Historical Sightings

• Argentina, Colonia Yerua: After an intense rainfall Pablo Michalowski and Roberto Jorge Martinez observed and photographed a luminous object that rose from a forest preserve about 2 km from Colonia Yerua.   
• Argentina, Ganadade Algosaray: An object was reported to have landed. The Lopez brothers found traces in the grass and evidence of intense heat. Police investigation. A whitish powder was also found at the site.  
• Argentina, Monte Maiz: E. Douglas, while driving a truck through a violent rainstorm, had to stop when he encountered a large, blinding object, 35 m high, from which three giants, 3 m tall, wearing luminous clothes and strange helmets, emerged. Douglas fired at them, as a red beam burned him. He ran away and found shelter in Monte Maiz. He suffered burns similar to ultraviolet exposure. Footprints of large dimension were found at the site. 
• Argentina, Trancas: Six strange objects were observed for 40 min causing a local panic. One was hovering at ground level above some railroad tracks, while another, showing a dome and portholes, was near a house. When witnesses flashed a light, the house was flooded with a strong beam. Temperature rose and a sulphurous odor was noted. Figures were seen in the vicinity of the first disks. All six objects had a white and a red light beam, measured 8 m in diameter, and left a cloud of white smoke.   
• Australia, Daylston: Jim Davidson saw an object about 3 m long, bearing orange and red lights, which came close to his light truck, flew ahead of him, then departed and appeared to land behind a hill. Two witnesses independently reported a maneuvering light.   
• Australia, Glencoe: A 17-year-old witness, who wishes anonymity for fear of ridicule, saw what he first thought was a bulldozer by the side of the road. He came within 20 m of it, then was blinded by a strong light as his car suddenly stopped. The object crossed the road and flew away. The light was as intense as that of a welder’s torch. The witness’s father testified that his son came home white and visibly terrified.   
• Australia, Sandy Creek: A fiery red object, 8 m wide 4 m high, with a concave top and flat bottom, was seen on the road by a Willaston resident who stopped his car 4 m away. The object rose, tipped to one side and flew away at fantastic speed.   
• Australia, Willow Grove: A civilian observed an object arriving from the east. It stopped at 15 m altitude over his farmhouse. The object made a swishing sound, and measured about 8 m in diameter, 3 m in height. The underside was spinning in a counter-clockwise direction, had a blue color and no light. It took off faster than a jet, after hovering about five sec. The witness suffered from a strong headache all day.   
• Brazil, Peropava River: A farmer, Issuo Oikiti, and two other witnesses saw a luminous object, resembling a huge, aluminium ball, which hit the river, changed direction while spinning, crossed to the other side and plunged into the water, which appeared to boil.   
• Brazil, Sagrada Famila: Two brothers, F. and R. Eustagio, 11 and 9, saw a luminous sphere at treetop level. Through an opening they observed “several rows of people inside” and a thin, 3 m tall being, who glided down to the ground along two vertical beams of light. He walked with a strange, swinging motion, then sat down. He wore a transparent helmet, had one eye in the middle of his forehead, wore high boots that left a triangular imprint, and carried a box emitting flashes. He made a threatening gesture and flew up to the sphere, which left. The children somehow became convinced that the being was “good” and would return.  
• Canada, Saskatchewan: Four children see a UFO land just outside Saskatoon. An alien nine feet tall and wearing a white monk’s hood beckons to them. 
• Canada, Saskatoon: Four children saw a bright oval object hover in a field and drop something. Approaching the site, they were confronted with a 3 m tall man, dressed in “a white monklike suit, ” who held out his hands and made unintelligible sounds. The children fled in panic, and one girl was admitted to the hospital in shock.   
• Chile, Mamina: A former Chilean Air Force officer, who was driving a truck, observed two disk-shaped objects that followed him for over ten min.
• England, Charlton: A farmer discovered strange crater 2. 5 m wide and 2. 5 m deep. Vegetation around it was burned and there were four holes in the ground around the crater itself.   
• England, Cosford: At the RAF camp, two airmen observed a dome-shaped object that landed behind a hangar. It gave out a bright glow, and the witnesses fled when an opening became visible.  
• England, Epping: A shiny white object was seen on the ground at Bank’s Stables. It was about 3. 5 m long, 1 m high, and had something like a wind-shield more brilliant than the rest of the craft. It took off, flew horizontally for 30 m, and was hidden from view. Grass was flattened over a circular area, and four traces were found.  
• England, Kirkby: Margaret McCutcheon and her 13-year-old son reported to the police that, after the house lights blacked out while watching television, they saw an object about 6 m in diameter, with two aerials and a red light flashing, emitting a low buzz, near the house. After one minute, it flew away.   
• England, Parr: William Holland, 12, and two other persons saw a hovering, silvery object with a flashing red light on top, at 20 m altitude. It had three “legs” and a periscope underneath that pointed at the witnesses. The object went up into a cloud of unusual color, which flew against the wind.   
• England, Saltwood: Four teenagers, among them painter John Flaxton, while walking on a country road, saw a moving star turn into a reddish glow coming toward them, then disappearing behind some trees. Shortly thereafter, a bright, golden light was seen 80 m away, floating 3 m above ground, and a dark figure the size of a man, with wings like a bat, came toward them. They fled in terror.   
• England, Shilton: Mary Sharp and Mrs. E. L. Sharp saw an object on the ground. It had four windows, emitted a yellow-orange light, and eventually left toward Rugby.  
• France, Yvrac-Maille: Mr. and Mrs. D. , of Carignan, saw an object on the ground to the left of the road as they were driving between Bergerac and Bordeaux, beyond the Yvrac intersection, 2. 5 km from Maille. They stopped to observe it, and the object then followed them for part of their trip.  
• Gabon, Libreville: A fisherman witnessed the landing of a craft, from which a terrifying creature emerged. It was humanoid in shape, spoke sounds he could not understand, left footprints on the sand, and went back to the machine and flew off.   
• Italy, Lecce: A young man saw from a window , a slowly spinning object, almost stationary, 500 m away. It appeared as a disk having a central upper dome, with a total diameter of 3 m. The object had a brilliant yellow red halo, but its dome was much more brilliant. The witness observed it through binoculars, reported seeing a “particle” leave the object, after which it stopped spinning, gained altitude with a vertical shifting, and left toward the northeast.   
• Italy, Rome: In a wooded area near Rome, a man in a car observed an object resembling a plate turned upside down, with a central turret, flying low over his vehicle.   
• Italy, San Pietro: A 43-year-old farmer was awakened by restless animals and went out to calm them. Fifteen min later he saw an object land in a small square in the village, went toward it, was “paralyzed” when 10 m away. Two min later the craft, 4. 5 m long, 1. 5m high, with a translucent upper dome showing two dark, moving figures, ascended in the direction of Brindisi, emitted a vertical beam of green light.   
• Japan: A Japanese man reported the landing of an object, from which emerged a being who spoke to him in a language he could not understand, climbed aboard again, and flew away.   
• Paraguay, Ascension: Approximate date. A student, Anastasio Lenven, saw an object land on the school grounds. In a different observation, several residents, including an official of the Ministry of the Interior, saw an object flying at very high speed over Ascension.   
• South Africa, Richards Bay: Fred White was fishing when he heard a high-pitched whine coming from the east and saw an object come in his direction and land 15 m away, scattering sand. It was at least 30 m in diameter, and was shaped like two plates glued together. Through several oval portholes he could see light inside. A man with a fair complexion, wearing a metallic helmet, looked at the witness. He wore a sky-blue, one-piece coverall with no visible buttons or fasteners, and gloves made of shiny mesh. Warm air was felt as the craft took off about six min later, and radio interference was noted.   
• South Africa, Vereeniging: Messrs. Muller and Immelman suddenly found the countryside illuminated and saw an object, 15 m in diameter, with intense orange and blue lights, emitting sparks, flying toward their car. They stopped and jumped out as it dived five or six times, at one point hovering for two min 15 m above them, making a humming sound, before flying away.   
• USA, Illinois, Centralia: Five persons observed a luminous source flying slowly over the railroad tracks. Direction of travel: west, then north. It appeared ready to land in a wooded area. Its luminosity was variable.   
• USA, Illinois, Mount Vernon: An oval, luminous object coming from the north dived toward Centralia Road, followed a car, flying around it. Then it went away toward the west, disappeared like a bulb turned off, and was seen again in the west flying very fast. It was observed by numerous people. Total duration: 15 min.   
• USA, Maine, Ellsworth: An elliptical object with lights on its entire length and occasional flashes at both ends was seen at ground level for over one hour by an entire family.   
• USA, Minnesota, Lyle: A multicolored object, the size of a light truck, was reported to have landed in the vicinity of Lyle. Police searched an area over 3 km wide on both sides of the Iowa-Minnesota border, with no results.   
• USA, Montana, Belgrade: A strange globe of fire hit a car driven by a civilian man. Several people called authorities to report that they had been awakened by a peculiar object.  
• USA, Montana, Crystal Lake: Amos Biggs observed a silver, saucer-shaped craft, with an oval dome, which landed on the frozen lake for 10 min. A “door” was opened and then shut, and the craft took off with a buzzing sound.  
• USA, New Jersey, Bloomingdale: Peter Valko and Jim Keosian ran toward a strange object that appeared about to land, but it “vanished. ”  
• USA, New Mexico, Peralta: Paul Villa was in an area south of Albuquerque near the town of Peralta when he found a landed silver circular craft about 70ft in diameter. Nine human-like beings came out of the ship through a sealed door. They spoke to Villa in English and Spanish and could communicate telepathically. The visitors told Villa they had several discs that could pick up pictures and sounds from any place and relay their data back to the ship instantly. After a long conversation the ship took off, taking care not to harm the small creatures on the ground below, per Villa’s request. 
• USA, New Mexico, Socorro:  On April 24, while chasing a speeding car Officer Lonnie Zamora of the Socorro Police Department heard a roar and saw flame in the sky to the southwest. Thinking that a dynamite shack in that area must have blown up, he abandoned the chase and went to investigate. As he approached the arroyo on unpaved roads he saw an elliptical object resting on legs in a gully. A red “insignia” or emblem was visible on the side toward him, and standing near it were two humanoid figures. Zamora did not comprehend what he was seeing, so he reported in to the dispatcher that he would be out of his car “checking the car down in the arroyo.” As he got out of his car he heard two or three loud “thumps,” like someone slamming a door. The beings were no longer visible. The craft took off with a loud roar and blast of flames, and when it cleared the ground, rising straight up, it came silent, leveled off and flew away horizontally. Then it rose at a slight angle and accelerated until it disappeared in the distance over the mountains, just clearing Six Mile Canyon Mountain. • • • Italy, Rome: A well-known psychiatrist saw an object on the ground in a deserted city park. Shape: a dome upon a cylinder, bearing a series of round apertures and surrounded by a thick, roundish ring, set on a tripod landing gear supporting the base of the cylinder 1 m above the ground. Diameter: 5 m. Suddenly the ring started spinning rapidly, and a gust of air was felt as the craft rose a few m above ground, then disappeared in a split second.   
• USA, Washington, Whidbey Island: A middle-aged woman, who had seen a strange craft hovering near her house the previous Jul. , observed a gray-colored object, 3. 5 m long, hovering less than 2 m above ground. Through the transparent front part she could see three figures. Suddenly one of the occupants was standing on the grass. He was clothed in “asbestos-textured coveralls” and neither the face, nor the hands, nor the feet was visible. When she asked, “What do you want?” the answer, in English, was: “One of our party knows you; we will return. ” The object then decreased in size, tilted, partially sank into the ground, grew to its previous size, and departed to the east, producing steam, a flash, and a noise.   Suddenly blinded by a vivid white light which enveloped his vehicle. Simultaneously, he felt a burn on his face. He then braked but the vehicle skidded, left the road and became bogged down in the mud. The driver found himself in the presence of three strange beings with the gait of robots. Nearby he saw an oval-shaped object with portholes emitting a harsh light. Picking up his revolver, he fired four shots at the beings, who fled to the object. It then took off and flew around the truck several times, each time causing the driver to feel burns all over his body. Examination by a doctor revealed that the burns were ‘curious lesions’ of undetermined cause.”

1963 Project Blue Book Unknowns

• Switzerland Aug. 13, 1963; St. Gallen, Switzerland. 8:04 p.m. Witness: A.F. Schelling. One fireball became a dark object after 4 minutes, and then a bigger glow, a minute later, and finally exploded. Note: same witness had another, undescribed, sighting on Aug. 14 
• Venezuela June 15, 1963; 200 miles north of Venezuela (14* 27′ N., 69* 57′ E.). 10:39 a.m. Witness: 3rd Mate R.C. Chamberlin, of S/ Thetis. One luminous disc travelled at 1.5 times the speed of satellite for 3-4 minutes. 
• USA, California Sept. 14, 1963; Susanville, California. 3:15 p.m. Witness: E.A. Grant, veteran of 37 years training forest fire lookouts for the U.S. Forest Service. One round object intercepted a long object and either attached itself to the latter or disappeared. Sighting lasted l0 minutes. 
• USA, Illinois July 1, 1963; Glen Ellyn, Illinois. 8 p.m. Witness: R.B. Stiles, ll, using a theodolite. One light, the size of a match head at arm’s length, flashed and moved around the sky for 1.5 hours. 
• USA, Illinois Aug. 11, 1963; Warrenville, Illinois. 10 p.m. Witness: R.M. Boersma. One light moved around the sky for 20 seconds. 
• USA, New Jersey May 22, 1963; Pequannock, New Jersey. 10:45 p.m. Witness: Myra Jackson. Four pink wheels spun or rolled very fast from east to west in succession, each taking about 1 second. 
• USA, New York Summer, 1963; Middletown, New York. 9:30 or 10 p.m. Witness: Grace Dutcher. Eight-ten lights moved at random, then in an oval formation, then singly, during the 1 minute sighting.
• USA, Ohio Oct. 4, 1963; Bedford, Ohio. 3:32 p.m. Witness: R.E. Carpenter, 15. One intense oblong light with tapered ends and surrounded by an aqua haze, flashed and flickered while stationary for 15 seconds. 
• USA, Ohio Sept. 15, 1963; Vandalia, Ohio. 66 p.m. Witness: Mrs. F.E. Roush. Two very bright gold objects–one shaped like a banana and the other like an ear of corn–one remained stationary, the other moved from west to north during 10 minutes.

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