive from the south and land in a field 150 m away. Estimated diameter: 3 m.   
• USA, Ohio, Penberville: Karen Fahle saw a bright object coming to the ground about 200 m away. While approaching its lights blinked and turned to dark red. Five min later it went away slowly.   
• USA, Oregon, Hubbard: A bright, silvery object, 3 m long, 1. 5 m high, with a cone-shaped front part, resting on four legs, was seen in a wheat field by 10-year-old Mike Bizon. It made a beeping noise, rose first to the altitude of the telephone poles, then took off vertically. Wheat was found flattened in all directions.   
• USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg: Mr. Burns saw a huge object cross the road, hover at ground level in a field for less than one min, then take off vertically. There were other witnesses in the area. “Car stopped without apparent reason as a beehive shaped object came very close to the ground. Radioactivity was noted after the incident.” 
• USA, Washington, Lake Chelan: A former Navy pilot and another man, both regarded as trustworthy, were at work in a field when they saw an intense light, cone-shaped, emitted from the ground. A similar light was observed in the sky when the one on ground was turned off, then the reverse took place. A round, aluminium-looking object, about 10 m in diameter, with one red and one white light, then appeared and descended to ground level with a strong whistlings sound similar to a small jet. Piercing and high-pitched voices similar to those of children playing were heard. After 40 min the craft took off. Before it did so, a jet aircraft flying at low altitude circled its position. On Jul. 31 and August 1, the densely wooded area was explored from a helicopter and on foot by Sheriff Nickell and a U. S. Air Force officer, but nothing was found.   
• USA, Wisconsin, Monticello: Four people in a car observed a rigid configuration of intense red and white lights, apparently attached to a large object that came to ground level, hovered, and flew off very fast as they were driving about 2 km west of Monticello.   

1964 Project Blue Book Unknowns

• Japan Nov. 19, 1964; 1,400 miles east of Tokyo, Japan (34′ 55′ N., 164* 05′ E.). Witnesses: unidentified military persons. One bright white flashing light was travelling from horizon to horizon in 20 seconds. 
• Midway Island Dec. 16, 1963; 800 miles north of Midway Island (40* N., 175* 54′ W.). 5:05 p.m. Witness: unspecified persons aboard a military aircraft. One white light blinked 2-3 times per second as it moved very fast across the sky for 15 seconds. 
• Scotland Oct. 24, 1963; Cupar Fife, Scotland. No time given. Witnesses: A. McLean (12) and G. McLean (8). One light moved for an unspecified length of time. No further details in files. Note: Project Blue Book chief Maj. H. Quintanilla told the youngsters, in a letter, that this was “one of the most complete” of the unexplained cases for the year. 
• Wake Island Aug. 10, 1964; Wake Island. 5:16 a.m. Witnesses: aircraft commander Capt. B.C. Jones and navigator lst Lt. H.J. Cavender, in parked USAF C-124 transport plane. One reddish, blinking light approached the runway, stopped and made several reverses during 2 minutes. ]
• USA, California Aug. 15, 1964; Yosemite National Park, California. 8:15 a.m. Witnesses: E.J. Haug, of the San Francisco Orchestra and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; and C.R. Bubb, a high school mathematics teacher. Three bright silver, round objects, in a stack formation, flew very fast, changing positions within the formation. The sound of rushing air was heard during the 3-4 second sighting. 
• USA, Colorado July 27, 1964; Denver, Colorado. 8:20 p.m. Witness: A. Borsa. One white ball of fire, the size of a car, climbed slowly, then speeded up. Sighting lasted 2-3 minutes. 
• USA, Delaware Aug. 18, 1964; Atlantic Ocean, 200 miles east of Dover, Delaware. 12:35 a.m. Witnesses: Maj. D.W. Thompson and First Pilot lst Lt. J.F. Jonke, on a USAF C-124 transport plane. One round, blurred, reddish-white object was on a collision course with the C-124 from ahead and below. The airplane evaded the object. Sighting las ted 2 minutes. 
• USA, Illinois July 20, 1964; Littleton, Illinois. 4:45 a.m. Witness: J.J. Winkle. One 60′ diameter round-topped, flat-bottomed object with a long acetylene-colored flame shooting downward, flew straight and level, made a half loop, then rose up. Sighting lasted l minute. 
• USA, Idaho Oct. 23, 1963; Meridian, Idaho. 8:35 p.m. Witnesses: several unnamed students, including Gordon. One object shaped like a circle from below and like a football from the side, hovered low over the observers, making a deep, pulsating, loud, extremely irritating sound, for 6 minutes. 
• USA, Illinois May 9, 1964; Chicago, Illinois. 10:20 p.m. Witness: J.R. Betz, U.S. District Court reporter. Three light green crescent-shaped objects, about half the apparent size of the Moon, flew very fast in tight formation from east to west, oscillating in size and color for 3 seconds. 
• USA, Massachusetts May 26, 1964; Cambridge, Massachusetts. 7:43 p.m. Witness: P. Wankowicz, RAF pilot and ex-Smithsonian satellite tracker. One thin, white ellipsoid (3.5 times as long as wide) flew straight and level for 3-4 seconds. 
• USA, Michigan July 16, 1964; 15 miles south of Houghton Lake, Michigan. 11:15 p.m. Witness: Northern Air Service pilot K. Jannereth. Four white lights in a stepped-up echelon formation, were joined by two more. They closed in on the airplane, then rapidly slowed nd flew along with it for a total of 5 minutes. 
• USA, New Jersey Sept. 10, 1964; Cedar Grove, New Jersey. 7:09 p.m. Witness: chemist P.H. DePaolo. Four white lights, 3-4 apart, were seen to the north, going west for 45 seconds. 
• USA, New Mexico April 24, 1964; Socorro, New Mexico. 5:45 p.m. Witness: Socorro policeman Lonnie Zamora. Watched object with flame underneath descend toward the desert. Two small humanoids observed near vertical oval on ground. Later watched object take off with a roar, go silent and fly away. Burning and charred brush found at landing sight. 
• USA, New York April 11, 1964; Homer, New York. 6:30 p.m. Witnesses: physiotherapist W.B. Ochsner and wife. Two cloud-like objects darkened; one shot away and returned during the 30-45 minute sighting. 
• USA, New York Aug. 15, 1964; New York, New York. 1:20 a.m. Witness: S.F. D’Alessandro. One 10’x5′ bullet-shaped object with wavy lines on the rounded front part and six pipes along the straight rear portion, made a “whishhh” sound. Witness’ dog growled during . sighting. 
• USA, New York July 27, 1964; Norwich, New York. 7:30 p.m. Witness: Duabert, engineering supervisor. One aluminum sphere with a luminous ring, remained stationary for 4-5 minutes. 
• USA, Ohio June 13, 1964; Toledo, Ohio. 9:15 p.m. Witness: B.L. English, announcer for radio station WTOD. Three glowing white spheres, glowing red on their sides, moved slow, hovered and then moved in circles very fast, all the while making a low, rumbling sound. 
• USA, Oregon Dec. 11, 1963; McMinnville, Oregon. 7 a.m. Witness: W.W. Dolan, professor of mathematics and astronomy, and dean of the faculty of Linfield College. One bright, star-like light hovered, slowed, dimmed and flashed in 1 minute. 
• USA, Pennsylvania May 26, 1964; Pleasantview, Pennsylvania. 11 p.m. Witness: Rev. H.C. Shaw. One yellow-orange light, shaped like the bottom of a ball, was spotted in a field and chased down the road for 2 miles. 
• USA, Virginia May 18, 1964; Mt. Vernon, Virginia. 5:15 p.m. Witness: civil engineer F. Meyers. One small, glowing white oval split twice after moving from the right of the Moon around to the left. Sighting lasted 17 minutes. 
• USA, Wisconsin Nov. 14, 1964; Menominee Falls, Wisconsin. 9:40 p.m. Witnesses: Dr. G.R. Wagner, MD; and two girls. Three dim, reddish lights flew through a 160^ arc in 5-6 seconds. 
• USA, Wisconsin April 3, 1964; Monticello, Wisconsin. 9 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. R. Wold (he was a graduate student in anthropology). Four huge red lights in a rectangular formation, with a white light above, were near the ground, tilted and flew away after 3-4 minutes.

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