Historical Sightings

• Algeria, Ainel Turck: A small man with strange glowing eyes was seen on the Mediterranean shore.   
• Algeria, Lavarande: A large disk flying very low over a road scared two truck drivers, Messrs. Gaston Breau and Amoura, who stopped their gasoline truck and ran away into the fields while the object flew on toward Medea in silence.  
• Australia, East Dandenong: Janet Brown, 16, and a 13-year-old friend heard a loud noise and saw a large, dark object that “burst into light” hovering 20 m away at the height of a factory gate. It was cylindrical, 10 m long, 5 m high, with a canopy on top. It flew away and was lost to sight behind some trees. 
• Australia, Todd River Downs: A native was riding a horse over a low ridge when a spherical object about 13 m in diameter “nearly skittled me off my horse.”  It went up suddenly with a heavy wind, rumbling and emitting four columns of smoke.
• Azores, Santa Maria Airport: A guard saw a craft, 3.5 m in diameter and 1.5 m thick, land on the airfield. The witness, Vitorino Lourenco Monteiro, said a figure emerged from the craft and said something he could not understand, before taking off again.  There were antenna like protrusions on top of the object. 
• Belgium, Bois de Villers: Two villagers reported the landing of a 2m high “flying egg” in a pasture. Screams seemed to emanate from it. 
• Belgium, Huy: A mailman saw a cigar-shaped object land. Two silhouettes “approximately human” were seen aboard. 
• Belgium, Wasmes: Approximate date. Marcel Pipers a gardener saw a craft resting near the road give off a very bright light. His clothing was partially burned when he went close to it.    
• Brazil, Curitiba: A lens-shaped object was seen on the railroad tracks. Near it, three dwarfs wearing tight-fitting suits were looking at the tracks with a light. When the witness approached, the machine took off very fast.  
• Brazil, Linha Bela Vista: A farmer, O. da Costa e Rosa, observed a stranger standing near a machine -shaped like “a tropical helmet, ” cream-colored, surrounded with haze, making the same noise as a sewing machine. Another man was looking at a fence, and the head and arms of a third one were visible inside the craft. As the witness dropped his hoe, the man smiled, picked it up, and gave it back to him, after which they motioned him to stay away and took off. They were of average height, had broad shoulders, long hair, very white skin, and slanted eyes. They wore brown coveralls ending with shoes without heels.   
• Brazil, Linha Bela Vista: Near the site of Case 349, Pedro Morais saw two human beings dressed in “yellow bags” take a tobacco plant and a chicken, then go away. Their craft “had a bottom like an enormous polished brass kettle, ” hovered with an oscillating motion, and made a noise like a sewing machine. Its upper part resembled a jeep hood.   
• Brazil, Pontal: Jose Alves was fishing in the Pardo River when he suddenly saw a craft approach with a wobbling motion and landing near him. shaped like two washbowls placed together, it was about 4. 5 m in diameter. Too terrified to move, the witness saw three little men, dressed in white, wearing tight-fitting skullcaps, with dark skin, come out of the craft, gather vegetables and water and fly away.   
• Brazil, Porto Alegre: An agronomist and his family in their car saw a landed disk from which two men, normal in height, with long hair and coverall-like clothes, emerged and came toward the car with arms raised. As the frightened witnesses sped away, they saw the men reenter the disk, which rose and flew off at very great speed.   
• Brazil, Santa Maria: Rubem Hellwig was driving when he saw a football-shaped machine, the size of a Volkswagen, on the ground. He walked toward it and met two men of slim build, normal height, their faces brownish, wearing no helmets. One was inside the object while the other collected grass samples. They spoke to Hellwig in a strange language, and yet he said he understood they were asking for ammonia.  He directed them to a nearby town. The craft vanished silently and instantly with blue and yellow flames. 
• Brazil, Santa Maria: A radio operator at the local air base saw a huge, dark object about 30 m in diameter hovering at treetop height. With four other persons he saw it for several hours, sometimes softly glowing, sometimes coming down almost to the ground.   
• Canada, Boston Creek: A wingless flying object was seen by Bill Supa, an employee of the Caswell Construction Co. It landed about 2 km way from the witness, who approached within 300 m before it took off and flew away. Grass was flattened where it had landed.
• Canada, Garson: A miner saw a landed object and a giant man with strange, burning eyes. He fainted.  When he regained consciousness, object and entity had vanished. 
• Canada, Hemmingford: The Coupal childrm said that a brightly lighted object followed them to the farm. Mr. Coupal and his oldest son went to the field where the children had been playing and saw an orange object rise and speed off to the west. Grass was flattened over 15 m, with two tracks about 5 m long. 
• Canada, North Bay: Sgt. Durdle saw a brilliant, circular object flying across Lake Nipissing toward the Royal Canadian Air Force base. An oblong canister was hanging down from a central section, which supported a long cone with a spinning globe on top  When it tilted, the witness was able to observe regulatorlike devices inside the machine through a vertical lighted slit. Six brilliant appendages, which looked like necklaces, were hanging from the craft.  Durdle woke up four Air Force men, who observed the object spiraling away. 
• Canada, Quebec: Two boys saw a craft land and two or three men come out. No details given.
• Canada, Ridgeway: Mr. and Mrs. Guy Baker saw a disk, about 14 m in diameter, with a dome and several rotating lights. They had to push their car, which could not be started until the object left the ground.  They found a large, brown, circular spot in the pasture where the disk had been resting. 
• England, Bruton: Nigel Frapple was cycling home from a dance in Wincanton. At Redlynch crossroads, he saw an orange glow in a field and observed it from a hedge. It came from a huge object 35 m away, less than 7 m above the ground, which made a throbbing sound. After 1 min, it moved toward the northwest, accelerating and climbing. 
• England, Ranton: Near Shrewsbury, Jennie Roestenberg and her two children observed a disk-shaped, aluminium object hovering above the house. Through two transparent panels they saw two men with white skin, long hair to their shoulders, and very high foreheads. They wore transparent helmets and turquoise-blue clothing, resembling ski suits. The object hovered at a tilted angle while the two occupants looked at the scene “sternly, not in an unkind fashion, but almost sadly, compassionately. ”  
• England, Southend: Patricia Hennessey ran away when she saw an object land on the road in Woodgrange Drive, Southend at the entrance to Southchurch Hall Park. It had vanished silently when she looked back.   
• France, Acquigny: Two men riding motorcycles saw a bell-shaped craft about 2. 5 m high, hovered 1 m above the Evreux-Louviers railroad line. The lower part was ringlike, and the object gave off reddish and greenish sparks. A burst of orange light was seen as it jumped about 10 m high, then it remained motionless for about 1 hr, during which time a third witness joined the first two. It ultimately turned brighter and flew away toward the east.   
• France, Angles: A farmer saw a bright object, which came almost to the ground. When he tried to approach it the object produced an intense “screen of light” and vanished without a noise. Several persons in Angles observed the scene.  
• France, Angouleme: Vincent Casamajou and his wife saw a large cauldron-shaped craft, the size of a truck (about 7 m) at 50 m distance, near the road, 18 km from this town, going toward Paris. It took off without noise, leaving a white trail.   
• France, Arrayeet Han: G. Mahou, municipal councilor, 30, saw a phosphorescent craft -shaped like a brooder, about 2 m in diameter, 1 m high, rise vertically from the road, leaving a luminous trail.   
• France, Baillolet: Dr. Robert, while driving through this village, saw four objects, at about 300 m altitude, flying slowly in echelon formation. Suddenly one of them dropped to the ground with a dead leaf motion, 100 m away. The witness felt an electric shock as engine and headlights died, and the car stopped when the object touched the ground. Incapable of moving, Dr. Robert saw a figure about 1. 2 m tall moving in the light of the object, then all went dark. Some time later the headlights resumed operation by themselves, and Dr. Robert saw the craft take off toward the north.   
• France, Bassoues: A 39yearold civilian saw an oval light, very bright, illuminating the countryside. After some maneuvers and oscillations in midair, it landed for a couple of minutes less than 3 km away, then flew off to the east.  
• France, Bauquay: A large red object was seen flying very fast at treetop level while cattle panicked. Three witnesses.   
• France, Beaumont: Ten km from here, several persons saw an object coming toward them and getting brighter. When it was about 150 m away, they felt “a strange sensation” and found themselves unable to move. The object left a smell compared to that of nitrobenzine. 
• France, Becar: Two women (Widow Geoffroy and Miss Gisele Fin) made independent reports of a dark gray disk, 6 m in diameter, 1 m high, seen in a clearing. A man of normal height was standing close to it.  He wore dark clothes and a kind of cap. Miss Fin came within 30 m of the craft and stated the man was repairing it. Traces were found on the grass. 
• France, Benet: Near La Rochelle. Mr. and Mrs.Guillemoteau saw an object, 2.5 m high, 5 m diameter, hover for several minutes 1 m above ground, then rise vertically. Oily marks were found at the spot.
• France, Berck: Near the local airport, Mr. Davril saw a craft like a round hut 300 m away. It took off without noise.   
• France, Bergerac: Returning home, fireman Jean Dufix, 26, saw an oval light in the sky and thought it was a shooting star. Later he was alarmed when his yard seemed to be ablaze. Rushing out again, he saw a disk rise from the ground with a whistling sound. It flew off, became luminous again, and took off at fantastic speed. A neighbor, Jean Labonne, 61, saw the disk, 3 m in diameter, resting on three legs in the yard. 
France, Bersaillin: A woodsman from Poligny saw a very bright light on the road, first thought it was an American car with its headlights on, but soon observed it came from a dark craft about 80 m away. The light turned brighter; the witness felt an intense heat wave and thought he was going to die. Finally, the light went away.   
• France, Beruges: A farmer, Mr. Thebault, saw a luminous object, 2 or 3 m in diameter, emitting a beam of light which swept the countryside. • France, Bompas: Mr. Sebelli saw an object land in the village. He called his neighbors, and they observed the departure of the craft.
• France, Biot: A municipal employee, Jose Casella, was riding home when he suddenly found in front of him on the road an oval-shaped aluminium object about 5. 5 m in diameter, 1 m high. As he applied the brakes, the object took off at very high speed. Several persons confirmed the sighting. The disk was gray, supported a dome, and emitted a soft whistle. It took off when Casella was only 6 m away.   
• France, Biozat: Between Biozat and Effiat, on the road from Clermont to Vichy, the engine of a motor scooter died as an egg-shaped object took off from the side of the road and rose without noise, leaving a bright trail behind.   
• France, Birac: Four persons, among them Julia Juste, Maria Barbeau, and Marion Le
• France, Blanzy: Two bricklayers, Sebastiani and Buratto, approached a cigar-shaped object 3 m long, 80 cm wide, which took off from the ground with a whistling sound. The pointed section of the object was yellow, the rest brown. From the fore part, two appendages extended to the ground. 
• France, Bourrasole: Messrs. Olivier and Perano and a third man saw a reddish disk about 4 m diameter with a small being close by, about 1. 2 m tall, wearing a diving suit: “His head was large with respect to the rest of the body and he had two enormous eyes. The suit was bright and shiny like glass. ” The craft was surrounded by a sort of misty glow. One of the men came within 20 m of it and found himself paralyzed. The craft took off, throwing him to the ground, and rose very fast.  
• France, Bouzais: At “Le Grand Tertre” Mr. Mercier observed that someone had stolen grapes from his vineyard. He decided to stay late and catch the “robbers.” He was amazed when he saw a luminous mass fall from the sky about 50 m away, and found himself “paralyzed” as three figures emerged from the light and moved about. He lost consciousness. When he came to his senses, everything had vanished.
• France, Branges, near Louhans: Coming home at night, Gilbert Prudent saw a lighted object on the side of the road. It had a flat section and a sort of “mushroom” on top. As he approached it, the object became dark and took off vertically with a soft whistling sound. 
• France, Bru: Mr. Gamba saw an oval red object 50 m away. When he tried to approach it, he found he was unable to move. As soon as this “paralysis” subsided, he ran to get his brothers and came back to the craft, which turned white, then red. It rose and flew away toward the east. It had been on the ground for at least 15 min. Strange traces were found, as if the ground had been dug up. Small trees near the river were found damaged, as if they had been cut with a knife.  
• France, Brest: At sea between Brest and Roven, the crew of the tanker “Port Lyautey” observed an object touch the surface of the sea, then take off vertically and give off a red flame before being lost to view. 
• France, Bry: A man and his dog were “paralyzed” as a luminous white object dived toward them and climbed again.

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